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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. This point comes up from time to time. Nam has a pool of two or three dozen lady drivers that she feels confident about. But there are times when it is impossible to find one, especially if bookings are heavy (One day recently, over 40 bookings) and/or it coincides with one of the festivals that all women want to be with family, Songkran, Mothers day, Loy Kratong or New Year. She will only use a male driver in last resort, and usually give the customer the choice, "either a male driver or I simply cannot help you, because no lady driver, you need to try somewhere else" Difficult, but most customer prefer that choice rather then no driver...
  2. I suggest indeed this maybe more appropriate to start a new thread.
  3. Sorry, I have been offline for a while. In answer to your question, Nam has absorbed the toll increase herself, the drivers margin stays the same.
  4. Women have a tendency to suddenly change their minds. This is one such occasion. Before the recent price increase, triggered by the increase in Tollway fees, Nam had been pondering about whether or not to do this. So now, after having instructed me to post the increases here and on another board, plus having asked our other advisor, who does the website, to post the new prices there as well, she decided to change her mind. She came to the conclusion that she was going to absorb the 45 baht increase herself, and revert back to the old price, e.g. 1200 bt for an airport pick up or drop off, 1500 for pick up or drop off at the most common Bangkok place, Sukhumvit area. So sorry to have taken your time with my previous announcement, ignore the previous price increase, everything reverts to the same prices as last year....
  5. I passed on your suggestion to Nam. Keep in mind, not all headrests are removable. My solution for this, sit in the front passenger seat, I usually do...
  6. Nam informed me this morning that as of now, she has increased most of her priced with 50 baht, to compensate for the 45 baht increase in Tollway fees. After ample discussion with her drivers, who were not keen to lose their income, she decided this was the best way to go. Apologies to anyone inconvenienced. Any rides booked before today should still be at arranged price.... And many thanks for the positive feedback on her service over the past few months. After starting from scratch 3 1/2 years ago, she has built up a regular business with mostly very positive feedback from her customers, and partly thanks to discerning people like our BMs here. She now employs a full time admin assistant called Chanya, to ensure she is covered 24 hours a day, without Nam losing sleep... Having mentioned mostly positive feedback, nobody is perfect, and no service anywhere will ever continue to function without the occasional human error. But Nam's Taxis wants to limit any mistakes and lapse of service to the absolute minimum, and also welcomes any feedback that may not be so good, in order to help her improve her service. Her drivers, in turn, are well aware of her explicit request for feedback from customers, which may help them keep on their toes.... So if you have any complaints, or suggestions on how to improve, you are welcome to post them her, or PM me, or write to Nam direct by email to namnamthailand@gmail.com
  7. Thanks for all that. I had a short window of opportunity and didnt want to chase around being shown closed doors. So I went to my trusted old favourite MP in Jomtien, and to my delight found my favourite girl there, who disappeared three months ago, was back> Great fun fantastic performance...
  8. Bars open? Specifically, is Telephone bar open? Otherwise, i suppose MP will beopen?
  9. Announcement by Nam’s Taxi: “Nam’s Taxi goes on Holiday” From April 14 until and including April 20, Nam will not be providing any taxi services in Pattaya or elsewhere. The past few years have shown to Nam very few drivers are willing to stay in Pattaya to drive, and the roads are so congested that an airport run can easily take four hours. Songkran is very much a family holiday event, and she wants to give her drivers an opportunity to spend time with their children and family. So Nam has decided to take a week off, her first holiday in over two years, and Nam herself is considering going to a cooler place. in order to keep the service running after the 20th, she will be responding to emails in that period, but is asking anyone who has booked their flight tickets well in advance, to also try and book their taxi well in advance, so she can minimise her online time during her holidays. Normal service resuming as of April 21….
  10. Another Public Service Announcement: The Utapao Airport Authority has announced that no private taxis can be used to pick up passengers or drop off passengers from Utapao airport, those that do will be charged 500 baht. Since most of Nam's drivers fall into that category, she will not be taking any requests anymore for service to and from Utapao. Those who want to go to Utapao are advised to ask their hotel to order a official taxi. Those arriving at Utapao are going to have to take an airport taxi there. Expect higher prices.
