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    Hey tough guy, yes you vpi78, you want me, you can do better than giving me red votes every day and visiting my profile. That is the work of a dickless coward.

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  1. Just in, the two cowards that hide from pictures to keep their identity secret have been caught on camera. We have a picture of Cheshire Tom and VPI78 together
  2. To clean to be a Thai toilet,,, but it sure looks like Thai engineering.
  3. vpi78, did I find your school yearbook picture?
  4. So what you are saying that your little hurt feelings should trump everyone elses enjoyment of this thread, that you want to put a stop to it. Maybe sitting in front of that computer 12 - 16 hours a day has given you an over inflated sense of importance. If it's your foot ball, you can take it and go home. However, this is not your football, nor have you contributed to the game. Maybe you should just go. Adults are talking here.
  5. vpi you want me, don't wait for me to come to Thailand to make your flight. We live in the same country, come and see me you coward. I'd love to meet your faggot ass as well. No need to wait to get to Thailand to get yourself fucked up real good. Ya won't even have to pay me,, not that I would take food stamps anyway.
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