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  1. After the first week and a half I moved to room 305, corner room with the slider opening up to the pool. It was really like having a private villa, and just as I thought, for me, the pool hours were 24/7. I sat out at the table next to the pool at all hours, although I was somewhat mindful of the sound, and no one ever bothered me. I was a good boy this trip, nolo molesto for the help, just lots of tips. I was also grateful the junta had lifted the censorship from the internet. This trip I swam everyday walked a lot, and I'm glad to say I did not get sick once. OBLA DEE BROS
  2. Allright, this is my update on the Sandy situation. I was there on the last week of May. My Sea View Deliux was conveniently unobstructed by any icomburance. In some kind of miracle the Whooters had added some kind of roof thingy, and the sound was greatly reduced. IMO. I still love my Sandi, it's so fucking central to everything. Just sayin……….
  3. I'm curious to know too. I've been a devotee for many many years, and the 8th floor seaview deluxe practically has my name on the door. I love the location, and even after respiratory infections from the Legionaire air con's, construction noise, and bad to very bad bands at the hooters I have stayed loyal. The location can't be beat, the Sportsman next door, the laundry seconds away, and did I say location? On my last two trips I was seduced by 1) the pool waitress who let me fondle her throughout the day at the pool, and 2) the milfy housekeeper who flashed me in the room and gave the morning
  4. Jeez, hope not about the Sandy. Not to derail the thread, the Sandy was my beloved go to for location, price and amenities. Then the Hooters came, but I can handle the noise from the 8th floor deluxe sea view. Now if the view is wiped out, I'll be bummed. Who said the only thing that's constant is change? OBLA DEE BROS
  5. In all my trips, never heard of Asia Beach. Kinda reminds me of the backside of Koh Larn, or the Koh Samet of long ago. Thanks for the hike report. OBLA DEE BRO
  6. For tenderness I marinate overnight with 1/2 glass of red wine 1/3 cup soy sauce 1/3 cup brown sugar Then the rub Sea Salt Black Pepper Steak Seasoning Rosemary -I'm livin for givin the Devil his due-
  7. Bro......................Depends on who's cooking................ OBLA DEE BRO
  8. Hey Evil, Thank you for the fine grub info........ Hey Evil, What's better Food or Sex ? "I'm livin for givin the Devil his due"
  9. After several days I crave the greens. Sizzler is convenient for the salad bar and soup lunch, forget the rest of the menu, and I'll go the grazing bar unsupervised and take my time too. OBLA DEE BROS
  10. I have stayed at Sandy numerous times over the years, and have been a big advocate for the seaview deluxe, 7-8 floor. . I have not been there for two years, though the last two trips I got upper respiratory infections which I suspect was from the Air Con. From time to time I've tolerated construction both inside and outside, though I was actually planning on staying on a lower floor with a pool, or seaview to get in on the member rate. My question is 1) Where exactly is Hooters located?, and how loud is it? OBLA DEE BROS
  11. Thanks, It's been two years now, but I'm a die hard fan of the Sandy, and I'll be back in two weeks. I had the same rate with the membership quoted and always get the high floor seaview deluxe with balcony. I like the proximitry to everything, though over the years I've had to deal with various "minor" inconviences like jack hammers two floors below, broken dripping air cons, no hot water in the morning, etc. though overall I still have to say it's a great value for the money. I had looked at View Talay, though I smoke when on vacation, and I was told by the managers all rooms are no smoki
  12. I thought I knew something about the song, guess not enough, funny the degrees of separation as I had a few of Desmond Dekkers recordings. Thanks for the schoolin............ OBLA DEE BROS
  13. Ok, I did it. First I went to the Firefox site. Then I reset the firefox to the original settings. The page then loaded like before, so I'm cool. "Isrealites".?????????????
  14. No, I use Firefox. Thanks Obsession, but no go, same unformatted columns with avatars way over on the right. Bizarre. Whats "RSS feed". Could this have anything to do with it?
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