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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Appreciate you buying the last ebook. Thanks for the feedback too - am a bit surprised that with more than 50 bar and gogo reviews and more than 100 restaurant reviews there wasn't something useful there; there are plenty of new spots in the 2014 edition!
  2. There's a new ebook on Pattaya that's just been published that may be of interest. The Ultimate Guide to Pattaya is filled with more than 80,000 words and 20 chapters on everything from the best gogos to the top restaurants in town. Written by a UK journalist-turned-expat, it's ideal for newbies or for those who've been here a while and want to find some new spots. All for the price of a pint.
  3. Hi Evil, Don't worry we got permission to use the pic of Cherry from Cherry herself; we own the copyright to all the other pics. There'll be a second version soon as the first is going well, and that will obviously have a new cover with new faces.
  4. The biggest and most comprehensive ebook ever written about Pattaya is out now. 'The Ultimate Guide to Pattaya 2013' features reviews on dozens of the city's best beer bars, gogos and clubs, along with tips on the top restaurants and hotels in the resort. Its 20 chapters are packed with information that can help everyone from the seasoned expat to the complete newbie. If you want to know about where to play golf, get health care or just find the best breakfast in town, this 80,000-word ebook has the answers. Written by an experienced travel writer, this Pattaya ebook is a great way
  5. Thought this be of use for anyone who wants to move to Pattaya but doesn’t know what to do here... A new ebook has just been published that tells you everything about teaching English as a Second Language in Thailand. If you're thinking of getting a TEFL Certificate, this reveals everything you'll need to know to pass the course and land your first job. If you’re already teaching and need inspiration, or just want to hear a fellow teacher’s experiences of life inside a classroom, there are dozens of plug-and-play lessons and even more anecdotes. Teaching English is written by Lonel
  6. "One of the goals of the project is to make Pattaya a "movie city". It is in talks with Universal Studios of the United States to set up production facilities. That deal is expected to be finalised in the next three years." Hang on, I've seen quite a few movies shot in Pattaya. Oh wait, they don't mean that kind of flick...
  7. Got to agree with most of the posts here, it's strange to say you love a certain animal and then be happy to condone those who chain it up for the entertainment of others. I'm always amazed by the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, the place is absolutely packed all the time with foreign tourists but you get dragged around from one chained-up tiger to the next for 10 mins, and then it's pretty much all over! Think people's egos and desire for a cute pic too often overrides everything else.
  8. Yeah, the Blue Parrot is great. Has been there forever and has solid Mexican food. It may not be that authentic but it hits the spot when we go there, especially the burritos.
  9. There's a fairly new place, the Zaika Indian Restaurant, on Second Road, near to Royal Garden Plaza, that is excellent. Certainly the best Indian food I've had in Pattaya. Pretty big menu and really good curries, definitely worth a look.
  10. Got one review of Food Wave here. Always liked it there, simple to order, good views and dishes are pretty good for a food court. http://www.pattaya24seven.com/eating-out/food-wave.html
  11. Sizzler is pretty good for a salad buffet, but I still think it's a bit pricey for what you get. Out of town slightly, in Bangsaen the Sez Hotel has a fantastic buffet for 300B on Saturday nights. http://www.pattaya24seven.com/index.php/eating-out-in-pattaya/2-uncategorised/71 Or just down the road from there, the fancy Tide Resort has a good buffet, also on Saturdays.
  12. Here are a few pics I took too, really like the ones above here. I posted a review of the music festival, there's also a link to Da Endorphine singing Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep', which was pretty damn good.
  13. Went to Ruen Thai recently and thought the food was pretty good, and you get cultural dances and music thrown in for free. Although it's a kind of chain of restaurants, TaSiam in Central is always really good as well, especially the fried chicken wings!
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