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  1. I read all sort of reviews about hotels on Trip Advisor and other sites. I stayed at LK The Empress a few months ago ( corner of Beach Rd and Soi 12 ) They were a lot of reviews saying it was crap, however I could not fault the place is any way. Same with LK Metropole. Some people seem to hate LK group hotels, others love them. I don't know whether some people are super fussy or really have bad experiences. I even once stayed at that cheap Sawasdee Hotel near the entry to LK Metro and really had no problems. Would not stay there more than two or three nights though, not a very secur
  2. The first Underbelly series was indeed very accurate. I am not sure if it was the one about Robert Trimbole ( Mr Asia ) and Terry Clarke. As far as I know that was the first episode, correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. I'm not PC by any means, but I don't think that the Lebanese or any particular ethnic group is responsible for drug dealing and drug related crime in Australia these days. It was the ethnic Chinese importing heroin in the late 80's and early 90's and Vietnamese distributing it but it's different now. People from all sort of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds are involved in drug related crime and also gang activity nowadays..The bikie gangs were heavily into drug trafficking and gun running on the Gold Coast in 2009-2013, but the former Newman government in QLD really cracked down on
  4. Pattaya can't be too bad if many people from other locales who previously lived in the Chonburi area are moving back. I know guys who lived in Pattaya in the late 90's and early 2000's who are back there now. I've only been a regular visitor since 2015, but there is certainly no singling out of foreigners in bars or discos as far as I can tell. It is generally more the local Thais who are hassled by police. Those people who have a relatively low profile never get hassled at all.
  5. This is all a bit stupid IMO. Most of the accommodation in Pattaya is not really that upmarket anyway. Sure there there is the Hilton, Holiday Inn, Avani resort and a few others I would not even call some popular places like Areca Lodge, LK Empress, or LK Royal Suite that upmarket. I've stayed at a few LK hotels, nice, but I'd hardly say the tourists there are more "high quality" than anywhere else. What is a 'high quality tourist' anyway? Take away the bars, go go's, cafes, restaurants and especially GIRLS in Pattaya and hardly anyone would go there. Are good tourists only those wh
  6. In fact, I agree with you. I'm native to Brisbane and I lived and worked on the Gold Coast for many years also. No, I don't go to the clubs in Brisbane these days, for safety reasons, it's a rip-off, and also because I'm not into white girls. Yes, SEQ ( South East Queensland ) is ,in general, much more violent overall than Pattaya ever will be. Surfers Paradise on GC is a dangerous place after 9 pm at night. Yep, plenty of fights, assaults, shootings are no big deal on the GC either these days. Same with Melbourne.
  7. Well, thanks for the replies gents. Maybe I should try one out just for once. Pattaya still a relatively new experience for me. I mostly go to beers bars in Soi 7 or Soi Dianna/LK Metro area.
  8. Why is it that a lot of violence in Pattaya seems to take place inside or near a go go's? I've heard that Showgirls and Windmill in particular are to be avoided. I never go to them anyway as I don't like anywhere where a door closes and you can't leave quickly. Are these places run by thugs? What is the problem with them?
  9. Hey everyone, just want a bit of advice. I've lived in both China and Thailand before ( Bangkok ) and had a Thai wife previously. Now I'm quite content to just hang out in Pattaya, I really like the place. I'm coming back to Patts on June 14, but I want to check out Cambodia. I keep hearing about how "great" it is there even from some Pattaya locals I met at Noi Bar. Thinking of going for two weeks. For anyone on here who's lived there for a substantial period of time, what is your opinion: 1) Bars, nightlife, what's it really like , also girls, their looks, attitude, comparison to T
  10. When I was working in the fashion industry in the late 80's and early 90's I saw hundreds of models come and go. There is an idea among people outside the industry that models are all stunners and beautiful. I know for a fact that the majority of them are not. You can meet super pretty ordinary girls with really good bodies and less attitude problems in Bangkok shopping malls or even in beer bars in Pattaya if you are patient and try many areas. When I hear a guy say "my girlfriend is a model" it's a big YAWN from me!
  11. So many idiots on Walking Street these days. Seems that tourists, especially Arabs and Indians and Chinese think WS is the only place they can go in Pattaya. They are welcome to it if they want to cause trouble, they'll find out the hard way. Can always have a good time in Patts without ever going to Walking Street as long as you are polite and friendly and respect others people's feelings.
  12. Yep, they are obviously still there, I saw them trying to rip people off on April 1, what a coincidence, lol! I like Beach Rd in the morning, cute girls saying "I want boom boom", but not at night. LK Metro, Soi Honey, Soi Chaiyapoon, that will do me. Will check out the jet ski scammers and speedboat shonks again when I m back for another two months on June 10.
  13. Better to just rent and use bar girls or have short to medium term GF's imo. Don't marry, don't buy property. Same in China. However, each to their own.
  14. It is crap, they should use kwila/merbau hardwood flooring, no screws, galvanized nails. At least they've got the boards the right side up. I've even seen idiots in Australia nail the boards groove side up and the water just sits there when it rains.
  15. I was sitting near there for two hours in the morning on March 31. Being an ex-carpenter I know about this. Certainly not hard to fix.
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