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  1. No i'm staying at the Chow Soy this trip. Pity our paths won't cross this trip but another time my friend.
  2. When are you hitting town bastax, i'll be there from the 5th May until the 14th, would be good to see you again.
  3. No, I only ate at the restaurant last trip so really looking forward to staying there in December.
  4. I'll be staying there in December too Tom so hope to see you around for a few beers. I have only heard good things about the hotel and restaurant.
  5. Thanks jacko Format Factory worked a treat and I will be posting my videos from my last trip very soon
  6. Some have some nudity so no can do for youtube. Also I have the problem now that when I have converted the file to an AVI file, it plays the clip sideways but when I play the MOV file in quicktime player it is fine. Is there anything I can do to rectify this?
  7. Anyone know of any good video editing software? I need to convert some MOV files from my iPhone 4 which are in HD and are too big to put up on the forum. So any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. Wheels up in just over 24 hours

  9. Wheels up in just over 24 hours

  10. When you go to check in for your flight you also give them your evergreen card along with your passport and you get the airmiles for the flight. Happy days
  11. I booked my flights today with Eva for dates 08/12/11 coming back on the 02/01/12 for £665 with west east travel, thats even cheaper than what I paid last year and I get the airmiles for it too
  12. Yeah same here, I have a true simcard and I get 12 months life on it every time I top up
  13. Cheers guys will give some of them a go and let you know the results.
  14. Does anyone know of any picture editing software that I can use to blur out faces on pictures? I've tried using picasa but no luck, so any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  15. You'll have to ask Randy as I was mao mak mak that night
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