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  1. It was NOT fair to my wife and me to be let off far from our hotel and be LIED to about where it was. We were the ones walking up and down WS trying to find it at 2am in the morning with all of our luggage. How is that FAIR? You SHOULD make sure that your drivers take people to where they are suppose to go--not dropped them off and lie to them.
  2. Anyone know what the departure taxes/fees are? I want to make sure I have enough baht on hand. Thanks
  3. It seems like most of the replies missed the point about being "unprofessional". Yes, it was my fault for not having the address, but how is it professional to drop someone off and indicate that their hotel was down Walking Street, when in fact, it was no where near there. That is not professional, and that was the point of my post. The driver should have made sure that we got to our destination, which was Canterbury Tales Cafe. I wasn't paying him to get us to Pattaya. When he dropped us off, I had no idea that Canterbury wasn't down Walking Street. In fact, I tipped him. If he a
  4. Made arrangements prior to coming for Mr T to pick me up at the airport. I was arriving at 11pm. The driver met me at the airport which was the best part, and from there it went downhill. The driver didn't seem to speak or understand any English. I told him that I was staying at Canterbury Tales Cafe, and he didn't seem to know or understand where that was. I texted Mr T and told him where I was going and the driver didn't know where it was. A few minutes later, the driver received a call (I assume from Mr T telling him where to do). The driver took us to Walking Street and indicated
  5. Leaving Pattaya on Feb 8th. Anyone interested in sharing a taxi? Thanks
  6. Some posters missed the point that I am living in the Philippines. I am NOT coming from the States. Sorry, I miss American type food, even the food from the fast food places. I wasn't criticizing what others eat; so, why criticize what I like to eat. I have never understood why some people like to attack the Poster. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. BTW, being from Texas, I love Tex-Mex food. Someone mentioned tex-mex places. Please tell me the names and locations.
  7. Arriving Jan 11th at 11pm. Will be going on to Pattaya. If interested in sharing a taxi, let me know.
  8. Living in the Philippines, but coming to Pattaya on Jan 12th for first visit and was wondering what American type food is available. Don't like the local food here, but we do have the following: KFC Mc Donald's Burger King Pizza Hut Shakey's Pizza Cinnabun Krispy Kreme TGIF Thanks
  9. First time visitor to Pattaya and looking to rent a condo. Found one in Tien Tong building and was wondering if anyone had heard anything good or bad about this place? Thanks
  10. First time visiting Pattaya, and my flight lands at 11pm on Jan 11th. I have been reading on the forum the ways to get from the airport to Pattaya, which are Bell bus, regular bus, and taxiis. Are the buses running this late? I would rather go on to Pattaya, but would it be better to spend the night in Bangkok (any cheap hotel recommendations)? What would be best to do?
  11. Thanks, I think that she will like it. I just thought that if she had another Filipina to talk to in Pattaya, that she would enjoy it more.
  12. My wife and I will be arriving in Pattaya on Jan 12th. Staying at least a month and possibly longer. Still looking for a large studio or 1 br under 10,000 baht. Perhaps in the Jomtien area. If you have or know of anything, please let me know. Thanks
  13. We lived about 1 and 1/2 years in Olongapo/Subic and the last 2 years in Angeles. The Philippines is generally a dirty place with trash and black smoke everywhere, and the food in general isn't that good. Plus, there isn't a lot to do either. Looking forward to our visit in January and hoping we find a condo to rent and like it there. Having another Filipina for her to talk to would help.
  14. Retired American serviceman coming to Pattaya in January to see about living there. Looking for a furnished large studio or 1 bedroom condo with internet, tv, and air conditioning to rent. Like to find something no more than 10,000 baht. Will be here a month, with the possibility of long term. Don't need to be near the "action" is. If you have or know of something, please PM me. Thanks
  15. Hi, I am a retired American serviceman coming to Pattaya in January to see about living there. Currently living in the Philippines, but tired of it. Looking for a furnished studio or 1Br condo with internet, tv, air conditioning to rent initially for a month, but could be long term. Need something less than 15,000 baht. If you have or know of one, please PM me. Thanks, Dan
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