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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thanks, Frogster ! D Apartment looks like a nice place to stay. I will look at it on my next trip. - and dont let the CC-brigade get to you. They think they have the right answer to evrything. "Pay as little as possible ...."
  2. I am going to spend my 10th Xmas and New Years Eve with Moulie and the FLB bar Arriving the 9th of december and leaving the 9th of january. We have booked a boat-trip with Ken the 29th I will be landing in 2 weeks and 3 hours from now See you all in FLB !
  3. Living Doll 1 ??? Is this the same gogo that "cheated" 10 baht from Pattaya Talks finest memeber; ROLAND ?
  4. Hi I am staying in Pattaya for at least a month in July/august, and I would like to find a nice place to stay. Free internett, no joiner fees and a swimming pool is a must. A soft bed, a good shower and walking distance to 2 road (baht-busses) are importent too. I dont mind paying 40-50 000 baht for a month - if its a nice hotel. Any sugestions ???
  5. Ling

    Darling :-)

  6. Hi Hammer Can I make a reservation ? the girl in yellow top (picture 3) ! Can you please keep her away from all the other boardmembers and customers, so she is fresh and un-touch when I arrive. Thanks ! Chock dee
  7. Hi "I think Hot-Girls was the name of the GoGo before Sisterz a fews months ago Idefix" The old gogo was named Honey agogo. Hot-Girls are still there, close to the entrance of Living Doll 1. OJ
  8. I stayed at Tim for 37 nights during july/august 2007. It was not that many customers at that time, but I was very happy with the room and the service there. The internet connection in my room worked well too. The staff was great - both reception and the cleaners ! I wouldnt mind spending some more time with 2 of them The roof top pool was nice and relaxing. Its not the cheapest hotel around, but its possible to get a discount, if you talk to Tim :-) No joiner fees, but the reception/doorman want the id-card - at least the first night she is staying with you I wi
  9. HI Funny, as always ! Cheers OJ
  10. Good luck, guys I will see you there next month Manfred; do you have that norwegian shot you had earlier ?
  11. I think all gogos have girls like that The face thing will explain why she don't like her old boyfriend to go into her bar with a new girl. And most bars have a pecking-order among the girls. Some off the bossy girls take good care of the other ones, but some care more about them self and their closest friend. And in Living Doll 2 ... I know at least one girl that fits your description. And if its her, I have been a regular customer for over 3 years. She is crazy, but funny and sexy
  12. HI Crackers I have stayed at both places between 100 and 200 nights. Sabai Lodge is not that good anymore, but Sabai Wing and Sabai Resort has a higher standard. Its no problems with pool-towels at Sabai, but they are now closing some of the entrances at night, so you have to pass by one of the 2 receptions, if you are coming home after midnight. I stayed there 2 months ago. RG has got 2 rooms, 2 aircons, 2 tv - its hard to beat that, specially if you have a girl for some time. RG is much closer to Walkingstreet (walking or bahtbus) but soi 7-8 is closer to Sabai (bahtbus)
  13. Hi Vegaheart I am using Vista, and PattayaTalk is exactly the same as on my old XP.
  14. Hej Mackan Try Wiew Tallay, its in the right price-grupe and not to far from Walkingstreet. Prices from 500 -1200 bath, depends on the size (not your size ), seaview and floor.. You will find a lot of other Scandinavians there All the girls from Marine and JP know the place... Chock dee
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