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  1. Hi Tom, I stayed when it was still Diana Inn, it was good in those days, no issues. However, ate downstairs recently (as you say, now known as 'Boss Suites') and the restaurant manager (chubby Thai guy about mid-forties) blatantly tried to overcharge a couple of hundred baht on the foodbill. He didn't even apologise when I caught him out, just grudgingly handed over the money.
  2. Thanks for all the good advice guys, this site definitely has the most experienced and knowledgeable mongers I'm staying in the Cottage North Pattaya, my favourite haunt when in Patts. I don't think they do a taxi service, but I'll try them. If not, it looks like 'The Limo' link is my best bet.
  3. Thanks guys. Hey Short, do you have contact details for the shared minibus? Cheers, HM
  4. Hello guys, hope you are all doing great. I'm flying up from Phuket (Bangkok Airways) to Utapao Airport, arriving 16:45 Sunday 26th April. I understand that airport is a good 50 mins or so from Patts? What's my best bet for getting to Patts from there - meter taxi, minibus, pre-booked pick-up etc? If the latter, can anyone recommends a good service (with phone number)? Cheers, HM
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