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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. You're probably right about a few of them - especially those that had just turned up. As you suggest, once they have clocked in, they don't exactly rush to get changed and out into the bar, requiring prodding from the mamasan. 'Tis a constant battle. The rest probably just hadn't showed up yet. You know how it is, getting them all into work for 8.00pm isn't an option - no matter how much "encouragement" is given. 80-90% are there by 9pm most nights but you still get the stragglers wandering in at 9.30-10.00, some nights even later. We held off introducing the new drink prices for a couple of weeks (we'd originally planned to start at the beginning of Feb) whilst we went on a recruitment drive as we were at least half a dozen short of the ideal number in early Feb. It was fine if we had few/no early barfines but if we lost half a dozen or more early doors, dancers were a bit thin on the ground. We've since had about 10-12 new ones start and numbers are now around optimum levels. We had 24 dancing last night and I'd expect nearer 30 tonight, which is about as many as a bar our size can realistically accommodate. Cheers Pie P.S. Glad you like the bar - thanks for the kind words.
  2. We have around 35 girls on our books and even on a bad night we have well in excess of 20 in attendance. There were 27 there last night for example (and some damned good looking ones too - and that's not just my "biased" opinion before you say it). No idea where you get the figure of 8 from but the only time you might find only 8 girls in there is very late at night when we've had a lot of barfines. Since the Cobra Gold guys tended to be early starters it doesn't seem likely you were in the bar that late so I am mystified as to how you say there were only 8 girls. You are entitled to your own opinion as is anybody but there are clearly more than a few who disagree with you based on last night's evidence. It was difficult, if not impossible at times, to get a seat in there for much of the night. None of those were "friends" - in fact there were only two people in there I recognised all night until a few regulars came in around 0100. Now given that people aren't going to sit in a crap bar just because the drinks are cheaper than the rest, isn't it odd that their opinions must be at such a great divergence from yours ? They clearly like the bar, you obviously don't. The solution seems simple and no doubt you'll be doing just that. I'll try to get over it. Cheers Pie
  3. ............................................... 85B DRINKS !!! ........................................ With exchange rates hurting just about everyone there have been a lot of posts urging bars to reduce prices. Some bars have introduced specials on well drinks/some beers but we thought we'd try something different. You want lower prices ? You got 'em...... From tomorrow, ALL drinks* (except ladydrinks) will be priced at 85B (65B during happy hour 8.00-9.30). Want a bottled beer ? That'll be 85B. Jack Daniels/Johnnie Walker Black ? 85B please. Even cocktails and Bacardi Breezers are just 85B. No exceptions - every customer drink in the bar is 85B. We've also reduced ladydrinks from 110B to 100B and barfines are down to 500B from 600B. But it's not just about cheap booze - we've also added some cracking new dancers to our line-up. A few examples from the last couple of nights...... So stop by and check out the ladies in comfortable surroundings at prices well below most bar beers!!! We'll be running this promo for at least 2-3 months initially to see if it takes off. If it proves to be popular we'll be able to continue it right through the year. Over to you guys....... Cheers Pie * Draught beer remains @ 65B for a large 330ml glass.
