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  1. Sensei-don't know where you live in America but I have lived in Vegas, Florida, and have family in the mid west and daughter in Chicago and all of them have places for dental implants for $800 to $1000. That's like half of what it is in Thailand according to what Chivas. 62,200 baht equals about $1830 US for one tooth. I have never seen them this high in the states but I have seen them this high in Thailand. Was even told by a Thai dentist at the aforemention Bnagkok Pattaya Hosp. to have it done it the state cause it was cheaper.
  2. Implants are cheaper in the states plain and simple. So get them done where you live so if you have any problems you can see the local person who did it and not have to go to Thailand.
  3. I have booked China air through Angel at cheaper than internet rates. If you fly from one of their main cities maybe it won't matter but I have to make a connection to get to one of their cities and it costs me less with Angel.
  4. oblong-I have no affiliation with Ann and/or Angel Travel. I have used them since 2001 and every time I have tried to get prices myself they have always beat the prices I get. You have to call them though because their web site is not always correct. As for FFM's I have always recieved my miles with no problems no matter which carrier they have me booked on. As for giving you specific examples I would have to call Ann and ask for prices since I have not flown there for almost a year. The trouble with that of course is you need dates to get prices cause certain times are more expensive than oth
  5. I told you guys about Ann at Angel Travel. Gave her phone number and web site. Why don't you try it??? Every time I have gone on the internet to make reservations it was always more than what she could get for me. Give her a call especially if you have to make connections in the states. I went on the internet and found the cheapest price I could from LAX to BKK. Then found the cheapest flight from Las Vegas to LAX. Then contacted Ann and she gave me a price from Las Vegas to BKK for less then the price I found from LAX to BKK. Give her a try. She is Thai and this is basically all she does is f
  6. Try Ann at Angel Travel. She always finds the best rates. Her phone number is 800-922-1092 and the web site is www.angeltravel.com. Taxes and fuel surcharge are very high for all airlines. Fuel prices are way down but they still charge their high prices. In some cases over 50% of the ticket price.
  7. I know this is a strange subject but I know several of the emoticons here were done by bm's. I would like to create some of my own but have no clue how to do it. Can someone please help me with an EASY way to make emoticons? When I use MSN and put in a picture it comes out so small you can't see it. But I can take emoticons from here and they are not real small. I am not computer literate so need to have an easy way to do it or a program that I can get, preferably free download, that makes it easy. Thanks for your help.
  8. dad

    Mileage Trading

    MM, Don't know much about the EQM miles I am just looking for FFM to get free travel. I have heard that a person can only receive 15,000 miles transfer in one year. Does any one know anything about this rule and if there is a transfer fee or mileage transfer rate?
  9. dad

    Mileage Trading

    I need 26,000 United miles. Can someone tell me how this works and how much it will cost? I noticed someone mentioned .01 a mile but is that all it costs or are there fees involved and if so how much are they? Thanks for the help.
  10. Don't know about Dr. Aree cause when I sent her an email she never replied. Was told by another BM that you have to talk to her in person or she doesn't handle your request. There is a German dentist on the road to Jomtien that is excelllent and does only specialty work. You can check him out. He is about the same rate as the other dentists in town.
  11. Shane, a couple of us asked your policy on the service girls. Things like what is the bar fine, do they all go, do you have a badge policy of who goes and who doesn't, etc. This would be a great time to post this as the nice pics have peaked interest.
  12. You and a buddy can have 10 drinks a piece, pay 2 bar fines, and pay the girls 1000 baht each for the same 5000 baht. Totally out of line. Also Shane you have posted so many threads that I can't even keep them straigt plus you don't reply to many of them. Oh ya, the guy who played Shane in the movie has 2 d's on the end of his name not one, lad. I did figure that much out.
  13. I have often taken service girls and like many have said before they are just as good and many times better than dancers. There is a service girl I would love to take from Living Dolls Showcase but she doesn't go with customers. I think the problem many have with service girls is that you don't know if they go or not. It sounds like you have a badge system at Living Dolls One which is good. As asked before could you explain your system? Also do you have a system for the dancers and show girls or do they all go?
  14. I don't understand how you can charge a bar fine for when you are supposed to be closed. Like said before if you charge 200 baht at 1 o'clock or even 12 o'clock that would be more appealing.
  15. Are you Alan or are you Shane? If Alan did you buy the place from Shane or are you just the manager? Welcome to the board.
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