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  1. Growing up we had many small farms called Truck Farms. Mostly vegetables. You could go in the fields and "Pick your own." All gone now to housing developments.
  2. This would be of great interest. As a kid i used to read the Yearbook of Agriculture. My condo balcony has so many vegetable plants there is no where to sit. But my lemon trees and tomatoes do not do well. Bell peppers are expensive here and do well on my garden. Back in Annapolis i raised Guineafowl to the ire of my neighbors. Took my kids for many farm visits and never missed the Maryland State fair. Though im sure the Midwest and Texas farm fairs would be a real treat.
  3. Probably not Jacko but a thought if he sold to Villa may be good. But not that easy. I have a friend in Bangkok who makes excellent sausage. i always bring a kilo home and asked her why do you not sell to Villa. Like in the US and UK the laws are strict and not worth the trouble for her. If i got the farm i planned on raising 2 beef cattle and having the family come up and process them in the fall before returning to Thailand. But that plan failed as i never left Thailand.
  4. T Total respect to the farmers. Nearly bought a farm in WVA. but ended up in Thailand. Dairy seems to be well covered here but what about grain fed quality beef. We do not have that here , Aussie beef is ok but a quality marbled beef would be at treat and expats would pay the shipping.
  5. I was lucky that the condo came with quality Sealy products. Available here at Home pro. A friend with back problems suggested a Zenus ,available on Lazada. I bought a topper and happy. With the hot season approaching also consider Bamboo Sheets. Nothing much better under you except a Thai girl.
  6. Good for you to do the research. I may have skin in the game since i have an O-A and and my next extension will require Thai insurance even though my Fed health insurance is excellent. Also with the new American administration "Medicare for all" may void my current coverage. So we are interested in what you find. Giving a first hand account of experience ,my friend in Bangkok is a visa agent and had a client here in Pattaya. They were going to refuse ER care but my friend said he would pay. The fellow ended up in ICU , very sick and had to transfer 20,000 Baht per day. I was asked to see h
  7. R2R you do well to consider this. First retiring to Thailand is a dream few guys realize. I have never been so happy. As to the question this a long shot but would your job give you the possibility of working for the Feds or State even part time. After 5 years retire with BCBS which covers 100% in patient cost. I was in Bumrungrad for a week and over 200,000 baht covered 100%. I think $200 usd/ month premium, doesnt go up with age. Over the years we had staff ,lawyers , watermen , farmers that came on not caring what job they took. More realistically did you serve in the Military? Manila
  8. I used to leave Central Festival with grocery bags. Didn't want to deal with hauling them on and off the BB. I would ask the taxi guys, 300 baht. No thanks , then the price would go 250, 220, 200. By this time i was fk it and climbing on the Baht Bus. Now with the tourist gone its 200 anywhere in the city to Wong Amat.
  9. Exactly what i am hearing. The last of the boys returned to Bangkok yesterday and said even the Tavern is closed. I am not going to risk going back to the closed bars here as this will be more closely monitored and arrests will be made. Going to be a dismal month. See you at Belga or Le Buchon in February.
  10. Your reports are so well appreciated. When i lived in Bangkok would jog around Chuvit on my way to Soi4. I'm awaiting reports when the bars are open. I can be there in 3 hours and the Landmark has a good weekend rate. We had a good time in 3 closed bars here but when the girl came back with some food she said another bar noticed us there and was pissed. Can't blame as her she was following the rules. Told the boys time to move on, you don't mess with another's rice bowl. BIB may make a visit
  11. Torture for me but doesn't matter. The condo closed the pool again. Covid and the chill from China. These times may they pass.
  12. Aren't these the best. Attended several concerts at Impact Stadium but the Community Theater was so much better. They have performances at unlikely venues as a hospital meeting room
  13. A friend Charles plays Sax around town and Acts in The Bangkok Community Theater. Small venues but the cast really gives their all. He played the Sheriff Will in Bustop last year.
  14. Sadly there seems to be a turn of events. Bangkok for sure and we are in denial believing it's not coming to Pattaya. My friend has an office on Silom/Surawong. I was excited to tell him now is the time for Thaniya. He said he was well aware but knowing i'm a hands on guy said i would be disappointed. Pretty girls but more about Dead Artist of past and Spasso.
  15. Damn , i am well out of touch . Grab from Naklua to Central Pattaya 223 thb . Was always pissed when leaving Central with grocery bags( Irritated not drunk) for our UK friends. This was when tourist were here the drivers quoted me 300 baht. I smiled and said thanks but no. Price dropped 300/250/200 but by that time i was on the 10 baht BB. If i was carrying a lot of things just handed him 100 baht to take me to my door. Will download Bolt.
  16. RT again a lovely update as is your lady. Good information about Soi Thaniya. Near Le Buchon? Ill give it a try next week. Did you find the same with the girls on the left side of Thermae? Before when the Japanese were here we were not handsome men. The Sofitel being about the same price as the Landmark but next to Thermae will have me giving it a go next week.
  17. Worked with a Lawyer turned RN from Seattle. He made a small stakes bet that Seattle had less rain per year than Baltimore. I of course took the bet and of course lost. Give a yell when you make it back.
  18. Danger , where in the US? I am in cold Annapolis Here April and March can be a bit hot. Dont fear coming in summer if things open. Few tourists and yes a tad hot and the rain lasts for a short period each day.
  19. The Landmark kindly did not charge me, they well could have. Looking forward to your update. Ill be returning soon. Possibly Monday if the bars are open. Made a mistake staying on LKM here weeks ago on Mon/tues Kinks and Pandoras closed.
  20. Merry Christmas. Cancelled the trip in for fear i wouldn't be allowed back to Pattaya . Unfounded. Thanks so much for the Photos and report. I found a Seven year Havana Club to keep me warm tonight Keep them coming RT much appreciated.
  21. TGF used to get a copy, probably at the same stand. As you said many times sold out. Now i have it delivered to the condo daily. The number is in the Paper. Pay monthly.
  22. Swim every day about 6 or 7am. Lasted 15 minutes yesterday didn't even try today.
  23. I am not on the Baht bus route and own a bike. Thought it was reasonable to drive in the slow lane to the left. Not good. Baht buses stop abruptly, people open car doors without looking . The traffic merging from the left . When the tourist were here i was frequently stopped but the police were polite that i had a license and the tax stamp. They had many more fish. To the topic there is a poster here who rents and has insurance . I don't know him but a search will bring will do it,
  24. Beer Belly well done. You have more patience than me but it is important. I used My Fitness Pal to track my calories. Im to lazy to calculate and they have most foods in the data base. When i first looked i realized if i consumed no food at all my beer drinking would still add 1/2 pound a month. Embarrassed to say Maryland winters are boring and i could easily have 12-20 beers a day, hadn't a beer in 2 years but Sake and the demon rum will still get me. I would typically eat 800-1000 calories a day. The fitness site would not give me a projection saying your not eating enough. My weight loss
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