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  1. Ok, to be more specific to what i would like. Have stayed at Metro apartments, good overall but the wifi is not the best, done a few internet searches and most places are 700 to 900 baht in that area, the price is fine, happy to spend up to 1000 but wanting the usual clean, safe and close to the action but also decent wifi and not too much noise late at night as im not an all nighter, midnight to 1am is about as late as I get. Which in that area would be good, had a look at Robins nest which is just around the corner, noise on the soi isn’t too bad I know from eating there also looks ok but has anyone stayed in there superior rooms ? Cheers
  2. Wanting to stay in this area but has changed quite a bit in recent times. Which would you recommend, and is noise a problem now that area has a fair few more bars and go gos than a couple of years ago.
  3. Bell bus is a great service and for a few minutes longer than a taxi well worth it IMO, personally I NEVER take Taxi’s in LOS, nothing to do with being a cheap Charlie, had a near miss when a taxi spun out few years ago in the wet, spooked me big time plus near enough every driver I had used seemed to think it was a race against time to get to or from Swampy or Bangkok in often dodgy looking taxis (private cars) that are driven at high speed, so savings aside I use the Bell Bus as I feel safer.
  4. Thanks, that’s great info and will be using this service to get down to Pattaya on the upcoming trip. Does the Bus depart from the same area as the Bell bus on level 1 or is there a bus terminal I need to make my way too ?
  5. Has anyone used this service ?, I arrive early evening after the last Bell bus has departed but according to the Website this bus also runs until 10pm each day, looks like you cant pre book but any info appreciated. And before anyone says get a Taxi, nothing to do with being a cheap Charles!, there is no way im taking pot luck after being involved in taxi spinning out in the wet a few years ago I haven’t taken a taxi in the kingdom since, not hurt but frightened the shit out of me and spooked me. If I can’t get a bus then will overnight in Bangkok then get the bus from ekamai the following morning
  6. I’ve got in very late a few times (2am) and stayed at the Great Residence which is only a 10 minute ride from Swampy rather than get a taxi down to Pattaya, basic, safe, Quiet and clean and only 600 baht + free pick up, breakfast is 100 baht and return to the Airport the following morning is 150 baht were I get the Bell bus. Booked on agoda and never a problem, you will get offered “Company” by the bell boys but never taken them up on it, get in 2am, up at 9am, SSS, then breakfast and bus back to the airport to pick up the Bell bus. they have WiFi but i never bothered, just sleep, ate, then back to the Airport, there are a few bars/restaurants just down the road as well but cannot comment on what there like. Heres a link http://www.agoda.com/en-au/great-residence-suvarnabhumi-hotel/hotel/bangkok-th.html?type=1&site_id=1410012&url=http://www.agoda.com/en-au/great-residence-suvarnabhumi-hotel/hotel/bangkok-th.html&tag=f33afcdc-81ed-43b1-ae95-b3bd145cc739&adid=32786798384&network=g&adpos=1t1&expid=&rand=839366871634734915&device=c&gclid=CMX5hcPYi7gCFfBIpgodhxsAVQ&cklg=1
  7. Yes it was Acyclovir cream, all in all, the Zit started Thursday morning, i flew back home Sunday, went to the Doctor Monday, today is Wednesday and the Zit has all but gone, so i recon that’s defiantly what it was, doctor has referred me for a blood test just to be 100% sure, all in all feel pretty stupid but live and learn I suppose, when your told something like this it does make you stop and think that maybe the person particularly a pharmacist would know what they were talking about..
