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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thanks guys... In another post I read about a place called Jasmine Mansion. Any thoughts or opinions on this hotel?
  2. Hey guys, Will be arriving in Pattaya tomorrow or next day and want to revisit this topic. Any more suggestions about a place for around 1000 baht? I checked out some of the links above, like the Pasadena Lodge, and the prices seem a bit high. Are hotels negotiating at all right now? I am in BKK - should I give them a ring and check the price? Thanks, Camus
  3. Hey there, Planning another trip to Patts in March 2009. I've been a few times and have really enjoyed Eastiny Inn on Soi 8 in the past - it is clean, cheap ($850 baht) and has a nice little pool. Unfortunately it was also extremely noisy being right in the heart of the action on Soi 8. Can anyone recommend something similar but in a slightly quieter area of town? Something close enough to stumble home to but so close to a bar complex that I'll hear thumping all night long. I also would like to stay in the 1000 baht range too. Thanks for your suggestions!
  4. I visited LOS a few weeks ago. Wanting to save a few baht and avoid the hassle of the taxi line, I decided to check out Mr. T's Taxi service as recommended here on the forums and emailed a few days in advance requesting the 1000bt BKK-to-Patts special. When I stumbled out the arrivals gate into the throngs of people waiting for their loved ones or their customers I saw this mid-20s Thai girl holding a sign with my name on it. Haha... I have to say, this was a first for me (seeing my name on a sign) and I got a chuckle out of it. I said hello and asked her name. She replied "Sa-noopy" and indicated to follow her. I assumed she was just the greeter and would be taking me to your typical Toyota taxi piloted by your typical tanned and surly Thai dude driver. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised when we approached a car in the parking garage and she opened the trunk. "Are you the driver?" I asked. She said "yes" and gave that cute little nod of the head so common with Thai girls. The car was a styling Honda of some sort and very nice inside and out. I got in the passenger seat and looked around. I noticed a large decal on the rear window: Snoopy. I had another chuckle about that. I tried to engage Snoopy in conversation but, unfortunately, her English wasn't that good and I only know a few words of Thai. Not much talking but she was pleasant enough. She told me Mr T was her uncle. Apparently it is somewhat of a family business. Snoopy was a good driver, keeping a nice speed but not getting even close to reckless. I was particularly impressed when she took a detour avoiding that spot in the highway that typically clogs up and turns to gridlock. She had a DVD player installed in the car and so I watched some counterfeit music videos to pass the time. Before long we arrived in Patts and she dispatched me to my hotel on Soi 8. I asked her if she could be my driver when I went back to BKK and was hoping she would give me her mobile. As it was, she seemed shy and just said "maybe can be your driver, up to my uncle." After a few days of fun in Patts it was time to head to back to the Big Mango to meet up with a friend and continue my adventures in LOS. I emailed Mr T about my plans to return to BKK and asked if I could have Snoopy. He simply replied that a driver would meet me at my preferred time and didn't say one way or another who it would be. My driver arrived promptly at my hotel at the specified time. I was disappointed to see it wasn't Snoopy and that the car was your typical down at the mouth Toyota. The driver was another mid-20s or so female, however, so that was cool (or so I thought). This driver was a bit more outgoing than Snoopy and I engaged her in a bit of conversation as we headed out of town. I was in the back seat and the car was a bit hot so I politely asked her if she could turn on the A/C. She said it was on as high as it could go. However, from where I was sitting, I could see the light for the A/C button wasn't illuminated. I wasn't surprised as more than once I've known taxi drivers to not use the A/C in order to save gas. I didn't want to jump to conclusions. Maybe the light for the button was broke and I knew that once we hit the higher speeds of the highway the A/C would work better. Or maybe not. We got on the open highway and the car was still somewhat stifling. I asked again if she could turn up the A/C. I was surprised at what happened next. In an argumentative tone she insisted the A/C was on and in a raised voice asked me if I wanted a different car. It was like a switch had flipped. The woman was batty. I decided to call her bluff and replied "yes, I would like a different car." So she swerves over to the side of the road, parks, and calls someone. After some Thai yammering, she hands her mobile to me. I then spoke to who I can only assume was Mr. T. I tried to explain that the car had no A/C. The person on the other end of the line didn't understand. Only now, instead of driving at a normal pace, she was driving at very high speeds and was weaving recklessly in and out of cars. I would be a liar if I told you I wasn't frightened. The last way I want to leave this world is at the hands of a moody, fired-up, psycho-Thai chick. Fortunately, her maniacal driving settled down after a few minutes. Nonetheless, I took a Xanax to settle my nerves and keep me calm for the remainder of the drive. The rest of the trip was uneventful. The car cooled down a teeny bit but was still a bit hot. And not another word was spoken aside from telling the psycho-chick where to drop me off. When she dropped me she demanded an extra 100bt for tolls. I had understood it was 1000bt inclusive but at this point I just wanted out of the car. I gave her the money and looked forward to checking in to my hotel and downing some Singhas. All things considered, I would say Mr Ts Taxi service is a toss up. Just depends which driver and which car you get. Damn that chick was nutso!
