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  1. At public and semi private courses dual pricing. Have never played a fully private course in LV.
  2. Dual pricing in Las Vegas at the golf courses. Locals pay half what visitors pay.
  3. This wasn't during a pandemic. Apples to oranges
  4. Had that problem once before, now always book direct with airline.
  5. Nope,when Eva moved BC to the first level they moved economy up. Traveled many times from SFO/SEA upstairs in a 747. Like being in your own small plane.
  6. I am planning my upcoming trip to SEA. Plan on flying Korean Airlines, Prestige class. They fly the 380 out of LAX and the 777 out of SFO. I really hate flying out of LAX. Is there that big of difference once you are up in the air? I also heard that it can get warm on the upper level. Thanks
  7. Unfortunately, i have already purchased my ticket on Asiana for late December departure.
  8. They fly non-stop out of MSP as well.
  9. She is Russian and now working at the Hooters in Bangkok. PB#1
  10. Which one do you think would be better? Which one would you choose? I may or may not be with GF. So must be GF. Thanks
  11. Eva 777 aisle seat row G doesn't have the box PB#1
  12. It works really well, probably better for me on departure vs. arrival. I will definately use them in the future. BTW all my arriving flights land around noon. Seems to be always busy at that time. PB#1
  13. If you are going through Manila, Philippines Air is pretty good. PB#1
  14. The one time I used it dropped me off at my hotel PB#1
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