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  1. i Was confused witch which to use my self.but i new all the smart people would not be
  2. Can anybody tell me witch of the sutus courts is the newer or the best?
  3. Has anybody stayed here? I know ii can look up reviews on agpda and trip advisor , but i would appricat some first hand info . Is it guest friendly etc
  4. Has anybody used www.sawadee.com to book hotels? Any information would be usefull ,as it seems to have very good prices ,
  5. Has anybody stayed here? I`ve looked it up on trip advisor , agoda etc , but i would like some first hand exprience .Much appricated.
  6. Has anybody stayed here recently ? The last review I can find is from 2013. Is it guest friendly etc? Cheers Carling
  7. this might give a better link
  8. https://www.facebook...118661958297927
  9. Why would what part of the world ,a person ,came from be a reason to reply or not
  10. You cannot beat the bbq steak in the golf club on lk metro
  11. Has anybody stayed here lately , any info would be appreciated Thanks P.S I cannot access the reviews
  12. Are ther any dates set for the Rider Cup and the Misty`s open yet?
  13. Stayed there in Nov . the pool is ready , have safety deposit box behind reception , you can rent a dvd at 50 bath a day , they now have a web site http://www.naturevie...com/index1.html no problem getting transport , as it`s on the main bus route ,there is a refrigerator in the room , with 2 free bottles of water
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