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  1. You are an exceptionally good person Evil for once again taking the time to do this for the children. I am sorry I don't get into town until just after Christmas. I will be in contact with a good friend of mine who I am sure will be joining you again, I'll get him to sort my donation so my money is put to excellent use. I hope plenty of people participate and have a great day.
  2. Change of planes in Singapore to SilkAir which is part of Singapore Airlines.
  3. Cheers tingtong. See you mid July, my shout for a change. Mark.
  4. I thought I would just finish off my own question with a follow up on the dental work I had done. Thanks to the bm's who gave advice and messaged me. I had my work done by Dr Aree at the PIH Soi 4. Appointments can be made with Dr Aree via email picpih@loxinfo.co.th or picpih@pih-inter.com, she will give you her personal email after your first visit. Since I was in town for a month I dropped into the PIH in January to make a booking for my first visit, and get advice on what work needed to be done. I was able to get an appointment with Dr Aree a few days after my initial visit. As reported Dr Aree is a really lovely lady, sings whilst she is working and makes you feel totally at ease. My first visit was just a check up, teeth clean and discussion on my options for veneers, fillings or crowns. I had an x-ray done which showed the condition of my teeth under the gum line and roots, from there Dr Aree can advise on what work can or cannot be done. Dr Aree told me my dentist in Australia would be mad to try and do veneers on my teeth because of my bite, she said the veneers would not last and my dentist should have not recommended me to go with this procedure. She recommended I either have my teeth fixed with front fillings which is quite cheap compared to Australia or go with six crowns. I wanted a permanent fix so decided on the crowns. I emailed Dr Aree before my next trip to Pattaya in April and set up an appointment to start the crown work. She advised me I would need a 4 hour booking firstly to prepare my teeth, make a temporary set of crowns and do impressions, followed up by a 2 hour booking to fit the new crowns. The first visit is where Dr Aree basically grinds back your teeth to make almost pegs for the new crowns to fit over. I was a bit nervous on how painful this would be and a 4 hour session in a dental chair didn't sound at all good. I certainly didn't need to worry, it was not painful at all, Dr Aree explained everything she was doing and the time actually seemed to fly along. I left my first visit with a set of temporary crowns which stayed on for 1 week whilst my new crowns were being made. A week later on my next visit Dr Aree removed my temporary crowns and attached my new crowns. She explained that she has all her crowns made in Bangkok as the company who do them in Pattaya is slightly cheaper but isn't up to her standard. Having them made in Bangkok she fully guarantees them for 2 years. The fittitng was really easy, she didn't have to make any adjustments, basically just a matter of cementing them in. I am certainly happy with Dr Aree's work, my new teeth have no sensitivity issues and I have a much better bite now. The costs of my crown work are as follows. Initial visit and x-ray 900 baht. First crown work visit 30200 baht. Second crown work visit 30200 baht. The total of 61,300 baht worked out to be $1926 AUD on conversion via my Amex card. I was quoted $500 per tooth for fillings, $1100 per tooth for venners, and $1700 per tooth for crowns by my dentist here in Australia. I am sure someone will post that I could have had my work done cheaper at another dentist or clinic, and I am sure that is true. I can only highly recommend Dr Aree and her quality of work.
  5. T20 and one day cricket is nothing but complete and utter shit. Trying to hang our hats on victories in one day cricket, after being humiliated in the test series, is pretty sad in my opinion.
  6. BigD, From Greg_B's post on the first page in this thread I myself it would be pretty obvious he has an interest in the place. Not sure why you keep asking if it is a financial interest, would have thought it pretty obvious myself, but if you feel the need to keep asking something that has already been answered then go for it.
  7. Rickster59, cluster, ozijeff and ashboy, all fantastic posts on the state of Australian cricket. Congrats to England, by far the better side that plays as a team under Strauss. If you only drew this series it would have been a massive injustice to the way you played. Now we'll wait and see if these pathetic cretins running the game in Australlia learn from their mistakes, take a big broom and start with the selectors.
  8. Great post. I have seen the Avenue go tits up like all of us. I liked it when it first opened, nice and open, the outdoor bar was a good concept for an ale and a listen to the band with the some friends on occassion for an hour or two. I remember walking through one day and seeing the rear middle part being used as a clearance market of sort for clothes etc, then those little stands with bangles, ear rings etc started moving in. I said to a friend "where will this end" as it was growing almost daily. It is now a complete shambles, I cannot believe they have any tenants in the rear at all, I'm sure many more will get out of dodge the minute their leases are up. There is no way McDonalds in Australia would cop having the shit cluttering their entrances like they do now at the Avenue. The management really have stuffed the whole Aveneue and deserve to have no tenants, I'm sure before too long there won't be many left.
  9. [/quote It was just a typo, I should have said I could not agree more.Time to get sober. Na keep drinking Gonzo, it will help us get through this England flogging.
  10. Agree jacko, Strauss has a group of players under him who want to play as a team, unlike other years England has toured Australia. Amazing how much wanting to play for each other can help confidence.
  11. So you are happy with the running and state of cricket in Australia then? Let me know what part of my post you disagree with.
  12. On running the risk of repeating myself a thousand times, I agree he WAS a great batsman, but is one of the worst Captains ever in the history of Australian cricket. First class fucking sook and dummy spitter, the cunt is an embarrasment, anyone want to stick up for the cunt now????. Suspend the prick, or better still fuck him off for good and give some form players a go. Andrew Hilditch is a joke as chairman of selectors, piss the plastic faced arse wipe off as well, he was a shit player anyway. When you run a cock sucking boys club and not play form players who deserve a go, this is the result you get, enough said. I'm glad to see some Aussies on here FINALLY seeing this Australian Cricket Board for the complete joke it is. Even if by some miracle Australia is able to salvage something out of this test, similar to the Perth test, the problems are still there, it is only a band-aid on a hemmorage for the future.
  13. Check the numbers out for this coming test match. If we get five fine days I will bet you that never ever in the history of England playing cricket, have they ever had as many people watch them play a test match in their own country. Sunday will get 75,000 plus for a start. Might only get 10,000 though on day five if we look like losing...
  14. See ya on the 28th if the test isn't washed out, the weather we are having here in Melbourne is shocking, been in a drought for a decade and now we are having one of the wettest springs/summers on record.
  15. Your post is true, of course the Poms are (were) giving it us because of years of being beaten, but I think you will find we have lost the last two series in England, although they can never seem to find any stomach out here. Naturally most of the banter is just friendly rivalry. In my post I said "SOME" of the reasons the Poms are on here giving it to us is because of Ponting and his bad sportsmanship, not the only reason. I think you will find if we had a humble Captain that showed great sportsmanship the Pommy bm's may not be as bad towards us. I don't think changing Captains now would achieve anything, it wouldn't be fair for them to thrust the likes of Watson into the job without some preparation. Clarke would be lame in my opinion. It may be a forced change soon anyway, how many more failures is the golden boy Ricky allowed to have before we consider dropping him for someone who might make some runs? The gutless selectors will just keep picking him, the law of averages says he will get runs soon, this of course can be followed by another run of failures. If the selectors ever got the balls to play form players, and drop players who continually fail Hussey would make a very good stand in Captain. Watson for Captain, when the time is right.
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