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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Some people might naively expect a bit of loyalty and appreciation from the Thai tourism authorities if they've been spending money in their country for years but the Thais don't seem to know the meaning of the words. All they know is that when they've pissed you off enough to make you no longer want to visit Thailand there will be ten Chinese coming to take your place. "We've had your money for twenty years Mr Falang, the airport is that way now sling your hook and don't come back."
  2. I was not talking about you nor your experiences. In the past I've hired M/Cs and neither was I ever pulled in. But as I said I was referring to my ex pat pal's current observations, he's a keep fit merchant and goes out for a two hour mid morning walk every day so he sees what's going on. I myself as well as many others have seen the plod pulling in as many vehicles as they could between Tut Com and the Friendship Supermarket and in other locations all over Pattaya and I don't go out in the daytime very much. These motorists were not giving them any reason either as far as I could see and this was long before the current hard times were upon us all. The Pattaya police are notorious for many forms of extortion. They're even reputed to be involved in the jet ski scams. I would not even think of telling you what happened to a friend's belongings in his condo when he passed away in Pattaya, that was really unbelievable.
  3. When they start fining people for not carrying their passport around that will be the day that I and without doubt many others will call it a day with the Land of Scams. The plod are no longer getting money from the bars so they've had to find other sources for their beer money. My expat pal tells me on the phone they're pulling in falang motorists and motor cyclists for any minor or supposed infringement and issuing on the spot fines. He's also heard of their colleagues doing the same thing in BKK. And with smokers who throw their fag ends on the ground or light up in places where PC Plod considers that they shouldn't do so. They pulled these stunts long before Covid arrived on the scene so it can't be fear mongering to mention that they're still doing it now that hard times have arrived. Perhaps the BiB are not concerned about driving away ex pats and long termers. The plod must know that the jet setters really are on their way.
  4. I've been a long termer for around 15 years using the retiree's Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (up to 90 days in Thailand at a time). I'd then go back to the UK for two or three months. Then last year before CV they stopped issuing these visas. My one has recently expired. Each year I'd spend 500,000 - 750,000 baht in their country in Pattaya. It would go on a my usual hotel, transport, and the usual expenses in bars and cafes and general shopping. That's finished for the foreseeable. A pal of mine used to come for 2 months at a time on 30 day tourist visas. He got told to get a proper visa. which was a bit of a jolt seeing as he was a long term regular like myself. He'd understandably expected a bit of appreciation for his loyalty. But he did as they told him through an agent for about 20,000 baht which gave him a retirement visa which he never got to use. But he can't come back now either. He'd spend about the same each year as me. My pal and I are typical visitors to Pattaya when it comes to the average falang's spending habits. It's obvious to anyone that they do not want long term visitors in Thailand any more so why are they offering these new 90 - 270 day visas all of a sudden. They can't be that daft that they think billionaires and members of the international jet set are clamouring to take our places nor they will be willing to charter planes and jump through all these hoops the TAT are setting in front of them. They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush so why are they dispensing with one group of established visitors who they KNOW splash the cash in the HOPE that another lot will turn up and take our place. There has to be an agenda and long term visitors and expats are not included in it. We'd better accept the fact that it might be a good idea to pack our bags and forget about Thailand being a retreat from the shit holes our countries have been turned into. They have a nationalist govt and offering a welcome to foreigners for indefinite periods of time is not a policy nationalism embraces. Few of us understand the mind set of nationalism as it's taboo in our countries. I remember visiting Franco's Spain, we from the democracies were allowed entry but that was it, we were hardly made welcome especially by the authorities. It's changed now but we're only tolerated because they need the money, it's a major part of their economy. But Spain never really attracted the super wealthy. In the same vein international jet setters are unlikely to come to the LOS in any numbers irrespective of CV19. We're about as good as it's ever gonna get for the Thai people in general especially the poorer folk of Isaan. Even with a nationalist government it does not make sense getting rid of a large proportion of the very foreigners who spend a considerable amount of money in a country. If they did not need us they would not have to be giving out free meals to their hungry citizens.
