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  1. Been using Nams for years now. I was very critical of new Taxi services as they start great then fail with success . Nams had been the only outlier. I have been using Miss Taen from Nams for 2 years. Comfortable Suv. There is no place she cant find
  2. Thanks, i may send my PBG girl over. ill stop in tomorrow and ask the manager. Btw no luck on Soi Honey today and yesterday though i did get a nice haircut. Jacko you are the expert on MP. Where am i missing? The GC to mechanical for me.
  3. Seems odd. i know girls who would be happy with 13k + tip. They still are taking orders on Food Panda.
  4. While i rarely worry on the small stuff ,this difference is = to 4 short times. I have friends paying 10k-12k in rent so a difference of 8842 in 1 month is far beyond small stuff. Another inconvenience is the deposit must go to a Non Atm account and you cannot transfer it online. So i will be at BB February 3rd to transfer 3 months of deposits to my atm account.. I will redo the math then on the Feb. deposit. If i didn't screw the math up Ill ask for an accounting of rates and fees. JONPAT i'm weary with the math at the moment but maybe you can take a look. SS/OPM sent $4421. Between Jan
  5. Not exact math but for the US guys thinking about Direct Deposit of SS and pension.I recently got a disappointing 31/usd,to BB. Transferwise 33/usd with TT coming in slightly higher but poor comparison since i'm not exchanging 100 usd bills.
  6. Has been talk of this lack of hand flying skills on Pilots forums for years. Some airlines even forbid hand flying. "Children of the Magenta line."
  7. a lot of activity, A lot of activity, im happy but hate those fume belching tour buses are on the roads again. I dont understand the guys that want to bargain down at this point but their money. To me easy, a Sweet Soi 6 , MP girl or a lovely at Kittens or Classroom for 1-2k all in. Maybe a phone number for later. Even a Boomerang stunner or Kinks girl 2k. ST. Ive been here awhile but not so long as i forget the price and attitude that awaits me in Vegas. Thanks for that, i hope no regrets but im bringing the girl back from the farm.
  8. Really hopeful and good news. Have you heard from Pete? I don't know him. A waitress i keep in touch with had to leave Pattaya, no money. She has a friend here and likes her job at the BG. Likes the beach. Now working on a farm up north with little money and hard work. I have never sponsored before but she only needs 3.5k for the room and 3k living expenses. I'm thinking to do it with the understanding when BG opens the support ends. Edit To give an idea of what the non gogo girls have as options. My GF's bar called to offer her job back. Mainly cleaning, easy waitress job. She wants
  9. Force i was surprised at this also, just there for the extension. I heard Kittens was open and i have 2 girls there. The launch sequence was initiated so i told the guy i'll come back next week,no time today. He said 1000 baht more they will do the bank . Next year i will do it myself but that day i was on a mission.
  10. The 800,000 can be legally lent to you for 1 day. The "seasoning " requirement can be waived if the I/O has a certain high rank. So a spirit vs letter of the law conversation. No need to ever go to immigration as you drop the passport off at the agent and they will do your 90 day. Or when it works just do it online. We were at dinner last week and laughing that none of us uses our good friend. An agent who charges at least 30k and 1,000 for a 90 day. In fairness i have sat in the corner while he meets with clients and they sometimes require a lot of hand holding. I remember one guy asking i
  11. Sky Beach is on Wongamat Beach. East Coast Realty has 3 for sale at Park beach, 5-6 million. 3 at Sky beach 6mil+
  12. I gauge air quality by how well i see Ko Larn on my morning swim. A gradient from the beach is clear to barely make out the Island. Hardly scientific. Last week it was so cold i used a diving vest in the pool. Next time i'm home i'll bring my Cape Pond Ice hoodie back. I think the current situation is blamed on an inversion from a weather system from China. Damn Chinese just give and give.
  13. Beer Belly you are accurate except no vans,several individual cars but yes you see they have others to attend to. At 3k no contest. For 5k I'll give my LT Nam's driver 3K to do the Thai stuff at the office and get my own residence cert.
  14. I use tic toc. at 3k it is very expensive compared to the actual fee. But im not riding my little 150cc out there. They pick me up at the Condo, Tell me to sit over there and they will call you for your photo. They stand in line and obtain the medical and Residence Certs., pay the fees. Considering every 5 years well worth it. Though i turn 70y/o next year and may hang up my helmet in 4 years.
