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  1. It would be nice to be there during that festifal but unfortunately it is just over when I'll land in middle of November. One girl at Soi 8 beer bar show me photos of herself during Loy Kratong and she told that her dress cost 7000 bath.
  2. Yes I have changed to motorcycle taxis and baht buses a long time ago since I like to dring a beer ever now and then..
  3. Why it is out of fashion? I remember in past there were a lot of motorcycles (scooters) in front of every bar I used to stay and it was normal to go to bar with your motorcycle. Today I see only few are doing this. Maybe I remember wrong.
  4. It was popular to rent a motorcycle in Pattaya in 10-15 years ago. Today it seems to be out of fashion. Is it only police activity or is drinking and driving not interesting anymore.
  5. I have visited Globetrotter many times since 1999 and I like their food. Last visit in July this year and pepper steak was very tasty.
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