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  1. Enjoying City on the hill, a Showtime series also airing on Sky Atlantic in Ireland and UK. Kevin Bacon is brilliant
  2. Those fancy dress costumes don`t seem very practical.
  3. Many girls aren`t keen on being bfined by a farang couple, loss of face or something as it is obvious to everyone what their role in this three way situation is. You won`t have a problem picking up men if that is your thing, and lesbians suddenly appear all over the place if your wife is attractive. Picking up the girl of your choice for a threeway with your wife can actually be more difficult than it seems, as not every couple want to go with whoever is recommended to them by the mamasan.
  4. 750ml of cheap Polish vodka in my local supermarket in France is seven euro and fifty cents. That roughly exchanges to 330 baht. How much would something similar set me back in Big C these days?
  5. How the hell does something like that happen on Beach road? Unbelievable.
  6. Are they any good? I`ve noticed i sometimes get a shooting pain in the arch of my foot when wearing sandals, and i thing it might be the flatter soles on the things. Best sandals i ever wore were by Doc Martin. Thick air-cushioned rubber soles, leather uppers. I might have a look on Amazon for another pair.
  7. Not sure if this has been posted before, but guaranteed to bring a tear to even the most cynical among us...
  8. Anonymox is a doddle if you are using Firefox. Let`s you pick US, UK or Dutch IP at the click of a button. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/anonymox/
  9. Can he video himself having sexy sexy time with that Hasselblad? I bet not.
  10. Buy one. Honestly, you can buy a decent video camera for fifty to a hundred Euro.
  11. Now available for free download here http://www.freebooks...ement_ID=347500 Not sure for how long though, so grab it while it`s there. Comes in a zip file which contains mobi, epub, txt, pdf etc versions of the book.
  12. Great victory for Scottish sport. They need a bit of a lift considering the results of their football team.
  13. I can get a half litre bottle of Czech lager in my local supermarket for a fair bit less than that, and i live in one of the most expensive countries in Europe.Seems Thai prices are getting really out of hand.
  14. Great news. Will be interesting to see what new readers think of this little masterpiece.
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