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  1. I will throw in my 2 cents. Since this tread has been going since 2013 my question would be have rents increased in Pattaya since 2013 ? What is your ROI ? Just net growth if any growth at all with the over building I bet My suggestion would be to invest it your home country and use the profits to pay your rent here. Ask yourself. What were the rents in you hone in 2013 and the same in Pattaya. In my counry rents are going up 3000 bt a year for the last 5 years. I dont think you"ll get that here. Good luck with your investing.
  2. Chase Bank lub me to mut.. No transfer free.. :-) But... K-Bank charged me 800/bt a year to have the account.. wtf ? I'll go talk to then next time I'm in Pattaya..
  3. With the new owners, Pattaya Bay shortened there off season window.. grr.. Since I usually travel low season I had to look at other hotels..
  4. Staying at the PBR next door.. Noise started at 9 a/m.. Grrr
  5. The safes are also a false sence of security. There easy to get into..
  6. Oh great.. I booked Tune in CeBu for a week through Agoda and the add on's are paid.. I better go back and look for reviews. I need more that 2 towels..
  7. Thanks guys.. someone checked me one time.. maybe it was CeBu.. or Korean..
  8. Have flights booked and I noticed the cancellations. Yikes, I hope not.. But I have a question. Traveling from Clark to Bkk and back.. Tiger has a carryon weight limit of 7/k.. Do you remember having your carry on weighed at BKK check in or Clark check in ??
  9. There is a GNC area inside Top's. Also GNC in Bkk.
  10. Those days rooms seem expensive.. I'd get a hotel room outside the airport for those prices..
  11. I was checking yesterday and came up with a $750 all in.. Seattle to Manila.. That's cheap.. The draw back is an 8hr layover in Dubia. The airport shows transfer tours, aprox $100us. That is still cheap. but a pia long ass day to get to SE Asia. Have anyone went on a transfer tour in Dubia ? Ideas to do in Dubia during a long layover ?
  12. Hopefully you will already have an income if you move to Thailand. If your wanting to invest for income I could see buying commercial property or maybe mix use property. Then you just have to manage the manager, then you could putter around the place picking up cigarete butt's or what ever, like an employee. This could be done in your home country where you know the markets and can speak the language. You could manage it from out of the country. But and apartment building in Thailand ? That scares me, and I know a little about managing rentals. I always hate to see someone spending there life
  13. From the luggage carrousel I thought a guy was watching me but no worries. Weird (ladyboy ? lol) When I left the terminal, just outside the door going to the taxi stand and was stopped. A guy w/badge wanted to check my very stuffed carrry on. I knew what he was looking for and said, I don't smoke and don't drink (wink).. No Cig's.. Just carrying extra jockey's for a friend living in Thailand.. He looked at me and I shrugged my shoulder.. Unzipped my bag and he quickly said to close it and good bye. I was an underwear mule that trip.. true story..
  14. If its really driving you crazy there is a FLB video in the members section.. http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/topic/20190-pattaya-pattaya/
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