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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. There are somtimes perks to be had if you are in the room / shower when the maid arrives
  2. Arrive the 19 March.... Depart the 18th April Wahhooooo!!!!
  3. Another alternative is to use an online translator, although not always perfect, and sometimes you have to rethink alternative words to use, this one http://imtranslator.net/translation/ has a back translation so you can:- (1) type in english (2) automatically converts to thai (3) it also re-translates the thai back to english, so you can check that its translated correctly. I use it to e-mail my TGF all the time, and she has no problem with it. Dont forget to use the drop down box to select English to Thai.
  4. Hi ciecero1520, There is wi-fi in the room, and a good signal and speed as well, on my last trip I managed video link from my laptop to home no problem every day. I saw there was a wireless router on each floor, so not a big contention ratio issue either. They will give you a code to use to log on in your room, its free also, unlimeted access, but it times out after 15 mins if you leave the link up not being used, just need to re-enter the code. There are also a couple of PC's in reception for guest use free of charge. Hope that helps....
  5. Bangkok Hospital 301 Moo 6 Sukhumvit Road. KM. 143, Banglamung, Chonburi Thailand 20150 Tel. 66-3825-9999 Fax. 66-3825-9999, International Tel.(66) 3825-9999 Pattaya International Hospital 255/4 Moo 9 Soi 4 Beach Road Pattaya City Banglamung, Chonburi Thailand 20150 Tel 66-3842-8374
  6. Same for me..... booked another trip in March for 4 weeks duration, Flying Emirates this time from Manchester Via Dubai - short connections of 1.5 Hrs at Dubai. The Flight was £445 + £100 Tax (Total £545) not bad I think. No parking required (£20 Taxi), no overnight hotel, quids in..... Just Hope Emirates are good as Thai Airlines was last trip!!
  7. Just a quick update, Ausmagoo... yep thanks mate I had a brilliant time (see my avatar), infact, it was so darn good I am returning for another month Mid march to Mid April. and for the record, I have booked back at the same Hotel. 27,000 Bht for the whole month water, electricity, daily service included. When I called them to reserve the room, they told me that the price had gone up a little... 1,400 Bht a night for the top style of room, however, they still did me a deal and I got it at the old price See you all Mid March.... 8 weeks 6 days to go..... YES !!!!!!
  8. I flew Thai from Heathrow in December for 3 weeks over Xmas & New Year, was expensive but being peak period I bit the bullet at £850 ish. Was very impessed with the flight, food, attendands, etc. No delays and smooth as silk. Add £90 parking, £60 overnight hotel before the flight and it adds up. Just booked another trip in March for 4 weeks, Flying Emirates this time from Manchester Via Dubai - short connections of 1.5 Hrs at Dubai. The Flight was £445 + £100 Tax (Total £545) not bad I think. No parking required (£20 Taxi), no overnight hotel, quids in..... Just Hope Emirates are good!
  9. I spoke with the Manageress today, they have a facebook page - D Apt Buakhao (D Apt Buakhao). They also offer this information for a contact.... For more info.. Telephone: Ms.Buakhao +66(0) 38 720828, +66(0) 38 720829 (press 0) E-mail: d_apt99@hotmail.com Hope that helps.... tell them I sent you... Cheers Frogster
  10. Hi ThaiLearner, I did ask about a website at the front desk the other day... I think (my interpretation of the reply is that they are in the process of haveing one designed, in fact I saw a chap taking some Photos, so that maybe was what he was doing). I will ask again later when my BF arrives and we go out.... will keep you informed. No problem. Obsession, I usually can't be arsed responding to a wanker.... but I will make an exception in this case. For the record, I did not "threaten" to not share a trip report" (look up the definition of threaten in a dictionary)... I mere
  11. You are correct, I was quoted 1200 Bht for a Delux Superior Room per night or 27000 Bht per month, 1000 Bht for a slightly smaller room ( didnt ask the monthly rate for this), To also confirm.... Yes, this is my first trip, and I only have experience of one other hotel to compare this Hotel with (the Diana Inn ). My point was not to sell D Apartment, but was to try and give to the forum information about a new Hotel that has not been listed with some details and pictures for members to be able to see, I'm only trying to help !!!. IMHO, I am very happy with what I have found, an
  12. Very true...... the 27000Bht Rate is all in.... and I am talking CLASS. But each to their own..... you pay your money, you take your choice, and cut your cloth accordingly !!! Here are a few roof top pool pics..... Oh and the pool has a Jacuzi in the corner as well !!!
  13. I asked about the monthly rate and they quoted me 27,000 Bht for the delux superior.... thats the one I have !! You may be able to chip them down a little, but I saw the booking list at reception and they are getting booked up about a month ahead already. Here are a few more shots from the reception area.
  14. Yes they do..... big enough for about 5 people.
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