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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. flying Thai , arriving from LHR on 27/05/07 at 06-05am
  2. Shame been trying to get a share for a month , missed you be 1 day as I get in on the 28th
  3. Hi Billy, lot's of board members from the 2 main boards will be in town Oct/Nov judging by the calendar entries. I will be there from the 28th with Matty and am sure that you will meet many , look on the whiteboard as you go into flb for names and add yours, get chatting then go prowling with them/us
  4. Cheers Cybers but I just went to tools/options/cookies etc and changed from auto to never, I also went to privacy and put it into allow in sites and it still won't work, chat site won't work either , can't understand this as the secrets site works ok
  5. Hi , don't know why but I now have to enter my username and password everytime I return even if I click the remember box , anyone know why?
  6. Hi Gus, West East seem to be consistent as the price is roughly the same as I've paid for my last three trips both with Thai and Eva so I'm happy. I tried to hook up with Boa on a few occasions last April/May but only managed to see her in person on the last night an hour before leaving for home and she looked very good but was in company so we only talked briefly, I understand that she has now finished at Flb and has a sponsor, I wish her all the best for the future. ps: would you pm me what she once said to you, enquiring minds would like to know and I can keep a secret
  7. Hi anyone want to share a cab , leaving from LHR 27/10/06 12.30 on Thai, arriving 28/10/06 at 06.05 bump
  8. Booked today with West East for £435 inc. going Thai, Eva was slightly cheaper but couldn't get the right dates , oct27-nov12
  9. Hwyl if time isnt an issue you could take the train (about 10 hours) to Bkk then a bus to Pattaya from Ekamai for about 90baht but the best and quickest way to go would be to fly to Bkk (about £15 I think) then taxi to Pty, I wouldn't want to lose anymore time than necessary travelling when I could be drinking/shagging
  10. Sinbinjack, I also just booked with West east on 15th , going on 22nd April to 7th May but for £413.90 with Eva, I met you once a year or two ago on a party night in Flb don't know if you'll remember but I think it was your first trip, will be there around the same time as you again(but sadly for not as long )so maybe have a beer with you sometime. (err seem to remember you only drink coke).
  11. West East have just sent out e mails advertising very cheap flights to the far east and Australia , well worth a look for anyone looking to travel in the next few months. I used them last year and they were very good.
  12. One five minute call to Thai Air (London) was all it took for me to book my free flight for last November and Loy Kratong , the lady on the end of the phone was extremely helpful and pleasant and I thought it was too good to be true until my tickets arrived the following week. I still had reservations about how easy it was right up until I checked in and got my boarding card, they even gave me the seats I wanted both outbound and inbound even though they at first said sorry"all gone". I recommend that everyone join all the clubs , nothing to lose and much to gain.
  13. Whaaa! no other mongers on TG911 going to Pattaya , thought there maybe at least 1 on a jumbo.
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