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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. ^^^^saw that last lady today. We couldn't help but look with that monster butt. She responded by giving it a shake. I don't think two white boys are going to be her target audience 😲
  2. If basic instinct was made today VID-20240111-WA0007.mp4
  3. VID-20240111-WA0008.mp4
  4. Yeah, I'm not a fan. I saw a link on this forum where he got into a fight in soi pothole with a bar manager. He just rubs ppl up the wrong way with his confrontational big mouth style. Barry Upton should have gone with someone like youtuber Pattaya Joe if he wanted a comedy song.
  5. I like the walk around pictures...but multiple pics of the same Buddha are boring imo.
  6. https://youtube.com/shorts/NiOoOa8Bjw0?feature=share
  7. I've walked around that bit of the park. It was badly neglected. Was a few years ago but I remember a derelict toilet block with a lavatory that resembled a scene from the film trainspotting.
  8. I used the term condo with a mind to the newer developments that have sprung up in the last decade.
  9. Is Pattaya under chonburi in the search area for that link? Surprised it doesn't have its own heading given the large rental market?
  10. He is on a budget so will likely be looking at a cheap older apartment (which is more likely to have slower internet I'd guess?) Mobile router with monthly contract would seem a good option.
  11. Paying about £70 in UK for Sky fibre broadband (50 mbps) with line rental, basic TV package and sky talk anytime phone package. On its own the broadband would be £26.99 a month.
  12. Friend moving to Pattaya (or vicinity) in 6 months and wants reliable reasonably fast internet on his laptop. He is on a tight budget and will likely be renting a cheap apartment rather than a condo. What are his internet options?
  13. That 19 crimes wine is sold in Tesco UK for about £8 so it's rated as fairly good. 550 baht would be a good price for Thailand.
  14. ^^^agree with that. Economy to business class is quite a step up. If I were a 'simple' millionaire I wouldn't pay first class prices. Although a suite with a bed would be tempting if one was a multi millionaire.
  15. Business class is appealing for long haul if you do t fly regularly and want to treat yourself. I don't sleep properly on planes. Not upright anyway. I'd like to try doing it laying flat (or as near to) and not waking with a jolt every 2 mins. Often get a stiff neck. I'm knackered when I get to BKK. Also, eating your dinner with your elbows in your ribs is uncomfortable. The food tray sits there for ages afterwards giving you even less room. Then the post meal rush to the toilet. Can't spend too long in there without a queue forming outside. Aisle or window? You are either
  16. People tend to put flattering photos on dating sites. For the people that use them...are you often disappointed when you meet in the flesh?
  17. How often do they check for the 800k. Is that part of 90 day reporting? If you use an agent do you ever need the 800k in the first place or is that overlooked from day one?
  18. Is there any risk using an agent for retirement extensions? A member wrote he paid £250 a year to an agent to sort everything. The 800k was better spent invested at home (making more the £250 yearly) rather than keeping it in Thai account. Why not use an agent?
  19. Does this place still sell illegal wildlife and pets crammed in tiny cages?
  20. US expat BJ (from which walking street's soi BJ got its name) was interviewed by BuzzinPattaya. Been here since early 70s.
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