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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. You need a new banner as the brown clashes with the blue...
  2. I thought the US was a lot bigger than that compared to other countries...
  3. Scumbag

    90-day visa

    Like others have said it depends on who you talk to and which embassy/consulate you go to. Some are a lot easier than others. I got a one year Non-Immigrant Type-O visa form the Perth (Australia) with complete ease. I now other places only issue them sparingly. The visa is a multiple entry visa and 90 days is given at each entry. It is possible to stay in Thailand for up to 15 months on this visa (with 4 border runs.)
  4. Siam Commercial Bank is distinctively purple.
  5. I agree with Kevin. I opened an account with Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) at their branch on Soi Buakoaw. I had no problems as I had a work visa for Malaysia (TIT.) I have spoken to a few people that have had no problem opening an account at their 2nd Road Branch. For me using a hotel as an address was not a problem. With SCB I don't believe that they issue statements. Instead they give you a pass book that you can have updated when you require it.
  6. I think that taking a medicine 'just in case' is not a good idea. With antibiotics the more they are used the more resistant the bugs become to it. I believe that doctors hand out antibiotics too readily. It is quite possible that at some time in the future this will bite us on the arse. If the bugs are resistant to the antibiotics we have then we are stuck with the little critters. My advice would be buy them but only take them if/when you notice the first symptoms.
  7. My funds were sent as Australian dollars and SCB converted it immediately to Baht.
  8. There was a tightening up of international transfers to the UK at the beginning of the year. There is now a notice on my internet banking transfer screen stating new requirements of transferring money to the UK and Europe.
  9. For the sake of completeness here is how it panned out... As you have no doubt read opening a bank account can be a little problematic unless you have a long term visa for Thailand. As I travel to Thailand on 30 day visas I was prepared for problems and had backup plans. The reason I wanted a Thai account is to transfer money from home to Thailand. Before arriving I decided to try to open an account with Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) as they have many branches, have a good repetition and have internet banking facilities. At the first opportunity after arriving I headed to their sub-branch
  10. I think what Mr Toom is talking about is that there are 3 exits to the public areas after going through customs at the new airport. It seems that exit A is for domestic and exits B and C are international. By far the best option is to have a valid SIM card when you arrive so that you can contact the driver. Another option is to arrange to meet the driver at one of the exits from the terminal. I think there are 20 of these exits and they are numbered. I would guess that exit 14 or 15 would be half way between exits B and C to the public area. However, I know most will take the easy option a
  11. Thanks for the warning but this situation was your own doing. Even though you have a visa it does not guarantee that you will be allowed to enter a country by an immigration officer. If they believe that there is a valid reason they may not allow you to enter or allow you to enter for a period less than what the visa states. Always check what they stamp in your passport.
  12. Given that you have tickets to leave the country for both times you enter you will have no problems.
  13. I placed it where I am fairly sure it is. It is opposite Soi Happy.
  14. I had a very quick look at doing it through PayPal. However I came to the conclusion that their fees are too high. Also if you are transferring from Farangland to Thailand send your own currency and not Baht. Thanks for the information on your problem opening an account. I'll keep the branch you used in mind should option 1 fail.
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