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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Socialist worker types seldom work and rely on benefits which they'd find in short supply in the Land of Smiles. None of them last five minutes in jobs in which they have to financially justify their employment. Most English people are by habit and tradition ambitious and hard working. Many quit the Mother Country in despair years ago and headed to the Dominions to make a successful life for themselves and their families. That's why The Antipodes, Canada and other English speaking nations like the USA are so successful and prosperous and a magnet for those who want to improve their econom
  2. I dunno if you're in the UK but that windbag James O'Brien is on LBC 97.3 right now slagging off the very idea of there being a national day for English people. In the few minutes I've had it on he used the word 'racist' twice. I soon turned him off just like myself and most people normally do or we'd wind up spewing our rings up. Kahoy, you wanna see if you can tune into his show on the internet from Australia if you can. He'd make you come in your pants with some of the leftist claptrap he comes out with. The Socialist Worker types worship and adore him!
  3. You do know the authorities monitor these forums don't you. It's now considered racist in some quarters to even mention what today is. Kahoy will be on the phone to his chums at the International Socialist Alternative HQ raising Cain within the hour.
  4. If any more evidence of what a failure the multicultural society is proving to be this matter is a supreme example. It puts the George Floyd and O J Simpson episodes of racial strife firmly in the shade. Right now I'm in London listening to a phone in radio program with furious members of the BAME community queuing up to express their disgust at the treatment they consider MM has received in the UK. The presenters claim their phones are red hot and ringing off the hooks. The British Royal Family has been torn to pieces by an American chat show hostess ably assisted by a big mouthed secon
  5. No one's stopping you from moving on. Nor from stopping you being a crawl arse.
  6. Fucking hell! You appear to be taking a peculiar troll like interest in my posts all of a sudden. I can barely remember it yet you even know what section it was in, what the topic was and what numbers the post were! You can probably remember when it was as well. Are you some sort of private detective, are you trying to suck up to the administrators or what. You're weird. You'd better stick to those sheep, you won't get anywhere with me.
  7. How do you know so much about it?
  8. He never got offered the job so how could he have turned it down.
  9. How do you get to be a mod. I'd like to be one. Do you have to complete an application form or meet some sort of criteria. And of course how much does a moderator get paid?
  10. Drunken tourists and their chums partying in a condo with gas appliances lying around is not a good idea. Remember this? It's on the internet. Hotel blamed as fire kills 78 at Thai beach resort | The ... www.independent.co.uk › World 11 Jul 1997 — Pattaya - Fire raged through a 17-story luxury hotel yesterday in the ... the smoke-filled 450-room Royal Jomtien Resort on Jomtien Beach, ..
  11. A chum of mine is there now but in Central Pattaya rather than in far away Jomtien. He has rented a condo for a third of the usual high season asking price of 30,000 baht a month. So he's paying 10K plus the utilities. Another is paying 15,000 for an apartment that also usually goes for 30K. You have to accept that the few punters that are there now realise that the supply by far outstrips the demand and many don't want the hassle of going back and forth to Jomtien each time they want to see a bit of the limited action that is occasionally available in town. They've been locked down in
  12. I keep in touch with my English pals from Pattaya as well as a few from Germany, the USA and Scotland. I hope I'm not going off topic by mentioning the German and the Yank. None of us would even consider going through the hoop jumping and expensive antics that will be expected of us before and after we even set foot on a plane. Then when we would get there there are just closed bars and restaurants waiting for us. And now we hear Covid has hit Pattaya. I had news that an 85 year ex pat old pal of mine had died of it in August although they called it a respiratory disease. His wife sa
  13. I've been using Opera for a few years now because it came with a built in VPN. Never had a problem with it especially when I want to see a recently released film or TV series. I'm sure you get my drift. Why even consider paying out hard earned for something that does what you already have at your finger tips.
  14. Some people might naively expect a bit of loyalty and appreciation from the Thai tourism authorities if they've been spending money in their country for years but the Thais don't seem to know the meaning of the words. All they know is that when they've pissed you off enough to make you no longer want to visit Thailand there will be ten Chinese coming to take your place. "We've had your money for twenty years Mr Falang, the airport is that way now sling your hook and don't come back."
  15. I was not talking about you nor your experiences. In the past I've hired M/Cs and neither was I ever pulled in. But as I said I was referring to my ex pat pal's current observations, he's a keep fit merchant and goes out for a two hour mid morning walk every day so he sees what's going on. I myself as well as many others have seen the plod pulling in as many vehicles as they could between Tut Com and the Friendship Supermarket and in other locations all over Pattaya and I don't go out in the daytime very much. These motorists were not giving them any reason either as far as I could see an
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