  5. Unlike others here, I do, in fact, claim to be an expert in Mexican food. Haha... J/K.... Although I do live in an area with probably the highest concentration of taquerias in the entire USA - no kidding! Plenty of sit down Mex places too. I've been to Tequila Reef quite a few times because I usually stay right around the corner from there. It's decent. I like the pork nachos a lot. My Thai friend turned her nose up at them when they arrived but then after trying a few she pulled out her little notebook and asked me the official name for them. Overall the food at Tequila Reef is pretty decent. True, it may not be the most authentic but at least they have the salsa, beans, cheese, and meat thing down. The margaritas are tasty too. I've had really bad Mexican food in the UK and Europe - you wouldn't believe how bad. Salsa tasting like ketchup, soggy chips, etc. They truly know how to F-up this kind of food. If you've been to Mexico you will know that the most common dish to the majority of Mexicans is simply a couple corn tortillas with some meat, chopped onions, and cilantro. A far cry from the Tex-Mex and the giant burritos known as "authentic Mexican food" by most people.
  6. Teelack, Looks nice but saw this message on the site "The hotel has decided to CEASE OPERATION And it will be effective from 1st of May 2008 onwards." Too bad. Looks like a nice alternative to the Suk area and with a pool to boot. Wonder why they are closing.
  7. Free cold beer? Wha? Please forward the details of this company to me good sir! What is their phone or email? Thanks!
  8. MM - I think I may use Mr. T's services when I arrive in BKK next week. Can you just call him when you land or do you have to email him in advance to set it up? A related question, I have a Happy SIM card in my mobile from when I was in Thailand 6 months ago. It had about 100 baht left on it when I departed TH. Will the SIM card still be good when I land next week? Or do these things expire even when you have money left on them? Thanks for any info!
  9. Thanks - yes, I actually made the mistake of staying there once. Sort of grim. Majestic Suites really sets the bar high for the budget hotels in that area. Easy to see why they are always sold out. Thanks - yes, that is the place. Do you happen to know if they are guest-friendly? Hey thanks - that place doesn't look too bad and after staying so many years at ground zero the idea of heading to a quieter place off the beaten path sounds nice. Do they allow guests?
  10. Hey there, Going to BKK soon and, although I have a few nights already booked at the Majestic Suites for 1300 baht, I was wondering what other cheaper hotels are available in the general area? (Majestic Suites is sold out for all the other nights I am in BKK.) There was a new cheap-but-nice hotel that recently opened across the street from Majestic but I don't remember the name - does anyone know the hotel I am talking about? They have a couple internet computers in the lobby and a few floors above with small but tidy rooms for a good price. Any other suggestions are welcome. I probably cannot do Nana or Dynasty because I have a couple civilian dates lined up and those are a bit shady (and obvious). Thanks for any suggestions. Camus
  11. Hey there, Looking to share taxi cost to Pattaya from BKK. I am arriving on March 14th, around noon. PM me if you would like to split costs. Thanks!
  12. Hey there, I know that this is a Pattaya-focused forum, but I was hoping to get some recommendations for a short-term apartment (one month) in BKK. I am looking for: - close to Sukhumvit Area (soi 4-20) - studio is alright - serviced or nonserviced ok - $20.000baht ($500USD) or less Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have! Camus
  13. I don't see anywhere in my post where I mention I had a bad attitude. Do you always make such inane assumptions or are you just hurt that someone dissed your favorite roach hotel? If I walk up with a smile to a hotel reception desk (especially of that of some shithole of a hotel that is probably running 40% occupancy) and they hardly even look my way or stir from their chairs to help me spend my money on their hotel, then, yes, I would call that laziness and a bad attitude.
  14. Hey there, I would not recommend the Baybreeze. I stayed there one night on April 3rd. I wouldn't call it a dump but it is not very nice at all. Then again, it was only 600bt so, I suppose you get what you pay for. It is off the beaten path somewhat. About 3-4 blocks or 5 minute walk from Soi 8. The pool was cloudy and dirty and I wouldn't even dream of swimming in it. The rooms (I saw two different ones - one in each wing) needed renovation and looked out over some construction and empty garbage-strewn lots. Even the street it was on was sort of a dirty side street with a couple small beer bars and various other small businesses. The lobby was dark and uninviting and the staff was unfriendly and lazy. The whole vibe of the place sort of brought me down. After one night there, I moved to Eastiny on Soi 8. It was 800bt but worth the 200bt increase. Great pool. Good service, staff, and nice facilities. Sort of a cheery atmosphere - the exterior was yellow and interior lobby and rooms fairly well-lit. Although, being right on Soi 8, it was a touch noisy at night. The A/C fan almost blocked out all the noise though (and, of course, I was usually fairly shitfaced by bedtime anyway - haha) It was also very close to the beach road if you like hopping on the bahtbus to walking street. I would definitely stay there again. Hope this helps.
  15. Hey guys, I'm heading to Pattaya in a couple weeks. I'm thinking of staying at the Baybreeze or a similar hotel in that price range. It seems that many hotels in LOS now have reservation ability online. In your experience, is it cheaper to make a reservation or to just arrive and negotiate a rate? In the case of the Baybreeze hotel, their website says that rooms can be anywhere between 500-1200 baht. So, what is to prevent them from quoting me a higher rate if they already know that I am coming? Thanks for any info about this. Camus
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