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  1. There still coming to take me away haha hoho hehe

  2. I wish they would hurry and get here. I'm getting tired of waiting on those fuckers

  3. Anyone know what Room number 5 is like. Been told that isthe room they have reserved for me.
  4. Radar


    I am selling my 2009 Harley Davidson Street Guide and moving to Pattaya City. Found out it would be like buying the bike over again if I took it there. I want to purchase another bike when I get ther. I don't want one of those small things I see on the street. I would like to get a Custom Chopper there preferably larger than a Sportster. What are the prices and locations I can look at.
  5. Ice cubes in your drink from a pussy thats a novel idea. I think you should have a contest to find out which girl can shot a ice cube the longest distance. Or better yet have someone lay down and see if they can shot it into his mouth.
  6. You know this guys problem might be that he didn't have any pussy that he was managing for those 13 years. maybe he has never had any pussy. Anyway all this reading about pussy on this forum has made me think I want to eat some Thai pussy. But the only Thai pussy around here is married and they don't run around. Guess I will have to wait three months.
  7. Nice dancing Martin. When I die I would like to come back as a pole on the FLB Bar.
  8. Ive seen better dancers but thats not the point. They looked like they were having a good time. Thats what is important.
  9. Radar

    BJ gone bad

    I didn't expect that to happen. It made me jump. Then laugh. That was funny. I saw it happen again the other day. I won't say who she probably doesn't want to be kidded. I laughed also.
  10. Bushcraft That is a novel idea.. You know that just might work. As long as no one got involved it could be interesting.
  11. MM I agree butt fucking is a bit much. I know its done alot but I always had a problem putting my dick in a shit hole.
  12. Sounds like fun. But it also sounds like you want two slaves. I would have a hard time doing that. I would always feel like I was disrespecting them. Me I respect women to much to treat them that way even though I have been treated like a piece of shit. Could you do that. Be in a relationship with a woman with someone else.
  13. They are coming to take me away haha hoho hehe

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