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  1. We're co-operated same service with high standard of service
  2. can book both via email or phone more than 60% of my customer never tell me where will they want to go in Pattaya. only say need taxi to Pattaya. when i ask they will answer that still waiting for hotel confirmation . most of my customer know the way to go in Pattaya. but if they come first time they will bring a map too.
  3. i don't understand 1 thing. why him not call or let me know the problem. problem is around 02.00am (early morning). i didn't work on that time because i'm 55 years old.(getting old now) and if people come to my office they will see that i'm stroke. i don't sure who's driver call on that time. but if this is problem come from driver I'll return you all money. but why him didn't tell me any thing and just post around everywhere. this is not fare to me.
  4. Please give me your name please. when was last trip? let me find out what happen?
  5. mr_ttaxi@hotmail.com 0812587716 , 0813513612 , 038720318 from airport or Bangkok city to Pattaya 1,000 Baht from Pattaya to airport 900 Baht if to Bangkok city 1,000 Baht my price is fix never go up or down even on high or low season . i try to charge cheapest as i can.
  6. Oh! his price is same to me now from airport to Pattaya and return is the same price !!!
  7. Thank you, On www.pttaxiservice.com price is 1,100 Baht and 1,000 Baht for return. but if you e-mail them for 1,000 Baht i think they will accept that rate. PTTAXI owner he use to work for me before and when he answer any e-mail that come to me he will put "next time please book at www.pttaxiservice" like this everytime so a lot of customer thougt that i already have my website and already change my company. A lot of customer come and ask about this . sometime when you book on that website they didn't go to picked you and customer come to complain about this "why Mr.T not come but
  8. I don't have my website yet may be in the end of this year. So you can e-mail me at any time : mr_ttaxi@hotmail.com or booking by phone : +66 81 2587716 , 081 2587716 , 081 3513612
  9. Main point is to tell everyone that i not the same company with PTTAXISERVICE Thank you,
  10. Hi all, I'm Mr.T and i have read this topic http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46651 it was about i have changed my company name and i have heard a lot of customer come and ask about this. I just want to come out and tell you that Mr.T is still doing a business (Mr.T is not Mr.Toom) My name is Teung and i use name Mr.T because my name is very hard to say. Problem above came because i didn't check e-mail my self and i hire someone to answer e-mail for me (now he owned PT) but now my son will answer all of my e-mail and he will check twice a day (morning and
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