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  1. Happy Birthday Hammer. Party on. Celebration time. I hope West Ham upset Arsenal. ???⚽????
  2. I am watching SEAL Team and Krypton Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  3. Beware, all the 'Blu-ray' discs I bought at Tukcom(3rd floor) were fakes. Genuine blu-ray movies will NOT play on normal dvd players. I paid 250 baht for each dvd. Only buy from Central mall.
  4. Baan Sila Soi 11 Beach Road Has anyone used this hotel. Any feedback welcomed. Thanks
  5. http://www.flixxy.com/jackie-evancho-singe...-got-talent.htm
  6. Use Stellar Phoenix Password Recovery. Download from HERE
  7. Try Asterisk key Download it from HERE
  8. For those who want to try VSO Image Resizer, you can download it HERE
  9. England were disappointing. Algeria played beyond expectations. Rooney is desparately out of form. England will have to lift or will not make final 16.
  10. There is NO trial period, FREE download. I've been using Avira since July 2009.
  11. I also discarded AVG and installed Avira. For those who want to try it, here's the download link: Avira anti virus
  12. I fly Thai Airways. Great service....direct flight. Highly recommend.
  13. It's a two horse race ManUtd and Chelsea. Great win by the Red Devils last night. Pressure on Chelsea to maintain 1 point lead. Liverpool have been the biggest disappointment. Gunners will finish third. Interesting battle for fourth spot....Man City or Spurs?
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