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  1. Just got a message on webcam chat from someone trying to join the forum but he's not getting his validation email. He just posted "just tried sending email to admin as requested on the forum page, it bounced back as no such address found.. admin@pattaytalk.com". His chat name is rockytsquirrel but he's off chat now so don't know what forum name he was trying to set up, hopefully the same. Glyn.
  2. Nice to see a recent post and recommendation for CG as I'll be staying there for the first time in March. Glyn.
  3. Good price. It will cost you that for a domestic flight with Bangkok Air from BKK to Koh Samui as they own the airport Glyn.
  4. Indeed, was like wiping your arse with grease-proof paper. Glyn.
  5. It's working fine for me, I have it set to Since My Last Visit and it's picked up posts from last night through today which is correct. Glyn.
  6. Why is the list incomplete? Glyn.
  7. All sorted, e-ticket received, my stopovers are 1' 40" (out) and 3' 10" return. Glyn.
  8. I booked and paid Jacko, I'm not that dull despite what some may think. Still haven't had my e-ticket though so chasing Travel Trolley to have it re-issued. I always pay for flights online with a credit card so I have full cover for a refund should things go wrong. I hope this will not be so but I've never used this company before. Anyone here have any experience of them? Glyn.
  9. Still waiting for my confirmation and e-ticket, fingers crossed. Glyn.
  10. Good price in my opinion. http://www.traveltrolley.co.uk/BookFlightSK.aspx?DestinationFrom=LHR&StartDate=11&StartMonth=1214&DestinationTo=BKK&DestTo=BKK&EndDate=04&EndMonth=0115&AdultCnt=1&Childcnt=0&InfantCnt=0&AirLineCode=&Cabin=Y&triptype=ROUNDTRIP&trkid=SK&DFLT=False&Fname=SK150293814162014&itmid=1&skyscanner_redirectid=GEDJzOmSEeOcOQBQVphxGQ&DFLT=false&request_id=GEDJzOmSEeOcOQBQVphxGQ Glyn.
  11. Link http://gulfnews.com/business/aviation/qatar-airways-to-fly-a380-on-london-heathrow-route-1.1325284
  12. I think the request was for the opposite, exporting them. Your answer tells the OP though that the emoticons are part of the forum, add ons if you like, so cannot be exported to be used as and where you wish, they need to be added to the site to be used there. Glyn.
  13. I see what you mean, maybe her neck is that shape due to all the fiddling she does. Glyn.
  14. I have eaten there many times usually taking FLB girls (some hostesses but usually service staff) for a meal after the bar closes. For the price you get very good seafood there, hope to go there again some day but with the closure of FLB my Walking Street days may be numbered. Glyn.
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