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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Had a great plate full of pad thai this morning. Based on what we saw, there's a good atmoosphere among the staff on the morning shift. No complaints whatsoever.
  2. I was first brought to Pattaya by a Bangkok bargirl, who told me she wanted to spend some time by the sea. However, when we got to the nice double condo she'd arranged for us at Yensabai, there was the most amazing coincidence as one of her fellow bargirls (from the now defunct Tony's Bar on Cowboy) was right next door in a single unit. Anything you can do etc. Very grateful to her though, in hindsight.
  3. +1. Surely nobody really has an issue with 5 baht. As it happens this is one of my pet hates, but it's hygiene that is the important thing, whether they are free or not.
  4. Ain't that the truth, it'll be £500 just in taxes and charges in a few years!...
  5. Etihad are currently selling seats from £449 return, Heathrow to Swampy, book before Jan 25th. I know the stopover in Abu Dhabi puts some people off, but it needn't be a long one depending on which times you go for. I've used them several times and have no problem recommending them - new planes, good entertainment and great food.
  6. Heathrow update: I've just been over to Heathrow seeing someone off. Flights are going now, longhaul flights seem to be getting priority, especially on BA, and it seemed to me almost all longhauls were getting away or scheduled. The snow on the ground actually melted slightly today, the forecast snow for rush hour this evening didn't happen, warmer weather is forecast the next two days. The balance of probability is that you'll get away ok from now on, as long as your plane is in the right place. They are saying all the dislocation should be sorted in the next 48-72 hours. Still a lot of people crashed out around the place though. Good luck all...
  7. I live a couple of miles from Heathrow. I'd say we've got about 4 inches of snow on the ground now. Most of it came down yesterday morning and none has melted (or frozen thankfully) today. Local reports reckon runways, roads and car parks etc should be cleared building up a good service again over the next couple of days, though they reckon it's gonna be -8C tonight. The real concern is that more snow is forecast in this area for Weds/Thurs, albeit light. I was at a works do at one of the big Heathrow hotels on Friday night, stayed overnight, it was chaos with all the stranded people camped out everywhere. I'm not due out to LOS until Feb, but I'm booked on a flight out of Gatwick on Xmas Eve for a family visit. I think it really is in the lap of the Gods right now, fingers crossed for all of us...
  8. Stayed many times, latest a couple of weeks ago. All the building work is finished. I've always found everything to my liking - 900Bt balcony rooms on the top floor are good value. Some point out it doesn't have a lift - which could be a factor if you're unfit or not mobile. Others point out it doesn't have a pool - which it doesn't (I always force myself to take an extra shag across the road to make up for that). Was a decent number of Indian guests this time, don't know if that was a one-off or a trend, but it changed the atmosphere a little.
  9. A schoolboy offered me a seat on a bus - I nearly twatted him.
  10. It's great to finally have the option. Actually using it will depend on when I arrive, and what I'm carrying. Apparently they are only running every 40 minutes, so it's ok if you catch it right, it's rush hour and you're travelling light. I think I'll still be in a taxi if I'm in late and/or have heavy bags.
  11. Now that is something, after the song she just turns into the cutest little ten year old girl again. Her family won't go hungry.
  12. I visited PBG for the first time on my recent trip, and then a couple of times more. Observations: 1. Thanks Pete, I've no idea who you are, but I think you run a good place with good food. Fantastic location. I loved the FL concept. 2. No shortage of girls on each of 3 nights I passed through, though they started wandering off towards 10.30pm (as did the guys). Definitely more FLs than single guys who were looking each time I was there. 3. Chatting with a friendly waitress led to her offering to invite over which ever lady I desired to join me (don't know if that's a general servcie, I just chatted and had a laugh and thats where it led). 4. Anyway I declined that offer, went to the loo, did a lap of the girls, and invited the nicest, cheekiest smiling young thing to come and join me for a drink myself. Then just repeat as required with the cool sea breeze at your back. I just sat at the back there, with nice cold beer and some good food, 'interviewing' and having a laugh. It was the best dating agency I've ever been in. Very fair prices. I was there between 9pm and midnight on various nights. I actually took a lady away from there one night, turned out to be a total diamond. I'll definitely be back next time. PS I shoould add that I have no idea what a dating agency is like, but I imagine that if Carlsberg made dating agencies... they'd make them like this.
  13. Butterfly, Crazy Town http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl6BiileOrg
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