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  1. Hi all, its been a while since i was last in Thailand and was wondering if the tourist/exempt visa process is the same when entering with a UK passport. As in you just Que with the form filled in on the plane, they stamp your passport and staple that little white slip in which they remove on departure and "welcome to Thailand"?? Anybody know why they STAPLE that slip in??, my last passport had loads of staples left in it.. do you guys remove them or just leave them?? They always seemed to use a new page each time also... so bloody staple in every page just under the stamps. Do they
  2. yep im a dual national... just have to be on my best behavior. If i get into any trouble im on my own, no help from the British embassy.... on the plus side i don't have to bother with visas if i was staying longer than 4 weeks. yes but your in pattaya... and you cant put a price on the atmosphere of the place. Roorsoldja: 10,000 a day??, i need to have a night out with you.lol You must some fun for that money, i wish i could afford the same but we make do with what we have. Given the choice of slumming it in england or slumming it in Thailand, Thailand wins hands down every time.
  3. I speak enough thai to get around and get me out of any trouble... could speak fluent thai before i could speak English, then moved over here (england) and lost it all though never speaking it... it tends to flood back when every one around is speaking it. my budget to me now doesnt sound that bad.... 500 for food (no problem), 1000 on cheap drinks (18 beers at 59 each.... i would be rather merry), 2000 on a bar girl... which i don't intend on doing every night. So technically 2000 could carry over and i could have some lady action another night. luckily my favorite activity (people watchi
  4. thanks for the advise, im glad too hear that i can still have a good time on my limited budget. Im a beer bar and street food kind of guy anyway so it doesn't sound as if im going to struggle a lot. i will defiantly do a trip report as suggested, it will be interesting to see how things have changed and i would enjoy putting it into writing. so roll on feb!! cant wait to indulge in some street food.... love my mystrey meats. i can already hear the distant cries of "hey sexy man" getting louder and closer each day...
  5. hi all, i was last in Pattaya in 2005 aged only 18 and completely broke i spent only 1500 baht a day (crazy i know) and still enjoyed myself. It was all i could afford being over there for a month and on a very tight budget, it broke down to about 500 on food and 1000 on beer in either beer bars or go gos which serve draft at 50 baht (such as the beach club just off walking street) per day. obviously that didn't include accommodation its what i had left after accommodation. who ever says you cant have a good time on 1500 a day is getting ripped or paying for a lot of ladies... i may have b
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