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  1. Try this https://forums.pattayatalk.com/discover/17/?&view=condensed
  2. Lets look at your questions from your first post as you are pointing me to answer your questions with the answers you are looking for... Are you fucking serious? no not at all .. it was a members posted the question as a thread Don't you have to pay a subscription to Pattaya Live and kiss the arse of it's owner if you want to post on that forum? No not at all its a donation system just the same as this forum. It's also heavily censored and anyone who disagrees with the owner about anything risks being banned? No its not heavily censored at all probably the leas
  3. I've done loads of work in the IPS software and no one would have to sign up to another forum.. If you know on how it works then its easy to import members to another forum but posts, forums and categories is another matter... Database wise you would need to run two different prefixes which would create two forums. Yes It is doable but them again there's pattaya forum politics to take into account..
  4. Maybe some of your post was right for in the past but not at all now. The forum has a voluntary donation system set up so its not tied to the bar any more and the forum has no adverting. Members that have donated have no limits set on there accounts and have more from privileges. We have the funds to keep the forum alive for the next few years in place already. I really didnt think the money would come in but it did and it works...
  5. The default skin is very clean and clear to use but you will need to set up the streams and one as default so members will see the NEW CONTENT ...
  6. This version is installed onto my mac for local testing and so then i can apply changes to the software and see how it works before making any changes to a live forum. Yes you only see this if you run the upgrade and ask for the conversion at the start then it will install it.
  7. Your making good ground.. Just a but of input for you ... There's now two ways to do the database conversion one been applying the patch it the old package and the other is to upload the full new package via FTP and then go to /upgrade You have all the tools in the new 4.8 version to do it while upgrading. I hope it goes to plan and remember you do have the support of IPS and they are very helpful
  8. Take it as one task at a time... 1, upgrade the software. Create a subdomain "TEST-INSTALL.pattayatalk.com" Clone the forum and then you most remove all the plugins and hooks that are installed onto the forum to upgrade. Run the convertor and install "ready for IPS 4" run the patch and for check list. Then upgrade and test the new forum any issues submit a ticket to IPS and they will fix it and if your happy then direct the main domain name to the sub-domain. 2. Run it for a while live and then when your happy transfer it to the new server..
  9. so many things are broken Yes thats normal if your running the 3.4 version and upgrading... on one upgrade i had 1,300,000 errors on the database but it was easily fixed If you have cloned the live forum onto a test server, does the test forum before upgrading work fine..? Did you covert the database on the old software or on the new software while doing the upgrade..?
  10. All of the above i listed are VPS or Dedicated and none shared Ok then we have three kinds of hosting. Shared - VPS - Dedicated The shared server is no good at all so that leaves you with VPS and Dedicated Server. You need Root Access to the server and WHM/CPanel both of the above will give you this in the package. I do believe you bandwidth is between 25GB and 50GB per month, now i know your going to say i'm wrong and for that reason i've done my figures base on site traffic and uploads against over forums i manage. I would go as far to say your forum will not be hig
  11. Yes I was thinking the same after working on IPS and running several forums over the last few years. I did ask a few questions regarding the disk size required for the uploads folder and database. the rest is minimal ... lets say you would need 100GB then a server of 160GB will do the trick with WHM/Cpanel a VPS is ideal for forums as you have root access. The 3.4.9 version on the forum is not supported and doesn't carry any license fee so my guess is it can be done from 20 to 40 USD per month depending on the hosting company your decide to use. Heres a few:-
  12. This will completely clean up the box and black it... then you would need someone to install everything for you... Remember you must do this before anyone else adds any new apps. This will make it run just like a new box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUYrm8kV7cU
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