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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. An associated outfit TV Chaos UK is down as well. It's seems the copyright bods are on them in the same way they victimise those marvelous folk who risk their freedom by operating Pirate Bay.
  2. According to one of the staff it's said to be 800 baht inclusive of transport and your first drink is free.
  3. I had a chat with GM once outside the Butchers Arms. All went well till I told him my name, shook his hand and asked him his name. A strange look came over his face and he said that he was James Bond! He was definitely a bit weird. On reflection for someone to ride about on a push bike dressed up like a fairy god father in that heat they've got to have a screw or two loose. Few of us will never be a 30 year old guy in Pattaya with 20k baht in his pocket ever again Butch. I'd gladly settle for that even if it turned out that I also went home empty handed. But as you get older the nights you go home alone become the rule rather than the exception. The novelty eventually wears off and nor can you be bothered with the blue tablets nor the sachets of Kamagra..
  4. Poison Bar! Just the name alone should get the punters flocking in. I think I'd give the free food a miss.
  5. It has bounced back. It's bounced back to what used to be a more realistic rate before the Asian economic crash. Back in 1984 I used to get 32 baht to the £. That's the sort of sober exchange rate us British punters used to get for years back in those days of doom and gloom under Margaret Thatcher. With our huge national debt and our 8.7 million people of working age being economically inactive (not actually contributing to our economy) what can we honestly expect. They're a heavy burden and a huge drain on the rest of us. Forget the official unemployment figures of 1.5 million our govt tries to tell us about. Then there's the hordes of immigrants who can't even speak English let alone get a job even if they wanted one. They're another milestone around our necks that we can well do without. There's millions of 'em to be seen on the streets of our towns and cities every day of the week. They're obviously not working.
  6. Lots of Anzacs fly to LHR via BKK not only with Thai but other airlines. The couple next to me were Poms flying back to the Mother Country from Oz to visit friends and relatives. They had not set foot in the LOS outside of the airport. You don't have to have holidayed in Thailand to travel through or from BKK Airport.
  7. I recently flew Sardine Class on a 380 with Thai BKK - LHR. Every seat was taken and you don't even get any salt and pepper with your meals. By the time you realise that you have to ask for some the trolley dolly is about six rows away. That flight must have made a profit. At £667 (26,000 B) it was not cheap either.
  8. Even though it's low season there are more empty rooms in my hotel than in past low seasons. Some of the blokes I've met over the years no longer come to Pattaya for their holidays and a few have said they'll be looking at alternatives in future with the usual mentions of Vietnam and Cambodia. I've actually had one girl voice her concerns about her future employment and Thai girls usually don't think any further forward than that evening. One of my regular visitor chums who likes a winter break from the UK says he will be going to Tenerife in November simply because of the cost of his trips to the LOS. He is quite happy to go without his customary bit of crumpet this year. It's no fun going on holiday and having to watch your pennies each time you go for a night out or just in a bar for a drink. They say a lot of Thai GNP does not come from tourism but mainly from exporting rice, chicken, rubber and manufacturing cars but few people can explain why the TB is so strong as these industries have always been prominent. It's not just the GBP that is suffering, all Western currencies are as well. They are gonna get a shock as fewer falangs arrive and there is no way that the Indians, Chinese and Arabs are going to take up the slack where the girls who work the bars and their families up in the sticks are concerned. I've been in some bars and it's a mystery how they're getting enough money in to pay their electricity bill let alone their rent and salaries.
  9. There was no Negro rap in 1965 and I've never been to Alabama, what made you think I had? This was in Paradise Agogo in LKM in Pattaya in mid June 2019 as I explained in the previous paragraph. If you're one of these people such as myself who find the use of the 'N' word offensive avoid at all costs Paradise Agogo because you'll be hearing it all night long. Address any grievances you may have to the manager or the DJ and demand that they play music that you find acceptable.
