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  1. Very sad to hear the news about Om. Condolences to her Family and those close to her. Sweet sweet girl, I don't think I ever heard anyone say a bad thing about her. I've known her for as long as I've been visiting flb, she used to do the drinks service out on the floor and then cashiering with Nee. It will be hard not to think of her not being at the cashiers spot at the end of the bar when I visit. I'll miss the chit-chats we shared when ever I dropped by. Sid
  2. Torranova, I booked through WestEast Travel in London. sid
  3. Just got waitlist confirmation on Thai Air in October, £407 incl taxes etc. Cheapest I have ever paid for Thai Air I think! sid
  4. My g/f's Nokia 8210 on One2Call can not make calls when 'Own Number Sending' is disabled. This was the same on my 8850 and 6100 as I normally have this disabled in farangland. It took me a while to figure it out........... Maybe someone in Pattaya right now with a one2call SIM could try disabling 'Own Number Sending' and making a call. s
  5. Go to MBK shopping centre. On one of the floors, there are literally hundreds of stalls selling mobiles. Sid
  6. Pete, I also started having this 'logging off' problem. I followed your tip regarding system clock and it worked. Change system date back one day>reboot>change back to current date>reboot All seems fine now Sid
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