  15. Good to hear. My Airline of 15 years ANA has changed routing unfavorably, the plane now a 789 not the 777 and a layover of 8 hours. If that holds when i book i'll change to Emirates first class on the 380 for what i hope is my last trip back to the States. I told my kids they know where i live and i'll pay their airfare over when they visit. I asked please no elaborate weddings i have to return for and encouraged the $399. Elvis Chapel Wedding in Vegas.
  16. Good to see the Hat out and about. Appreciate the update as ill be back this week. I may try the Sofitel if Thermae is open.I suspect we may be handsome men even to the China Dolls on the left until the Japanese return. You do get the best girls and 2 weeks ago i did ok at the Massage Parlors on 23. If you run that gauntlet on 23 the Barcelona Gaudi Restaurant is worth a stop. The Tavern is open so ill be there if your still around. I'm waiting to hear from Serge as Le Buchon is moving to a new location. All the best RT.
  17. My agent friend in Bangkok has the same inkling. Lining up possible insurance companies if it happens. I quickly add he has no inside information this is coming or even being discussed. What a bitch if i paid for an O only to have insurance be a requirement later. Now with everything opening here i'll be spending prolifically and not have money to travel anyway. Will wait and combine a US trip with a later PI trip end of next year. Watching the World Series this morning but can only get a Spanish channel.
  18. Good thought, i just got my extension with a reentry though. Next time i'm in Manareet i'll see what they think.
  19. The letter is available on the Consulate Website Washington but it cannot be completed by BCBS though i have not tried. My agent takes care of the insurance signoff for my extension but said if i leave the country ill need insurance. Thought id like to visit The PI but not worth buying a $1000 policy i dont need.
  20. I have one since i live on Wongamat Beach with no BB service. I still do a of cooking at times and got tired of dragging the grocery bags on Baht buses. Then walk or get a taxi down Soi 18. I like having a bike to go to Foodland and Villa in the early morning. But if cheap Bolts had been available i may not have got one. At the time the taxi mafia ruled since the tourists were here and was usually quoted 300 baht coming out of Central.
  21. Ill turn 70 y/o next year and higher insurance cost so changing to an o is a priority. I just want to go to the PI and later one more trip to the states. I'll look in to this. Currently i pay 12,500 for the extension. No money in the bank and she takes care of the O-A insurance but i dont have a policy. Contrary to common belief the agents can be legal. I talk with friends and a conversation that comes up is if go tits up here where would we go? None of us want to go to the PI or Cambodia.Thailand is our home. So unfortunately immigration is still an active issue.
  22. I gave up on going back to the states but would like to go to Angeles in Feb. If anyone knows a cheap o-a insurance please contact me. As Jacko has said they are poor but needed for travel. I have insurance but the Thais dont accept it. I called Bumrungrad yesterday to schedule a CTA. Quoted 60- 90,000 baht. I said that is a bit high but she said no problem i will call America , they will pay. She already knew my company. If Bumrungrad can figure it out why cant Immigration?. TIT
  23. Good advice all. Best thing is to ask reception for the maid . I paid 400 baht a cleaning. If i wasn't home the staff let her in. They came with 4 people outstanding and honest. Agree dont fuck the help but you know that. I have to many waitress stories. Give a yell when you arrive, the Tavern in Bangkok is a good place to meet like minded Americans and Brits.
  24. Yes force, My ANA flights Nov/dec. cancelled "covid". BS. They didn't want to land Dulles. Dump me with United out of SFO to Dulles on a smaller plane after i pay for business. 1k plus add for each of my tickets if i bite.. After 15 years with ANA i'm with Emerites. Called SWA for a domestic trip cancel. . For a credit no problem, online , for a refund you have to call. Wait time 61 minutes. I was going to cx my Amex since i dont need points or a fee. My son advised Dad keep it, they answer the phone and brought your card in a taxi when you left it in a bar in Stockholm. Customer servic
  25. 2 weeks out now and very happy. After 65 years of having my glasses at exactly the same position on the bedside table i still reach for them in the morning. Told the Dr. i was hoping to have a cataract by this age as insurance would pay. "You have a small cataract" Insurance paid. For the first time i'm able to see my face w/o glasses. Not pretty. Next stop Blepharoplasty. Looking more encouraging for your return if November works.
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