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  1. Pete: Are you closing the PBG?  

  2. You have really captured the essence of Pattaya by your pictures.
  3. Never stopped in numerous trips to Thailand. Going to Mexico, on the other hand, I get checked almost every time
  4. Kasinkorn Bank is where I have my account. No problem. I went to the office on Pattaya Klang just east of 2nd Road
  5. Not seeing any problem. Seems to work just fine for me
  6. Great report and some very interesting pictures. Thanks for the effort.
  7. Any pictures of cableczar's party????

    1. MM


      Didn't get them from the bar yet. I will post some tomorrow.

    2. Sanget


      Into the secure forum?

    3. MM


      They are in the Gallery under FLB Parties.

  8. Didn't mean to complain, Martin. I have had a little time now to see how to get about the site, and it is not all that much different. So keep up the good work, and 0nly 110 days till I return. (But who is counting???)
  9. Don't like, much more difficult to get to webcam and to find things, I felt like I had something wrong with my computer. Hopefully it will pick up some of the old features in it's next revision.
  10. I plan to be there for most of Feb and a part of March, but will be taking side trips to Koh Chang and Koh Samui
  11. I have set a safe in the room as a basic necessity for my selection of hotels. While for the most part they aren't particularly secure, not having one is like asking for someone to help themselves to your possessions. I personally try to keep a minimum in the room, in the safe and keep the balance of any monies in a Thai Bank account. It is better to have one, than not.
  12. Always happy to see Nong - Thanks LD100.
  13. I am interested in going to Koh Chang, and I have searched this forum and have not found any information. I am requesting any info any BM's may have on this island. I plan on going the middle of February and when I search for hotels, I find many, but limited information. Any help anyone would care to give me would be greatly appreciated
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