  4. Many thanks to Mick/Tan for holding their wedding party at Catz and to all those who helped to make it such a great night. Here's some of the photos from the event that can be used................ Thanks to all who could make it and congrats again to the happy couple. Cheers Pie
  5. Mick and Tan, who married last year, are back in Pattaya for their first visit since. They're celebrating the wedding with a party at Catz this coming Saturday. There'll be a pig on a stick, steak and mushroom/cottage pies, sausages and various salads as well as Thai food (Issan variety) for "her indoors". The party starts at 8pm with the food from around 8.45. Hope to see you there. Cheers Pie
  6. What a lovely bunch you lot are. First it's 65 then 70 and 69. I'm deffo photoshopping the party pics now. Well, it's either that or iron my face before I go out tonight. Sorry you guys can't make it but look forward to catching up when you're back in town. Cheers Pie
  7. Last week's party was a blast (as those who attended will testify to - thanks guys) and this should be even better!! As ever, I'll steal Stickman's script as it sums it up far better than I can......... Catz a gogo (Soi 16, Walking Street) is throwing a party this coming Thursday, 13th November. It's the joint birthday bash of two of the owners - one of whom is celebrating his 65th this time around - and it's usually the bar's biggest party of the year. The timing is great too as with all the bars likely to be closed for the following 3 days, here's an opportunity to really let your hair down before the enforced "rest". Catz always puts on some of the best food to be found at parties and I'm told that this one will be no exception with all the stops being pulled out. They've also had over 25 new girls start in the last few weeks and reports reaching me suggest that there are some VERY cute ones amongst them. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the area! Just a taster of some of the new girls to whom Stick refers........ Party starts at 8.00pm with food from 8.45 ish. History suggests it'll be a cracker - hope to see you there!! Cheers Pie P.S. A few guys have recently suggested that they didn't know how to find us - there's a map (and a few other things of interest) at www.catzagogo.com
  8. A big thanks to all those that helped to make last week's party a great night. For those that couldn't make it here's a few pics of the event (sans comments as it's 0330 and I'm up early in the morning ). There's another one coming up this Thursday which promises to be even better - details to follow. For now the pics from Thursday's one..... \ Thanks again to those that could make it and I'll try to post details of the next one tomorrow night. Cheers Pie
  9. It's party time at Catz a gogo this coming Friday. There'll be lots of food including the usual pig complemented by Steak and Kidney/Cottage pies, proper bangers (pork sausages for the non-brits ), tandoori chicken, home made potato salad, coleslaw and garlic bread. Those that haven't been in for a while might get a few surprises too - we've had over 20 new girls start in the past few weeks, with 7 more due to start between now and party night. Doors open 8pm with food from around 8.45. Hope to see you there....... Cheers Pie
  10. A big thanks to Ali, the party host for a top, top night - one of the best parties at Catz since we opened. A special mention also to Bill who laboured for hours to make well over 500 jello shots. Needless to say, there weren't any left at the end of the night. A bit of a rush job with these photos as I've had no ADSL for 4 days so couldn't upload them. Just got it back but I'm off to the airport in a couple of hours so you're spared the usual inane comments - just the photos this time........... Many thanks to all those who could attend and help make it a special night for Ali. Cheers Pie
  11. Being a lazy sod, I've copied and pasted (with a minor edit so as not to upset "them wot must be obeyed" ) from this week's Stickman column....... Catz a gogo (Soi 16, Walking Street) will be hosting the 30th birthday of a popular Pattaya message board member this coming Friday, 5th September. It promises to be a lively occasion and there'll be some excellent fare laid on including the usual pig on a stick, steak and kidney/cottage pies from Bob Palmer's, tandoori chicken as well as home made potato salad, garlic bread and coleslaw. To get the party kick started Catz are running a 2-4-1 special on all customer drinks between 8 PM and 9:30 PM. If the free food and cheap grog don't do it for you, I've been assured the very cute twins will be in attendance so that alone provides a reason to drop in if you are in the area! It should be a cracking night as I know the host plans to celebrate in style - and then some!! Added to which, Bill is busy "beavering" away (well he's got bugger all else to do with his gammy ankle) making hundreds of the now infamous jellies. Hope to see you there if you're in town. Cheers Pie P.S. Pics to follow in this section - probably Sunday night.
  12. Never flown them but based on this........... http://www.worldairlineawards.com/Awards_2008/Yclass-08.htm ....it doesn't sound as though you'd be going far wrong. Cheers Pie
  13. A top night - many thanks to Bruce for the party and for laying on such a good spread which, given the shortage of leftovers for the "vultures", clearly went down well. OK, so yer' only here for the pics so......... I'd like to think they were discussing a missed putt but then again..... Nosh laid on by Bruce...... Lat did the cake - note the "B", is it for Bruce or Butterfly ???? I am so misunderstood - Butterfly me ???? Many thanks to all those who stopped by and helped to help make it a memorable night. Cheers Pie
  14. After the Catz golf tournament on Thursday there's a party in the bar starting 8pm. All welcome - you don't have to be a golfer. A 30Kg pig will be sacrificed and there's cottage/steak and kidney pies from Bob Palmers plus tandoori chicken and home-made potato salads/coleslaw/garlic bread etc. Food from around 8.45. Hope to see you there.... Cheers Pie
  15. As Doris has finally found the PC/camera lead she'd "borrowed", herewith the pics from Roy (snr), Roy (jnr) and Pete's party at Catz last Thursday. A good night was had by all - especially the party hosts - although those particular pics won't see the light of day....... Thanks to all who helped make it a great night. Cheers Pie
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