  5. I walked the whole length of Beach Rd looking for a suitable place to launch the ashes but found none. I'd have looked a bit weird gradually emptying a bag of ashes into the sea. I wanted to afford Bob a degree of respect and dignity by sprinkling his ashes on the water rather than just chucking the whole bag into the briny at one go. Especially as Beach Rd was busy at the time as was the beach itself. I finally reached Walking Street and thought I'd be able to give it a go from the PBG. My hunch paid off. I was lucky enough to find an empty bench at the far end overlooking the water with no other occupied seats nearby. I ordered a chicken fried rice and a drink, cut the corners off the package of ashes and waited for my meal to arrive. When I'd eaten it I had a good look round and seizing my chance leaned over the railings and poured the ashes from the bag into the sea and watched them disappear under the surface and into the deep. Having completed my task I returned to my hotel. I found it quite amazing that the two seemingly sensible members of the staff who I had known for years and were not youngsters were so superstitious that they genuinely believed in ghosts and that some falang's spirit could haunt their hotel. The next time I'm asked to do it I'll tell whoever asks me to book themselves a flight and do it themselves. I would not have thought twice about doing it in the UK but when they started on about ghosts, the police and the monkey house I was rather apprehensive and was on my guard throughout the whole performance. So now a few years later the PBG and the nearby beer bar complex has finally gone the same way as poor old Bob. There will be plenty more following them once this China Virus has finished with Pattaya.
  6. Thanks Bill. Once I've composed myself emotionally and regained my thoughts I'll get back to Bob's ashes and the Pattaya Beer Garden which was where Bob spent his last half hour on dry land. It's a good idea never to overlook the circumstances in which we met our Thai sweethearts nor the financial negotiations that took place at that time. Poor Bob was a romantic soul who in spite of the amount he had imbibed often permitted his female companion to try and take financial liberties with him. Unfortunately for his Thai floozie money flowed through Bob's hands like sand through a gardening fork. Several times after his death Bob's sister had to contend with phone calls from Scorpion Face calling from Korat asking if Bob had made any monetary provision for her. Needless to say he hadn't. If I remember rightly his sister had to fork out for his funeral.
  7. It will always hold a special place for me. And also for a late chum of mine. This is why. A few years back a pal of mine died in the UK. His sister knew that I was due to visit Pattaya and contacted me by phone with a rather strange request. She'd been to Pattaya and knew that Bob ( her deceased brother) who had lived in both Angeles City and Pattaya had a special sentimental affection for Pattata and in particular the hotel in which we both stayed. Over the years it had become literally a home from home. She asked if I would take his ashes to our hotel and sprinkle them in the flower beds around the hotel swimming pool where he had spent many an hour with his Thai lady friend. I agreed but on condition I had nothing to do with his fancy woman who was an obnoxious skinny little Thai hag with a face like a scorpion. That was OK with the sister as she neither had any time for the money grabbing little bitch. Upon arrival at the hotel I informed the receptionist and the manager what my intentions were thinking that they would be pleased that someone who had died six thousand miles away wished the last resting place for his ashes should be among the flowers and shrubs of their hotel gardens and around the swimming pool area. But how wrong I was. They hit the roof and said under no circumstances could I carry out my plans. Bob was an outsider and as such his ghost would forever haunt the hotel and put a curse upon the place and a load of other similar mumbo jumbo. When they then started on about the police and the monkey house I knew they weren't mucking about! This is the gospel truth. When they'd calmed down a bit and I'd recovered from the shock they advised me to take his ashes down to the beach and put them in the sea. But advised me not to let anyone see me doing it. I phoned Bob's sister in London with the bad news and she had little choice but to agree to the new arrangements. She said it was not too bad a development as the currents and tides might eventually take Bobs remains over the ocean to the shore lines of the PI where he had also spent many pleasant years before he'd got to Pattaya and where his fondness for strong drink had taken its inevitable toll on his kidneys. I took a baht bus up to Soi 1 and walked down to where it met Beach Rd by the Thai Airways office. I then started walking along towards South Pattaya carrying the ashes which had been packed in a grey paper parcel by the funeral parlour who'd handled his cremation back in London. He'd only been a little fellow but his burnt remains were surprisingly heavy so I'd placed them in a Big C plastic carrier bag for transportation purposes. This was before they'd started charging customers for their carrier bags. I made my way along the promenade looking for a suitable opportunity and section of the beach where I could deposit my old pal's ashes away from prying eyes and thereby avoid detection by other Thai people who might also be scared of ghosts. I'll finish this later and you'll see how the PBG fits into the story.
