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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Just wondering if they have them there. I usually buy an assortment of DVD's to bring back home, but now that I've been introduced to Blue Ray, I can hardly watch regular DVD's on my shiny new big screen TV. Does anyone know if they sell them now?
  2. Reading on Stick the other day that they are using 6% to figure inflation in LOS. Is that correct? That seems a little high.
  3. Very informative and interesting as usual Owen. Any ideas of the inflation rates in Thailand, and does it make much difference when planning retirement?
  4. I'll look into that too. I wonder if an LLC would have the same result. I think they are cheaper and easier to setup.
  5. Thanks for the input Owen. Actually I like being a landlord. I seem to have a good instinct for picking tenants. On my current rental, I don't think the tenants will ever leave. Of course it will be much more difficult from LOS, especially if I have to replace a tenant. I was bummed about the fact that I might not be able to use Nevada residency to save state sales tax. Do you think that just because I own 2 rental properties in California, that I couldnt' claim residency in Nevada?
  6. I use Vanguard for my index funds. I hope they come up with a less weighted version soon per your example.
  7. Thanks for your 2nd clarifying post Owen. I understood it much better. I've been a big fan of index funds for the last few years and would certainly be interested in improvements. Please keep us informed when someone comes up with a new indexing formula.
  8. This is a bummer for me. I live in California and own 2 homes which will be paid off soon. I was hoping to live on the rent, but I guess I will be forced to retain California as my home of record unless I sell my properties. I still have few years to plan though.
  9. I have brought my newer laptop on 9 trips, and never had a problem. I don't even lock it up. I take lots of pics, and even bring a portable printer so I can make prints for the bg's. I can't imagine not having it with me.
  10. I've stayed there before and really liked it, but didn't realize they charge extra for bringing 2 girls to the room. I can barely handle 1 so not a problem for me. I think they do that to limit the partying atmosphere. Most of the condo owners are banking people and do not want the hotel part to get loud. Therefore it is 1 guest friendly, not 2 guests friendly.
  11. I've stayed at Majestic Grande, and it's a great place, but I now stay at Majestic Suites. 2/3 cheaper and still very nice. Both are great locations for Nana Plaza.
  12. I agree about not joking about gassing jews, and hacking Rawandans, but I think the Marines are fair game. A Marine should be man enough to take a little ribbing. It's not as though he was making fun of their deaths.
  13. I posted the pic mainly to show off the girl not show off the room.
  14. Actually it was a deluxe room, but the beds are the same. I will be there from May 27-June 4, but I'm trying out a new hotel called the metro. It is only 450 Baht a night if you can believe it. Free wireless internet, fridge, safe, and new. The beds will likely be a little less comfortable. It is located near Soi 11 and 2nd Rd. If you're in Pattaya when I'm there give me a call. We'll hook up for a drink. 09 017 8720 http://www.metro-apartments-pattaya.com/apartment.php
  15. I just stayed there in February and was very pleased. Much nicer than Dynasty, and very comfortable beds. Not sure about guest policy, because I never had more than 1 a night. Must be getting old. Here's my picture of the room. Sorry it's not more informative password "cfi" http://www.pbase.com/stevescottcfi/image/56746203
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