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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. whilst on the subject of cobra cold, i was talking to the g/friend the other day about it and she told me last year a member of the military got stabbed to death outside some hotel around the arab quarter, by an arab now i never read about this or heard about it, so i suggested that she might be full of shit. but she is adamant this happened, anyone hear about it?
  2. i must say speed is ranging between very average and as of tonight piss poor. ive known newbie t/g's shower quicker!
  3. make sure you take a good suply of imodium, and a large cork to stuff up your respective arses. needle, eye, through, shitting, the,of.
  4. the automatic ones vary in quality, from piss poor to very good. i have one from patpong night market, i got it 3 years ago, and its still going strong, wind it up and it will go for 3/4 days on the dressing table, wear it and it never loses a second. i payed about 30 quid. i also bougt one for a fiver in pattaya, got it home and unscrewed the winder, and that was the end of that!
  5. depends on what time you arrive, i always seem to arrive around 7.30pm at the weekend via thai, or eva and there are plenty of officers searching bags, usually around 8-10 of them.
  6. they should get a plane ticket to kabul, or any other such place, and then be made to work off the fare, ie break rocks for a fortnight, then they should be given a bowl of rice,and then fuck em! when they get home no doubt they will be claiming benifit, get a house to live in, and probably try to sue the governement. balls!,leave em in cuba.
  7. steve, if this was off-topic, i would give you an answer along the lines of f----off and mind your own f----ing buisness. as its not, i wont.
  8. NOT SOCCER. football, football, F-------- FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. just how do these urban myths come about? do people go around with a clip board and do surveys? and how do you know sammy, do you make a point of asking every girl you meet? i never wear shorts at night, but my mates do and as pattaya is a beach resort when all is said and done, i stiil say its utter shit to suggest they preffer one or the other. i dont see all the grunts being avoided in may, just cos they are wearing shorts. bangkok maybe, pattaya, never in a lifetime.
  10. ive always thought the old saying about thai girls prefer you to wear trousers was shite. as long as you dont stink like a dead soi dog, and are reasonably smart im sure it does not matter one iota, in pattaya anyway. as for april, its the hottest i have ever know it, and if you venture down south, its like being on the sun. even my thai girl was moaning it was too hot.
  11. i was too busy shagging.......... actually, im lying to myself, just cant handle me beer........... never mind, its not as if the rain ruined your hair, now is it? ;D ;D ;D ;D
  12. any money changer, there are plenty around, beach road, second road etc. i use one at the top of soi 7 and turn left, walk about 200 yards and its on your left. travellers cheques?
  13. i booked in england, and yes it was in low season. samui in general is very expensive for hotels, compared to the rest of thailand. http://www.hotelthailand.com/prepaid/samui...nder/index.html i have also stayed here, its lamai, but in a good location, and the price is reasonable. rooms and hotel in general are good, not as good as the above, but still good. my only other experience of samui is the 15 years ago, 100 baht a night roach havens, which i suspect have now all but gone .
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