  8. Well I was into the last couple of days in LOS when I woke with a small pimple just under my lip, didn’t think anything of it but by evening it was noticeable when looking in a mirror, anyway was in Tim’s on second road having a good time and upon visiting the toilets again could see my little pimple, having had a cut from eating prawns when the shell nicked my thumb that looked like it was getting a minor infection as well I decided to pop next door to the pharmacy and get some antiseptic cream for that and thought I would put some on the pimple as well. Anyway I walk in the pharmacy and ask the guy for antiseptic cream and gestured to my thumb and lip, he looked at me shook his head and said “You have Herpes, maybe from pussy” im like WHAT THE FUCK, anyway he gives me some cream and as there is few other people in the store I leave, I then read the cream label and its for Genital Herpes, now I know a cold sore is a form of herpes but not the same as Genital or type 2 herpes, so im outside Tim’s thinking what the fuck is going on here, then I think maybe this guy sees a lot of herpes so he’s right my pussy eating has cost me, anyway I sit down at a bar and think about things and eventually come to terms with what ive been told, its not going to kill me but any relationship back home is now going to need an honest explanation that I have this virus in my system and its going to be there for life, then having to explain how I got it !, anyway I then think fuck it, you only live once and carry on enjoying myself although its still at the back of my mind, a few lovelies are getting keen for the BF and some action but I then think how can I BF knowing I may have this highly infectious disease and the last thing I want to do is pass it on to a farmer daughter from Issan, so I pass and end up sleeping alone. Next morning im up early on the PC reading about Herpes after a few hours I know quite a bit about it and particularly how easy it is to infect another person when you have an outbreak, so that’s that the last few days I will have to stay celibate. Anyway, get back home yesterday and straight off to the Doctor, explain everything to him, he then asks me a few questions all of which I say no too except the shagging and pussy eating, he then takes a close look and says “Thanks for telling me all about your exploits in Thailand it been a real eye opener but that pimple just under your lip looks to me to be what is commonly known as a ZIT and not a cold sore or type 2 herpes ”, I then get a lecture on the risks of Oral sex and in particular with hookers, fair enough I think, im very relieved but also very pissed at that idiot in the Pharmacy next to Tim’s, so if your in the area do me a favour and pop in and tell the older guy in the that he’s a CUNT. Maybe in hindsight I should have seeked further advice as the guy was fair distance from me when I gestured to my lip but I figured being in the middle of Pattaya and being old and wise he knew his stuff. Feel a bit of a fool but Be carful out there………………………..
  9. I’m curious as to how you get these vouchers, I often fly with Emirates but never heard about vouchers to the lounges the only time I have got entry is if im in Business class, reason I ask is im flying to Dubai from Sydney in Economy next week on EK 419 and will arrive at the Airport 4 hours before the flight, sadly I cant get a few days in LOS en route which is a real downer and will feel like torture when we arrive at Swampy for a 2 hour lay over, but a couple of hours in the lounge at Sydney would be much better than killing time wandering about the Airport or waiting at the gate, so tell me fellas How did you get them ?.
  10. Been looking at staying here my next trip, reviews are a couple of years old so has anyone stayed here recently ?.
  11. I agree with Big D, each to there own but IMO, the food is good, will also say also the service is good as well, friendly staff, great setting, relaxed atmosphere, overall one of the best places to chill out in Pattaya.
  12. The hats and hairs nets do there jobs but the face mask in many restaurants is a bit of a gimmick, looks the business but unless its changed every hour or so its actually a hazard, less than 60 mins of breathing through one and if you do have an infection then guess were its concentrated ?, just touch it and millions of bacteria get transferred to your hand as well, so unless they are changed regularly its a waste of time, my guess is they get one at the start of there shift and it’s the same one when they have finished in between its maybe been taken off and put back on a few times during breaks or popping out for a smoke or going to the toilet.
  13. You cant beat Crazy Dave’s for price, its cheap and cheerful, on that I agree but on Quality ?. You get what you pay for, personaly i would rather pay another 50 odd Baht for a decent breakie
  14. The big Japanese place, Fuji ?, is very good and good value IMO, super fresh and good quality, its opposite MK.
  15. Well I stayed for 5 nights, booked online and got a room above the dolphin pool which was ok although a bit worn and dated and only a small window so pretty dark, noisy air conditioning but very little noise from the surrounding sois, TV was very old and picture quality pretty bad, but hey I wasn’t there to watch TV !, bathroom was old but clean and water pressure ok, no wifi in rooms which was a big negative for me but its free to use in the lobby area, pools are well maintained and good for an afternoon lazing around. Got breakfast included in the room rate, which is a buffet spread, food was ok and they have a chef who cooks your eggs to order and she got my omelette spot on each morning, the staff as well i found very friendly and helpfull. Overall its ok, would say there is better around should you want to look but for 1200 Baht at the beginning of high season its not bad value, tried to upgrade my room but nothing else available, maybe the 1500+ baht rooms are better, high season it looks like the cheapest rooms were 1000 but for better rooms anything up to 2500. Location is good, far enough away from the madness but easy to reach as well and the bars at the top of soi 2 have some very nice girls and a few good cover bands.
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