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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I talked to my regular caddie at Green Valley that she used to get 200Baht when caddie fee was 250 baht and now when it was raised to 300 baht she´ll get 250 baht. Tipping is a separate issue. Normally the caddies get 80% of the caddie fee.
  2. King Cobra L5V driver played only 50 rounds. Loft 11,5 degrees Shaft Regular, Misubishi Diamana 45 Club head can adjusted to 1 degree closed. Mint condition New 15.000 Baht I will sell for 4.000 Baht
  3. Well, I´ve got it. Two years ago I was diagnosted having a larynx cancer which turned out to be caused by HPV virus. Radiation was the treatment and it seemed to be ok for a year and half. Last June it had recurred. I went through a large operation where parts of my larynx were removed. It has been very painful healing process that still goes on.My voice has gone and I only can whisper. Swallowing is very difficult since the food and drink tend to go into the windpipe. I don´t wish anybody else to have to experience what I´ve been through so guys be careful out there.
  4. I´m sorry to hear you found a real asshole from my country. I just hope the old Finnish saying will become true in his case. They saying is "What you leave behind yourself, you´ll find in front of you"
  5. Gongratulatios USA. You played well and deserved your victory. Again here we see the true nucleus of the matchplay. "Every shot will make somebody happy"
  6. Ouch, that looks nasty. I hope you´ll be ok by the time you get to LOS.
  7. Eurofighter. The 9- hole,par 3 course by the Asia Hotel is still there. However the driving range mentioned is not there anymore. There is one on 3rd road close to Pattaya Nua. Same place where the Pattaya Sports Club is situated. There you could get a membership card that will give you good discounts on golf courses.
  8. I read your posts on this and Secrets forum. In my mind you were ill treated. However if you spent there 4 hours and had only 4 beers, the sum of 3.000 bahts seems pretty high for me. Even if as you told, you bought a lot of lady drinks and were very generous in tipping. Somehow it doesn´t match.
  9. Sometime ago I was at one of the golfshops selling copies. They showed me one Callaway set and told there is no warranty. Then another set had warranty of 3 months. When asking why is this, they told me" different factory" So I´m not sure that all originals and copies come from the same factory.
  10. Don´t take it to Kodak shop on the 2nd road near Pattaya Klang. It´s a rip off place.
  11. Count me in too. Somebody have to be from the continent. Boardname: Softrabbit Team: Europe Hcp: 20 (IPGC) Size: XL Good to see you again.
  12. Brian, As far as I know all the bars start early. However there is a boardmember "bob4you", who organises golf days. I don´t know his schedule, but maybe worth checking it out.
  13. Sanukcanuck, I had the similar problem about a month ago. I found that SB furniture had good quality of products. It´s located from the corner of Sukumvit and Pattaya Klang about 300 m towards BKK on the other side of of Sukumvit. Expect to get there discount at least 20%. There is also a shop near Homeworks and Big C. Very pricy but good quality. I think the name is something like XXXforum. Close to SB furniture is a good shop for TV:s and stereos. I bought a Philips 42" Lcd and there price was 10.000 Baht cheaper than the other shops I looked. If you pay in cash you will g
  14. Doggie, You probably have already listed me but just in case. Softrabbit Europe 21 XL
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