  8. If the girl was really attractive she could have been getting 4 - 5000 baht a night LT or maybe 2 - 3000 ST while the bouncer might be getting 4 - 500 a night if he was lucky. So between them they'd be getting a really good income for a Thai couple and one which would more than pay for the payments on the boy's motorbike and whatever else they desired. If the boy might get a bit jealous now and again she'd placate him by only doing STs and telling the punters she had to meet her mother at the bus station or give her pal the key to their room etc. We had a pal who'd been besotted with a girl in Pattaya and stayed with her in a swanky hotel room he rented only to discover that she was married to a Thai man and had two children with him. This Thai fellow did not care what she got up to as long as the money kept flowing in. It can be a bit of a shock to a hear a Thai man who has approached you with his hand out say the words "Lady you, wife me!".
  9. These girls are prostitutes who go with us punters for money. It's their job, they're simply plying their trade. Those of us who are naive enough to get emotionally involved with one of them constantly need to be reminded of what that relationship depends on. Money. We'd hardly expect a prostitute in our own country to remain faithful when we are not around so it's rather naive to expect it to happen in Thailand even if we are stupid enough to send her money.
  10. I just watched Hotel Mumbai. It was very grim and realistic A bunch of well armed Pakistani Muslims enter the swankiest hotel in India and start murdering everyone in sight. The reviews are interesting. There are many positive reviews but also MANY negative ones of 1/10. (One out of ten). The terrorists are portrayed as bloodthirsty trigger happy cutthroats so you can imagine who all the negative votes came from. The Hindu and Sikh hotel staff who could have escaped when they had the chance didn't and chose instead to remain and do what they could to protect to guests. Many of these valiant staff were mowed down along with the guests they'd tried to save. I'd give in 9/10 myself, I thought it was brilliant and a hell of a lot better than I'd expected an Indian film to be. It pulls no punches and is two hours of drama tension and violence.
  11. "Emirates’ flights to London Heathrow will be reduced to two flights a day." From where?
  12. It might do the bar owners a favour. I know several punters who will not come to Pattaya during Songkran. I also know long termers and ex pats who stay in or get out of town and go somewhere else from 13 - 20 April.
  13. Pity they don't do something really useful like bringing back the Multiple Entry O visa based on retirement. Several falangs I know including myself used to get this visa especially if we wanted to spend our winters in a warmer climate and have a couple of other trips during the same year. Such visitors are also usually spenders whose money will be missed by the hotels and bars where they spend that money. They now have little alternative but to go elsewhere. Possibly it might be doing some of us a favour. They say some folk don't like change, but it can sometimes be a good thing. Some years back a pal of mine who was a long time regular in Pattaya started going to Gambia. To date he has never been back to Pattaya and if the exchange rate has anything to do with it he never will.
  14. Blimey, try living in London. I've got a smart phone but I don't even leave home with it. I've got a 12 year old Nokia C2 that I put the Sim card in when I go out. I don't even leave that on the table if I'm in a pub and go up to the bar or out to the khazi. It's now quite common for rascals to ride along on mopeds in busy thoroughfares and snatch them out of your hand, they'll even ride up on the pavement. And they're the number two target of choice for muggers after cash, handbags and wallets. But I do sometimes help myself to HP sauce or ketchup in my local Wetherspoons.
  15. When I went to the London Embassy for mine they did not check the validity any of my documents. They just took them at face value and gave them back to me. I had written proof of a pension, a bank account statement, the completed application form, the money and my passport. It was easy. But who knows now, that's why I suggested Thai Visa, they got some visa advisers on there. But it still sounds complicated. But I dunno what tricks they're going to pull now to make it more awkward for us. The don't seem to want us in Thailand any more, they prefer the big spending Indians, Chinese and Russians.
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