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  1. I think it goes further than that, moronic is one thing. Purely vindictive & corrupt is another.
  2. what a pack of fools From MM limnks above there is still one lady in prison as she is refusing to sign a statement that she was gambling. The backlash should be huge , yes its all a big laugh at what a pack of corrupt imbeciles they are but the reality is a huge number of British Citizens have been arrested put in custody and coerced into signing confessions for crimes they didn't commit. Their should be a massive consular response to this
  3. I have just finished reading Tune In which was good but it was a 30 page a night read over 3 months as opposed to cant put down and i was only thinking today what can i read next and your post has prompted me to give "Porno" by irvine Welsh a go , i have had it for about a year and haven't picked it up.
  4. Tune In- MARK LEWISHON First of three books (doubt the third will ever be written considering this took him years) on the beatles this about theie childhood up until 1962 Excellent read
  5. not through booking.com they dont , however you still need to be pay upfront.on arrival In saying that i stayed for 15 days in September in a block of 7 which i paid upfront i then told them the night before checkout ill extend for another 8 days and ill pay you in the morning they just said pay when checking out is fine. I still don't have a problem paying for things upfront its a 10000 baht deposit i have issues with
  6. Is there going to be a fund raising campaign to bail the guy out when he gets done for Importing prescription drugs in Countries
  7. Unless it was a High End Global franchise i wouldnt pay it, i wouldnt trust any hotel in Pattaya to refund 10,000 baht cash. If i can control the situation eg it comes out of my credit card and i can dispute it with my provider or I can lodge a complaint with a head office, then no way. If its paying up front then its a different matter
  8. not every time but it does happen (edited lately is every time)
  9. misteregg , paid the first 4 subscriptions where off to a good start Unlike elswhere where the board is an an excellent advertising tool , i also would have no problems paying a fee if it meant keeping this board alive
  10. only for the non members of the board, for everyone else it comes at a cost of 10 minute interval sprays on what a bunch of ungrateful c*nts they are
  11. for us that cant be bothered signing up to a phillipines board , is there any further updates to what happened to the guy, who he was etc
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