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  1. Yes you did absolutely the right thing by alerting others to your bad experience at that shithole populated by thieves.
  2. I do not think that Mayweather wants any part of the Pacman. He wants to preserve his unbeaten record - built upon fights with no hopers and has-beens. Well done Manny. You are a credit to the sport.
  3. Need to move Tony Soprano and the New Jersey crew in there
  4. Yes - he was the equivalent of football's "Roy of the Rovers".
  5. Of course this begs the age-old question. Is it possible to please all of the people all of the time? The answer to that is an emphatic NO!!!!
  6. On the several occasions I stayed there I never had or witnessed any problems with multiple parties going up to the rooms
  7. I agree with this totally. Even the crazy drivers in Patts couldn't get at you then.
  8. I realise that I might be seen as coming from another planet - but for me there is no music to rival that of Frank Sinatra, Matt Munro, Tony Bennett et al.
  9. What a great host Adam is. Whenever I visit his bar he consistently demonstrates an all-inclusive approach for all of his customers. Other bar-owners could learn a lot from Adam IMO.
  10. I do not feel that there is any pressure or expectation to get "shit-faced" when in LOS. I often have soft drinks when out on the town in LOS. I think the mere fact that we are in Disney World For Adults induces us to drink more alcohol to maybe enhance the moment - rather similar to taking poppers to increase enjoyment of sex. Just my opinion of course.
  11. Thank you Mr T. I have used your service many times with 100% success rate. Well done. You are right to point out that you have no connection with Mr Toom. Mr Toom does not turn up and should be avoided at all costs IMO.
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