  10. I spoke with a girl in LKM about this matter last night. She was only to quick too agree with me about the effect of her government's clean up policies and the exchange rates were having on ordinary people like herself and all the other Isaan girls and their families. Her face contorted with anger at the mention of their leaders and she was very out spoken in her hatred of them. After LKM shuts up shop some of the girls normally head off to Insomnia to pick up punters but now that the police make it close at 4am there not much opportunity nor time in which to hook with a customer for the night. It's obvious that the new measures are already affecting the livelihoods of the Thais who work in Pattaya and if her anger is anything to go by then there must be a large percentage of Thai workers in all Thai resorts who are also furious with their politicians. So it's not just hurting us falangs it's also hurting the very people who depend solely upon us for their living. There's no job centres nor dole offices in the LOS and it's not our responsibility to part with money we often don't have to take up the slack. I used to be a soft touch when we were getting 50 - 70 baht to our GBP but I've become pretty ruthless in the last couple of years when it comes to buying LDs and I know quite a few other falangs who have as well. Many of 'em refuse to even go in GGBs let alone just buy any LDs. That much is obvious when you visit any of the GGBs in WS or LKM.
  11. Cheers Butch. Last night I again visited LKM where I observed the difference between a successful bar and what must be a failing one. The successful one was obviously Billabong where they play a range of popular Western music, a few popular Thai numbers and sell booze at very reasonable prices and have very little drink poncing. Most seats were taken and the place was heaving as it usually is most nights of the week even in low season. I later popped into Paradise Agogo a bar with a completely different set up. Admittedly a bit late in the evening at about 1.30am. There were three falangs in there, me, another punter with a girl in tow and the middle aged manager with the baseball cap on. As soon as my drink arrived I was joined by two vultures who sat either side of me and without even asking my name one of 'em asked me to buy 'em a drink each. I had to laugh with amazement at their nerve but refused the request telling them it was too peng (expensive) then the other one made the same request and that was also refused. It was hard to hear them or make myself heard as the DJ was playing a deafening racket that was loud even out in the street. This hullabaloo was negro rap with the usual constant references to n*ggers, motha fukkas, cocaine and cock suckas etc. Surely whoever owns it or runs the place must realise that the middle aged and elderly Western blokes who represent the majority of LKM's punters have no interest in listening to such filth and should in their own interest rectify the situation. It reminded me of Secrets and the clowns that ran it. I dunno what it was like earlier in the evening but if a sweep was held regarding which will be the next GGB in LKM to go tits up this is the one I'd put my money on. What a contrast to Billabong. You'd at least think the owner would get a new DJ or make the existing one play music people like listening to and at a reasonable volume. Or perhaps the DJ runs the place.
  12. In plain English what I said to myself before I scarpered was "Fuck you, you piss taking little poncing cunt, you'll get no more drinks out of me nor any tips". By consorting with little trollops like her you're only feeding your ego and being taken for a bigger mug than you actually are! To myself I said "You stupid old bastard, what are you doing buying drinks for this little bitch for when she obviously could not have any interest in you and you have no sexual interest in her" Stick to your old regular girls that are are still left working in Pattaya. But you still can't help missing the little hussies when you don't see 'em. That's why we keep coming back regardless of any exchange rate.
  13. 23.6.19. I did the LKM circuit tonight (Sunday) at 11pm. Area 51 had 2 punters then 1 then 2 then 1 again (me) then I left. Champagne had about 15 blokes in. The girl I bought a LD for told me all the girls 'hab day off". Such a huge bar looked empty. Billabong was buzzing but only half the seats were taken. Destiny had a big spending Aussie buying drinks all round but when he left pissed out of his head there were about four cautious punters left. I got told the girl who got knifed in The Office did not die. That cheered me up a bit. Similar set up in Sugar Sugar minus the drunken Aussie. Bars cannot survive with the amount of punters in them that I witnessed tonight. Only time over the next few months will tell! I also got told the immortal words that I've heard so many times in the UK. "I like being friend you. I love only you but I no want boom boom you but you can pay bar me and we can go eat." That's what's happening in the LOS now in 2019. I'm an old fella and she was 23 years old. I can't blame her although those words hit home like a knife especially with so few other punters about. A pretty young girl does obviously not want to sleep with an old man. It's no fun getting old. I check binned and scarpered as quick as I could get out of the door. I'll stick to the older birds in future.
  14. I've recorded all five episodes and agree it's very good, a bit too good. If the actors had attempted Russian accents instead of speaking their native English it would have been even more realistic. I watched the first two episodes and have had to give it a rest for a while as it's rather depressing especially as the situation develops further and you know things are only going to get even worse. And it's impossible for there to be a more cheerful conclusion.
  15. A pal of mine swears by 'em. He's a medic on the oil rigs so quite health conscious when it comes to possibly harmful drugs.
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