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  1. Decided on the Nature View thanks to all those who replied to my thread
  2. Hi all will be coming to Pattaya in late june and in previous visits have stayed at the Pattaya Bay Resort but due to the construction and price rises ,i am looking at a differant hotel.I want to stay around roughly the same area and hotel must have a pool and decent wifi.Been looking at both the Opey and Sutus Court ,but cannot make my mind up ,so what would fellow mongers reckon has the edge.Also i know Sutus Court has a resturant but can you get poolside food and drink.I would also prefer a inroom safe but dont think either hotel has but as only staying for 13 nights not a dealbreaker.But i
  3. Hi guys coming 2 patts with too other friends in july/august second visit since 07 due to paying a bit more for air fare ,bloody school holidays deciding on maybe staying at the pattaya bay resort hotel they are offering internet deal in low season for 999 baht which seems a bargain.Have looked at there website and read some reviews and hotel looks great but my only slight concern is the location is it 2 far from the action , how far to on foot to walking street and is it near any baht bus routes also got another friend who is staying at the areca and i think it is not to far to walk to that
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