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  1. From a comfort perspective, I prefer the 777. In economy(what I use), the 380 has narrower aisles. Plus on the 380 first floor, there is a noticeable space between most window seats and the bulkhead - which makes it next to impossible to lean against it with a pillow. Once you get past those differences they are largely the same. However, comfort is more dependent on the airline that outfitted the plane vs the plane itself. With one major difference - the A380 carries a lot more passengers(about 500 on CZ vs 320-350 for the 777). That impacts deplaning and immigration. Economy
  2. OK so now that I have taken the trip, I figured I would do a quick review of my experience and China Southern (CZ). Most importantly, all four flights (LAX-CAN, CAN-BKK, BKK-CAN, CAN-LAX) were on time or even departed a bit early. This was a pleasant surprise as when I spot checked the flights before I left, the CAN-LAX leg was always running late in August. Perhaps the jet stream lined up better with the flight path better, as we got in to LAX 40 minutes early. Having on time flights is the number one pro that I could ask for. All airlines have late flights, however I was fortunate
  3. I got LAX -BKK for $568 on China Southern and did a separate thread on it. They fly a A380 out of LAX and has a short 2-3 hr layover in CAN. It has an 11 am arrival, which is great for me. It will be my first time in a A380, so I look forward to it. We will see how it all goes. But at the end of the day it is getting me to Pattaya at a decent price. I did Air China last year at about the same time. While the flights were on time, the layovers were too long (5 & 8 hrs), but the price was great at $447(but you can't get that this year). Zeus
  4. Some things are already happening (for better or worse): Chinese carriers are undercutting the main US carriers (and probably affecting others - ie Thai etc). The decreased flights from Delta mentioned above are a prime casualty. Low cost international flights to west coast US cities from China carriers (Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, China Air, etc) offer fares that US carriers can't compete with and maintain profit margins. There are several reasons for this, but China is winning. I am a prime example of an affected consumer. I flew LAX-BKK on US carriers (typically De
  5. Sad to see it go. It was always a great place for a basic breakfast w/coffee at a low price. I guess they did not make enough baht. I'll have to find a new go-to place. An excuse for trying some more places! Zeus
  6. This will be my first time on China Southern. I really like the schedule (and price). Last year I flew Air China around the same time in September - Better price($447) then, but with huge layovers(8.5hrs & 5.5hrs). This China Southern trip has connection times of 3 hrs outbound and 2 hrs return. Just about right for an international flight. Air China had bad reviews but I had a pretty good experience on my trip last year (except for the expected layovers). My post & review from that trip: http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/topic/66246-lax-bkk-with-ca-447-all-in/ D
  7. I got a great deal on a LAX - BKK flight on China Southern for September flights. US $568 RT. I love the morning arrival time too. It gives me a chance to rest a bit before heading out in the evening. I think there are competititve fares on Air China, but the connection times are not as good. Grab them while you can if you are thinking of traveling in that time frame. Zeus
  8. Just a followup to this post. I flew my inbound legs of this flight and there were no real issues. Both flights were on time, leaving almost exactly when they should have. Now this really surprised me as most of my pre flight research showed that the departure times at Beijing showed that Air china averaged being 30-40 minutes late. I believe they record the actual takeoff time at Beijing rather than the departure time(gate push back). That being said the gate push back was 5 minutes early, There was a decent wait for the takeoff (20 min), which might explain the delays that show u
  9. I've reserved my airport pickup for my September visit. I'll let everyone know how it goes. Looking forward to my first trip back in 2 years.
  10. Yeah that eight hour layover is going to be a bitch. They had an inbound with only 4.5 hr delay, but it got in at midnight. This option has me leaving at midnight,but getting in at 6:30pm. I'll put up with an extra 4 hrs in a layover to get in at a better time (and sooner too!). That really salvages one night in Pattaya. A man has got to have priorities..... BigD was right too.... My fare is now pricing at $100 more after only a few days, so it was an act fast kind of deal. There still are other days/itineraries at $471, which is only a small increase. I'm glad I pulled the tri
  11. Ran across this fare looking for a Sept flight to Thailand.... Air China $447 LAX -BKK. If you search Expedia it comes up as $477 but going directly to their website gets you the $447. The actual fare is only $120, the rest is taxes etc. I haven't seen fares this low since the SARS scare, and they were about the same then. In part this made my decision to return to the LOS much easier. In any case I am in and ready to go in September. The countdown begins..... I know... You get what you pay for and CA has mixed reviews(I read the thread by ballbag on China air - I think
  12. I used the free wiFi at Narita. works good. I could check all email, forums, etc. I had 3 hours to burn so it helped spend the time.
  13. Prices dropped for some of the USA flights too. Delta LAX-BKK RT $789, LAS -BKK $854 for OCt - Nov mid week flights. Both are normally in the $1300 range. I am sure other cities are seeing reductions as well. I snagged a flight for late November. I can't wait!
  14. Good site. I bookmarked it as well. Now they just need one that focuses on a local area (like Pattaya or Jomtien)
  15. Thanks Whitney. It is always great to get up to date info from first hand experience. If you don't mind I have a few questions: 1) How were the BKK immigration lines at that arrival time (10:50am). Long wait or did it go smoothly? 2) How was the food that you did get? I don't have high expectations, but would be interested in your impressions. Sounds like a good flight to carry some of your own munchies on. 3) It was good to hear about the "no hassle" transfer in CAN for USA passport holders. Do you have any other impressions about the CAN airport? Cleanliness, restrooms,
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