  11. Getting this thread back on track: I haven't posted for a few months, since Nam's Taxi has taken a life of its own and is now well established, and growing steadily. However..... I just got the following message from Nam, with a request to pass it on to all BM: As of now, until and including January 5, she will not be able to take anymore bookings. Many of her drivers take off a few days for New Year back in their village with family. All current bookings for these days will be honored, but no new bookings accepted. Anyone who who wants a booking for January 6 onwards is welcome to contact her, most of her drivers will be back on deck by then. When you are trying to contact her between tomorrow and January 2, for bookings from January 6 onwards, you may not get immediate reply as usual, but may have to wait a day or so, since she will also be in her village.. And she asked me to wish you all a wonderful New Year!
  12. As noted above, Nam's Taxi for me. http://www.namstaxipattaya.com They use only Lady Drivers, who tend to drive a bit slower then Mr T's cowboys, and usually are a bit friendlier , too. They have instructions to fill up before pick up, avoiding the Queue at the gas station. I have personally used her service many times now, and she has now a reputation for efficient booking, safe and friendly drivers, and being reliable. For the OP, who asked for recommendations for something a but more VIP then the rock bottom options, I think the extra 200 bt she charges on top of the MrT price from Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya is well worth it.
  13. Well, you were responsing to thread of a year and a half ago, and the OP was asking about "Utapao to Patts", not vice versa. In that time a lot has changed, Air Asia is now flying numerous flights into Utapao, and the passengers numbers have skyrocketed. I posted earlier that Nam's Taxi - Lady Drivers Services Utapao, i can now give you their regular price, 800 baht. http://www.namstaxipattaya.com They are now doing this trip several times each day, it has become very popular, not only because it is a bit closer to Pattaya then Suvarnabhumi, but also because the time between arrival and getting to the arrival hall is much shorter then in the big airport. The total time between touchdown and hotel can sometimes be half the time it takes from Suvarnabhumi. As for doing it by combination of Motocy driver and mini bus service, yes, possible, if you're adventurous. Good luck!
  14. Thank you for noting that. I replied to this on Nam's Taxi thread. The guy is a liar. I read the entire conversation on email between them, he consistently tried to screw her on price, refusing her "Fixed price policy" She has taken the position that car costs , e.g. the fixed cost of owning a car plus the cost per mile driven, are fixed. She also believes that she and her drivers deserve to earn a reasonable compensation for there time and effort. So she believes her fixed prices are fair. Anyone who doesn't like them is free to look elsewhere. Most people seem to accept that. Some jerks get hung up by their ego, and get pissed off when they don't get their way.
  15. This new BM is someone who deliberately joined this forum with the sole purpose of slagging off. I have read the entire correspondence between this poster and Nam. The real story is quite different. Nam doesn't want to negotiate on price. Her prices are fixed. But since her service became known on Trip Advisor, and since Air Asia started to fly increased flights to Utapao, she has been having a huge increase in bookings from Utapao, the large majority Asian customers from Malaysia and Singapore. She found that, unlike most of her traditional customers, e.g. Farang men like us mongerers, many of her Asian customers try hard to negotiate her price down, and some refuse to accept her unwillingness to do so. The poster here is one , who, on her quoting a price for a certain service, certain car, would come back saying he accepted the quote, but insert a higher class car, lower price, or longer hours then quoted by Nam to start off with. He did this numerous times. This to and fro email takes a lot of time, on sometimes low profit margin. Nam spends most of her waking hours online dealing with bookings nowadays, and such petty behaviour can be very annoying. The first item he talks about was originally a booking for a bigger car, which he accepted but then tried to screw her by inserting the same price for longer hours then her original quote. Then his group doing the halfday trip ended up being smaller so he wanted a smaller car and her to drop her price again, but still at longer hours then originally quoted for. In the end, she spat the dummy, told him she was sick and he could ask his hotel reception to get him a car. This man is a liar, and his 'bad' service in the end was a straight result of him trying to consistently trying to screw her on price. He posted the same thing on Trip Advisor. If the Mods want to verify this story, I am happy to give them access to the entire email exchange, but be prepared, there is a lot to read. I have increasingly advised her to simply say "If you want better price, feel free to find cheaper taxi" She is starting to do that. Guys, bottom line is "Her prices are fixed. If you don't like that, feel free to find another provider...."
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