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  1. Nope,when Eva moved BC to the first level they moved economy up. Traveled many times from SFO/SEA upstairs in a 747. Like being in your own small plane.
  2. I am planning my upcoming trip to SEA. Plan on flying Korean Airlines, Prestige class. They fly the 380 out of LAX and the 777 out of SFO. I really hate flying out of LAX. Is there that big of difference once you are up in the air? I also heard that it can get warm on the upper level. Thanks
  3. Unfortunately, i have already purchased my ticket on Asiana for late December departure.
  4. They fly non-stop out of MSP as well.
  5. She is Russian and now working at the Hooters in Bangkok. PB#1
  6. Which one do you think would be better? Which one would you choose? I may or may not be with GF. So must be GF. Thanks
  7. Eva 777 aisle seat row G doesn't have the box PB#1
  8. It works really well, probably better for me on departure vs. arrival. I will definately use them in the future. BTW all my arriving flights land around noon. Seems to be always busy at that time. PB#1
  9. If you are going through Manila, Philippines Air is pretty good. PB#1
  10. The one time I used it dropped me off at my hotel PB#1
  11. The problem I have flying over the Atlantic is that I don't get the lost day, traveling to BKK, back. For example I leave Bangkok at 5 PM on Sunday afternoon and when I get off of the plane it is 8 PM on Sunday evening.
  12. I have taken so long at times when arriving around noon, that all of the luggage from the flight I was on was taken off the belt and another flight's luggage was on the belt. I got to the luggage belt just as the first class luggage came out. PB#1
  13. I didn't use the buggy and the cutie does walk quite fast
  14. I have much more money than time. Anything I time I can save standing behind a bunch of Russians I will take anytime. Besides it is only around 30 bucks
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