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  1. i spend a good deal of time at pbg looking for my perfect mate and i think your music selection is just about perfect, i love your place and i will be there in 8 days!!!
  2. i have used mr. t several times a year for over 8 years at all times of of the day and night. his drivers have always been there waiting for me. i often have to leave pats at 4am in the morning and the driver is always there. he is reliable and good price. count me in as a loyal and repeat customer...
  3. i always trade in my books at canterbury tales and then you receive a credit toward a new purchase. and theremis a very good selection of paperbacks, great place and wild bars across the soi!
  4. hi- i am interested in a room for oct 2nd-oct 30th. i have tried to email but no response. please let me know, thanks...
  5. i always fly cathay pacific, put the seat down and sleep 8-10 hours like a baby, wake up refreshed and ready to hit beach road!!!
  6. i stayed there for three weeks in may. it was great! room was computer, big lcd tv, great shower and nice big bed. there is a good place to eat right across the soi, the pool is nice but mostly covered but you can use the rooftop pool at novva suites which is great. the staff is very helpful and friendly. they have a free shuttle to big c or second road or soi buakow. it is 5 minutes from soi 6. i loved the place. it is a little out of the way but i would stay there again for sure...
  7. you should be able to do it. sometimes i get through customs in ten minutes and rush to my us flight only to find out there is a line out the door waiting to get thru security for the us flight. at that time of night you should be ok, good luck...
  8. i am staying there in may, they are off of 2nd road so not too far from soi 7 & 8, maybe 15 minutes walk, it looks ok but i have not stayed there yet...
  9. does anyone have any info on chanpen bar near pattaya tai? it opened about a month ago, just wondering if anyone has stopped by...
  10. hi everyone- does anyone have any news on how this bar is doing? thanks for the info...
  11. i have stayed there also. rooms are ok, small fitness room and rooftop pool about 3-4 feet deep. the location is ok but i think there are better options, keep searching....
  12. i stayed there and everything was great. room was cleaned daily, people were friendly, girls were hot, computer right outside the room, i had a great time...
  13. i have stayed in red 5, metro, pasadena lodge, billabong and kilkenny. imo all were ok except billabong. my room there was d-2, it was very dingy and the hot water broke down and had to be replaced which took several days. the girls at billabong were great, very friendly and easy to talk with but i definitely would never stay there again. in fact, it was so bad i left one week early. on the other hand pasadena lodge was very good, overall i usually like guesthouses better but i amy change my mind after my experience at billabong. these are all just my opinion so take it for what you th
  14. i just missed the promotion! but i will be back in may to give it a try
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