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  1. They made probably enough money for the rest of their life. Using one on Soi Potisan. It's been there for years....
  2. It would also be unfair to you as there are many houses having their own water wells. Also sometimes tanks are filled up by water trucks. Would not be surprised if you are being cheated.
  3. Are the m3 waste water related to the water intake from i.e. the Provincial Water Works ?
  4. As a start have a look a bahtsold (Pattaya area). Sometimes quiten nce offers in the Pratamnak area. Good luck !
  5. Not sure where you want to start, but you can cheaply go with the blue Sukhumvit bahtbus. Costs will be around 35 baht starting at Naklua. Not too fast but nice to do.
  6. No info on the www-web, only via facebook....
  7. The more shops the better, I love them !
  8. Given the time limit of 1 hr 45 mins I will give it a pass how good it might be... Thanks for the report.
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