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  1. The girls all tend to use 1-2-call because it's better coverage in pty, up country your probably better off with Dtac
  2. I'm in town just now so wouldn't mind coming along for a look. Where exactily is New Living Dolls 1?
  3. I'm just about to apply for my non-immigrant O visa here in the UK and the application form states very clearly that it is most unlikely that a visa wll be issued anywhere other than your own country. i geuss it's a way of ensuring you leave the Kingdom and go home at least once a year. It gives them a chance to refuse entry next time if you are an undesirable with certain responsbilties back home!
  4. Air Asia flies BKK to Macau, I paid about 80 GBP last time for a return ticket. Book well ahead if you want a good price. They have an arrangement where to get off the ferry and straight onto the plane, no need to go thru Macau immigration.
  5. no flame here, i'm interested in the same thing from Nov 1st so keep us up to date with anything good you see! oh and i know i can do a search but things change quickly over there and latest info would be good.
  6. Air Asia goes into Macao, they do a direct transfer to the high speed ferry so you only go through immigration once.
  7. I've used this a few times. You can book/pay in the foyer at Nana hotel and they will pick you up from any central downtime hotel. There are 2 rates, 300 for van to bus to van and 450 for a van all the way. BE CAREFUL in low season the direct van is ok but in High season both services will drive you round every hotel pick up before starting the run to Pats. Worst case this can add nearly 2 hours to your journey if you are first on and last off! That said they are pretty relable if you need to go BKK downtown to Pats/Jomtien
  8. No problem... everybody says the 5 stars don't like mongers but it's just a case of customer is always right. You will be paying top dollar so are they gonna send you away? I stay at the Conrad when i'm working in BKK and i'm always taking bar girls back at lunch or night time or whenever, they never say a word to me even when i take them to the pool or into the exec lounge for breakfast! They have plenty of hookers working the bars there anyway, just that it's gonna cost you a lot more to take a girl from there. Probably best to be discrete and not come back rolling drunk though
  9. Sygate Personal Firewall s a free applcaton to download and seems to gve me good protecton. It also gives comprehensve info about actvity and connections in real time.
  10. Yes Alan you are dead right LOL! The problem with all these calculations is that at the end of the day you have to make some kind of assumption... which may or may not turn out ok, the only "safe" way to be sure is to go for annuities where the insurance company assumes the risk of you living longer than planned at the expense of some of your return. I think my planning is following your train of thought, I will will retire early and use equity capital to fund the interim up to pension payout at 55 and then go for the full tax free sum. My calculations are based on living to 90 and i r
  11. The differance between £700K and £350k is significant! This topic has been covered before and i remember there was one post which simplistically gave the easy awnser! I have checked it against many models now including the Trinity study and fireseeker and it is used widely by professionals as the "rule of thumb". Always seems to come out pretty close. It is: to achieve an inflation proofed return from a mixed portfolio of investments drawing down on Capital to zero requires a fund of 25 x target income (before tax) so.... £700K / 25 = £28000 p.a or 163,000 Thai Baht p.m
  12. wow! so many opinions... some informed some not. As i understand it (and i am not a tax advisor) the issue of capital gains tax due on sale of the primary residence IS subject to your country of residency (country of residency in Tax terms another subject that needs qualification). After convincing the Tax office that you are no longer UK resident you have 3 years within which to dispose of your primary residence (unless you had to sell it to prove you are non resident) and not be liable to CGT. During this time you can be renting it out and claim income tax relief as mentioned by previous
  13. "A" day is next April and along with many other changes the retirement age goes up to 55, i'm not aware of any way it is planned to be staggered! i'm caught in the same trap. From 55 you can then release cash from private pensions but not from the state pension which remains at 65. The restriction on being able to cash in your private pension is because of all the tax relief that was given as the pot accumalated. I wouldn't worry too much because there are many things you can do to get at this money and also more relief available to you and more flexibilty following "A" day eg bei
  14. ok, the obvious question then... what short term interest rates can you get on deposit in Thai? ummm and what is the what is the current inflation rate?
  15. Yes i recall the retirement Visa option is available although my recollection was that it required nearer £14K and this had to be annual income. No need to hold the total balance at all times just use it as living expenses and demonstrate an income stream. A couple of other points of interest is that there is no double taxation agreement between UK and Thailand consequently you don't pay tax on money brought into the country but you are still taxed at source on UK income from Pension and investments over the annual personal allowance. Also someone could comment because i was told rece
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