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  1. Happy Birthday Larry and all the Best - wish I could be there to celebrate with you....
  2. Have flown a couple of times-they get you to " Paradise " cheaply but not necessarily quickly.
  3. The Sabai group now wants payment in full at the time of making an online booking. I have been booking for a period of a month usually and book 2 or 3 months in advance. I worry that if there is a health or family emergency after paying a non refundable deposit I will be screwed. Has not happened yet but I would resent the hotel profiting by 34,000baht and being able to rent the room again.
  4. I used the Pattaya City Hospital for 3 days on my trip in May because of it's location-right around the corner from Soi Lenkee. I had had surgery on my shin before I left Canada and timing dictated that I could get the sutures removed on arrival in Pattaya. They did remove the sutures but the wound reopened, so they cleaned the wound, dressed it and said return every day. Same same next day and on the 3rd day I asked to speak to a Doctor to ask about prognosis of getting it re-sutured and the need for antibiotics. A senior nurse said - "no need for antibiotics and just redress every day and s
  5. I always email them directly and get a response within 24 hours....never had a problem with this or their drivers.
  6. Great review Evil - will definitely try this place before heading home.
  7. Great thread Ron and good luck with this venture. I unfortunately missed this thread on the 18th (probably still recovering from the darkside adventure of the day before) or I would have dropped by for a brew not a song ( I usually get paid not to sing).
  8. Great photos...Thanks for posting...This year i enjoy Songkran by staying dry.
  9. A good read as always - Thanks.
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from cold and snowy Canada to all my friends on Pattaya talk. Wishing you all the best for 2014.
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