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  1. Not sure where you want to start, but you can cheaply go with the blue Sukhumvit bahtbus. Costs will be around 35 baht starting at Naklua. Not too fast but nice to do.
  2. No info on the www-web, only via facebook....
  3. The more shops the better, I love them !
  4. Given the time limit of 1 hr 45 mins I will give it a pass how good it might be... Thanks for the report.
  5. Thanks for posting, but I do not see too many customers. Maybe later ?
  6. Lots of work (for you to keep us informed).... 😂
  7. This site issues a weekly newsletter with announcements (example from last week): https://newsletter.choicegroupasia.com/w/Qiq9vqfim6n3p1Uxmb30Hw/yvh5Wrdsz14N6ij70dxFPw/tpU67K763zWgamUMGIPSERMA have fun....
  8. Wondering how the road will look like when finished, specially in relation to the level of next door shops and houses....
  9. Can you give some info on location ?
  10. The correct name of the Belgian Embassy was the Welcome Inn.
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