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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. If you find a decent place then you should stick to it. Most 'western' places don't even make it to a 5/10 so if you find one you should frequent it.
  2. Shite,shite shite. You wouldn't have British ancestry by any chance? Am I being too vague here?
  3. Been a number of times with friends and we tried a few items from the menu. The burger is bad and now we stick to the pizza and nothing else.
  4. Porkies come to mind. I'm sure most love their 30 k car that they could've gotten for 25 grand. Then again, does someone willingly admit that they got snookered?
  5. Half decent food and rooms that were very tired. Maybe he can fix the later by moving to the dark side.
  6. Curious if they are precooked like some of the NA co's do for their specials.
  7. Was there last night late and the place was busier than normal. Didn't partake in the free grub as it's not my thing and they didn't seem to have much left anyway. Seems to bring in customers. Probably profitable even with a bar full of draft nursers.
  8. Butter on Melba Toast would be equally satisfying gastronomically speaking
  9. I'd give this place a pass myself for the pizza anyway. Tonnes of other better pizza joints close by including the Brooklyn Diner and one just 60 meters further south on Buakhao. There is another joint on 'soi Boomerang' that was recommended by the owner of the Boomerang but we haven't tried that one yet.
  10. I was afraid to rent bikes on my first trips due to reading forums and posts about Thai drivers and fallang deaths. I now rent every trip tho I do have 30 years of exp riding bikes. The Thais are wacko and the cops relentless tho.
  11. Went in there yesterday and the duck was very, very nice. On par with MK or maybe a bit better. A couple of the staff were gems but the rest were in need of an ass kicking. We had duck, shrimp, rice, seafood noodles, 'leatherback' (?) fish cakes and 2 cokes and it came to 850 including tip and aircon. Will deffo go back but we wont do the fish cakes again as they had the consistency of a tough, wet sponge tho quite tasty, They were crying out for a breading and deep frying imo. Just an aside. There is no way they have 1100 items. Page one goes from number 101 to ~135. Page 2 goes from 201 to
  12. If I was in the market I would only consider Rutnin. Not to knock the others but there can only be one number one.
  13. Rained a fair bit (by the sound of it anyway) in Ban Chang last night. Midnight or so sounds about right.
  14. Never even heard of this place (doesn't mean much I must admit). Of all the places I've tried I'd only really recommend the Beefeater. I used to give thumbs up to the Golf Club for steak but they didn't produce the last few times I was there. For one, I think they need a hotter grill than what that small bbq can produce.
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