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  1. Galaxy Tab 3 8 inch Now only £139-00 in Asda UK (about 7,367 Bht) 13,000 Bht in Thailand
  2. Just got back from Thailand - Found prices were more expensive than UK Samsung is very popular. Anybody going out there soon, please note..... Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8" version (8 inch version) currently on sale in UK at PC World £159.00 (around Bht 8,500) For sale in Pattaya and Udon Thani at Bht 13,000 However, No Thai Menu (language settings) I had one re-flashed in Udon for Bht 400 to Asia spec. English / Thai etc. and works perfectly, same Android spec. Bought a Thai charger for Bht 200 No problem getting a screen protector (expertly fitted for free by vendor) or "wallet" to fit
  3. Our 3 SIMS always work when we return, the date in the balance-check is correct as far as I'm concerned. Always topup first day I arrive - have had same SIMS for several years now.
  4. Are we talking ipad Air or ipad 4 here? Best Prices in UK from reputable sellers today [new] seem to be around........ Google Nexus 10 16GB = £240 ipad 4 16GB = £330 ipad Air 16GB = £360 Any Thoughts?? I can go round to TESCO now and get an ipad 4 16GB Wi-Fi only for £329-00 What shall I do? We Fly on Friday!!
  5. Thanks all for speedy replies and advice. Yes - We live in UK, but visit Thailand every year, see wife's family etc. Surprised to hear how much Fireman Sam and Keyman saved against UK price, thought prices were about same last year. Is Tukom any better/worse than Apple shop? Looks like I'm better-off buying in Thailand!
  6. The other way to do the same thing is to hand the phone over to the girls that top it up "over the phone" and top up 20 Baht at a time until the date is moved forward enough. We have 3 Thai SIMs with 1 year expiry, so last until next year's visit. 1 of them did not go forward the full year and this is what she did
  7. My wife wants to buy her Niece (in Thailand) an ipad. (or similar). With the more favourable exchange rate at the moment, just looking for some quick advice before we fly out. Would it be of any benefit to buy here in UK or buy one from Tukom in Pattaya? Any advice welcome
  8. When I stay in Sabai Wing, I always book the corner rooms (the ones on the end of the wing). They are a little larger and all have a bath.
  9. Yes - Not an actual swipe I don't think, they just make a note of the numbers. Nothing went through the account, only when I settled the final bill. Sabai Lodge have always been very good with me, I have no complaints. Some Baht Buses were "hooting" and I did use one or two after flagging them down, although maybe they are using Soi 2 whilst the roadworks are on at the North end of beach road. Agreed, some were acting like "Taxi's"
  10. Now back in UK Had no trouble at Sabai Lodge, was not asked for any payment or deposit upon arrival. Very much quieter there now that the bars have gone from Soi 2. Not troubled by the construction of the new hotel. Baht Buses going down Soi 2 Apparently, they are widening Beach Road to 4 Lanes - I wonder if it will become a two-way ?
  11. PS Hello? Is there anybody there? Or am I just talking to myself on this thread? How many fingers am I holding up? I Fly-in tomorrow, always stay at Sabai Lodge / Wing / Empress. Never had to pay up front, always looked after us. Glad you have cleared things up in your posts - Thanks! Looks like building work is not a big problem, 2 years ago it was the New Wing, last year it was the Tune Hotel. Miss those bars on Soi 2, [met my wife there 13 years ago] - But not the thud thud late into the night! Looking like I shall miss the Baht Buses not going down Soi 2, pity as they were very con
  12. Looks like bars will be open selling beer but no lights or music.
  13. No Alcohol allowed 8th 9th 10th April !! Some holiday this is ! All for the King's sister I believe, she died 3 years ago ??
  14. Yes this is the first real bar area you come to now walking down from Big C Top of Soi 2 very quiet, it's strange. Also just found out ALL BARS SHUT for 3 days 8th 9th 10th April No beer drinking!!!
  15. OK - I'm here now, shocked to see the entire beer bars complex on soi 2 has gone. Currently totally flattened to sand. No noise at night and new construction has not got going as yet. Very quiet at Sabai Lodge now without the heavy bass from the beer bars. As posted previously, ONLY Lek's Classroom is left on the soi and little traffic going down. I have seen some Baht busses going though. New Sabai Wing is fully functional, there is good access between all the Sabai Hotels and Sabai Dee Massage. Rhuen Thai area has been redeveloped around the existing pool, new restaurant and bar area in p
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