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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. 2013 RideHer Cup: Europe vs USA. Pattaya 6 & 8 November The 12th Solar Golf RideHer Cup competition will take place at St. Andrews 2000 (4 ball and Scramble) on Wednesday 6th November and Burapha Golf Club (singles) on Friday 8th November. This historic event sees USA with 6 victories to Europe 4 with 1 draw. Europe really need to catch up this year. We are delighted to announce that Secrets are the 2013 event sponsor and will host the party on Friday 8th November. I would like to say a big personal thank you to FLB Bar and, in particular, Martin and Moulie for hosting and sponsoring t
  2. Aussielongboat Can you confirm that you are definitely playing in the Misty's Open on Monday next? We can meet you at the corner of Soi 13 and Second Road around 09.00. Doggie
  3. I will sign you up Braveheart. Are you coming to FLB on Sunday evening? Doggie
  4. Hi Aussie We will be using mini vans to collect people so we should be able to pick you up at the corner of 2nd Road and Soi 13. Please come and see me at FLB on Sunday 4th November and I will get you on the transport list.
  5. Bangkok Golf Tour – 14th to 16th November 2012 3 top class courses – Riverdale, Vintage and Lamlukka 2 nights 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit - single rooms 14,700 baht per player Programme Wed. 14th November Depart Pattaya 0900. Play Vintage Golf Club. Cart optional. Overnight at Royal President Hotel, Bangkok Thurs. 15th November Play Riverdale. Cart included. Overnight at Royal President Hotel. Fri. 16th November Play Lamlukka. Cart optional. Return to Pattaya early evening The Courses Riverdale is rated one of Asia’s best new courses designed by John Morrow of Red Mounta
  6. The 2012 Misty's Open Golf Tournament will take place at Eastern Star Golf Course on Monday 12th November 2012. This is an individual Stableford competition for the Misty's Trophy - open to all golfers with a maximum entry of 36 players. Scoring will use the 36 system to calculate individual handicaps. Tee off is at 10.30 am - transport will leave Pattaya at 09.00 and return after golf. The entry fee of 2,600 baht includes: Green Fee Caddy Fee Cart share Polo shirt by Diablo Winners trophy and prizes Party with buffet at Misty's a GoGo Transport from Pattaya costs 300 baht
  7. 2012 Solar Golf Ryder Cup Cup: Europe vs. USA. Pattaya 7 & 9 November It will not have escaped your attention that there is a minor tournament taking place in USA this weekend. Your time may be spent riveted to the second greatest team golf event but then your thoughts will turn to the real thing – the 2012 Solar Ryder Cup scheduled to take place in Pattaya on 7th and 9th November! You may have already registered or maybe you are still thinking of entering so here are the details. The 11th Solar Golf Ryder Cup competition will take place at St. Andrews 2000 (4 ball and Scramble) on We
  8. Interesting question. We would probably have allocated you to the USA team on the basis of them being a closer neighbour than Europe. Looking forward to your arrival Chris. I assume you will play in the RideHer Cup and the Misty's Open? Same shirt size as last year? Doggie
  9. Brian. You informed me at Phoenix golf club last year that you did not consider our organisation of golf events met your exacting standards and that you had no intention of entering any further events. That effectively means that I have decided to count you out.
  10. The dates for the RideHer Cup are on a new post in this section. Misty's Open will take place on Monday 12 November.
  11. IMPORTANT NEWS! The 11th Solar Golf RideHer Cup competition will take place at St. Andrews 2000 (4 ball and Scramble) on Wednesday 7th November and Burapha Golf Club (singles) on Friday 9th November. We are delighted to announce that a party will take place at Burapha Golf Club right after the golf on Friday with a pig roast and poolside buffet. We had such a great time after the final round in 2011 that it seems a shame to lose the party atmosphere by moving on to a restaurant. We will lay on a barrel of beer and lots of food around 1700 when everyone has showered and changed. The t
  12. Sorry for the delay in replying Carling. I have just agreed the dates and rates with the golf courses so my full post is imminent. Doggie
  13. That's a cracker! Reminds me of many years ago when I was in the mobile comms business. One of my sales guys had a dispute with a customer after we lost a load of our antenna sites during a big storm. The customer was claiming for loss of earnings due to a lack of radio coverage. I told the sales guy to refer him to the contract section entitled Force Majeure. Then I listed to him calling the customer back. "It's not our fault mate. It's all down to Forbes Macguire!". Result - one very baffled customer and end of dispute!
  14. I've started putting 20 baht aside each day to save up for your arrival Dunghie. Good memories of Heaven a number of years ago. I'll never forget when "know it all" Brian was in the room for over 2 hours. Turns out he fell asleep while the tart was running the bath and she couldn't be arsed to wake him up. She watched the Thai soapy from beginning to end while he was knocking the z's out!
  15. November 2011 Pattaya golf festival Welcome to Pattaya for the Solar Golf November Golf Festival. This annual festival draws golfers from throughout the world to share a unique golf and party experience in paradise. Many of the players return year after year and others are very welcome to join us for the first time. Here’s what’s happening during this 2 week festival. Many golfers have already signed up for the events. You can register for the events by sending us an email, visiting our offices at Tara Court on Pratamnak Hill or at the registration evenings on 30th October and 1st November
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