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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. "Emirates’ flights to London Heathrow will be reduced to two flights a day." From where?
  2. It might do the bar owners a favour. I know several punters who will not come to Pattaya during Songkran. I also know long termers and ex pats who stay in or get out of town and go somewhere else from 13 - 20 April.
  3. Pity they don't do something really useful like bringing back the Multiple Entry O visa based on retirement. Several falangs I know including myself used to get this visa especially if we wanted to spend our winters in a warmer climate and have a couple of other trips during the same year. Such visitors are also usually spenders whose money will be missed by the hotels and bars where they spend that money. They now have little alternative but to go elsewhere. Possibly it might be doing some of us a favour. They say some folk don't like change, but it can sometimes be a good thing. Some years back a pal of mine who was a long time regular in Pattaya started going to Gambia. To date he has never been back to Pattaya and if the exchange rate has anything to do with it he never will.
  4. Blimey, try living in London. I've got a smart phone but I don't even leave home with it. I've got a 12 year old Nokia C2 that I put the Sim card in when I go out. I don't even leave that on the table if I'm in a pub and go up to the bar or out to the khazi. It's now quite common for rascals to ride along on mopeds in busy thoroughfares and snatch them out of your hand, they'll even ride up on the pavement. And they're the number two target of choice for muggers after cash, handbags and wallets. But I do sometimes help myself to HP sauce or ketchup in my local Wetherspoons.
  5. When I went to the London Embassy for mine they did not check the validity any of my documents. They just took them at face value and gave them back to me. I had written proof of a pension, a bank account statement, the completed application form, the money and my passport. It was easy. But who knows now, that's why I suggested Thai Visa, they got some visa advisers on there. But it still sounds complicated. But I dunno what tricks they're going to pull now to make it more awkward for us. The don't seem to want us in Thailand any more, they prefer the big spending Indians, Chinese and Russians.
  6. It's getting so complicated these days you'll probably be better off trying Thai Visa Forum. I used to get a yearly ME O type TV based on retirement but they don't do them any more. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. But the way things are going I don't think I'll be spending as much time in Pattaya as I used to. Nor as much money. I believe you can get a SETV for 60 days on the internet and extend it for 30 days in Jomtien. You can maybe do that twice a year. But a friend of mine is a computer whizz kid and he could not manage it when he investigated the procedure. You need printers and scanners etc to do it, so it's not straight forward.
  7. yogi100


    Boris had to box clever in order to keep everyone happy to be sure of winning that election. And Boris is aware that the electorate are as easily led as are sheep. If the media says Trump is a rascal then many of those sheep will take it as gospel. But thankfully most of us have had a belly full of the liberal's cracked pottery and their celebrity supporters like Edie Izzard and Lily Allen and the rest of 'em with their weeping and wailing and are beginning to see the wood through the trees. There are liberals among the Conservatives not just among the Labourites and Lib Dems and any distance being kept from Trump was to placate them. But in the end it was Joe Bloggs who put Boris in Number Ten because Joe has refused at long last to be one of those sheep that till now were so easily manipulated by the likes of those hand wringing nancy boys at the BBC.
  8. yogi100


    That's the establishment press who are naturally rather liberal in the West. And many people take note of what the media say and it can and does dictate their opinions. I've got a couple of pals who dislike Trump because the BBC have brainwashed them into it. Like a lot of ex pats who live in the LOS and who also get told what to think by the BBC or Sky News. One of these pals is politically as thick as two planks and may not even know who our Prime Minister is let alone our Home Secretary and he certainly knows even less about Trump. But many every day people like Trump and wish we had a leader who put our own folk first. When London Mayor Khan sent up that Blimp taking the piss out of Trump only the lefties applauded it. If you read the comments sections in the on line papers it was Khan who got slagged off not Trump. But Joe Bloggs isn't given a voice. However he made his feelings heard in 2016 on Brexit and just recently in the general election when Trump gave Boris his blessing, even ex mining communities voted Tory and they got an overall majority of 80 seats. Let's hope he does not betray that trust.
  9. yogi100


    That's that bloody Trump fellow to blame for that. He can't do a thing right.
  10. He's one of those arse holes who'd say the NHS at least in London would collapse without immigrant staff in the hospitals while conveniently overlooking the fact that most of the patients these days are immigrants themselves. Or the offspring of immigrants. The number of fatal and non fatal stabbings in London is at an all time high and most of the offenders and victims are young people of immigrant stock. But still enough for London to be able to claim that it is the knife crime capital of Europe. That's some accolade for what used to be a city in which just a few decades ago any murder would be reported on the front page of all the national newspapers. And those London victims of stabbings and slashings with knives, machetes and swords all have to be treated in London's hospitals.
  11. But this bloke is a raving leftie who is that naive that he would simply refuse to believe that he, an Englishman would be expected to pay again for health treatment he's already paid for through his NHS contributions. It must have brought him down to earth with a considerable shock when he found out that the wonderful socialist paradise that the likes of himself had helped to create was not so wonderful after all when it came to his personal welfare. He's the sort of prick who'd open the door to all and sundry and let 'em use the NHS and everything else free of charge. You argue with him about it and all he can say is that you're a racist etc. He was even ranting one time about 10,000 Muslims marching through London protesting about the terrorist attacks which we all know is complete bollocks, they were probably protesting that there were not enough of them. He's likely a pal of Gawd Elpus AKA Mr Pastry or whatever he's calling himself these days on that new forum he's helping to moderate FFS. No one, least of all myself was going to mark his card about what to expect when he turned up to throw himself on the mercy of the NHS with his problem. But he has little money and rather than raise a rumpus they'll probably give him the treatment he should rightly receive without further ado. The NHS can't afford to receive any more bad publicity than they already get. I couldn't stand the bloke but was sympathetic to his plight. Some mutual friends who have kept in touch with him since he returned to the UK have been keeping me up to date with the developments.
  12. We know someone who has just gone back to the UK with kidney problems (he does not drink) and as soon as he told them he'd been living in Thailand they informed him that they would be expecting him to pay for his treatment. He was a London bus driver who had taken an early retirement package to come and live in Pattaya six years ago after having paid into the UK welfare system all his working life. He has no property, not much money and had only been in his company pension scheme for eleven years.
  13. An associated outfit TV Chaos UK is down as well. It's seems the copyright bods are on them in the same way they victimise those marvelous folk who risk their freedom by operating Pirate Bay.
  14. According to one of the staff it's said to be 800 baht inclusive of transport and your first drink is free.
  15. I had a chat with GM once outside the Butchers Arms. All went well till I told him my name, shook his hand and asked him his name. A strange look came over his face and he said that he was James Bond! He was definitely a bit weird. On reflection for someone to ride about on a push bike dressed up like a fairy god father in that heat they've got to have a screw or two loose. Few of us will never be a 30 year old guy in Pattaya with 20k baht in his pocket ever again Butch. I'd gladly settle for that even if it turned out that I also went home empty handed. But as you get older the nights you go home alone become the rule rather than the exception. The novelty eventually wears off and nor can you be bothered with the blue tablets nor the sachets of Kamagra..
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