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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Might have to use google Translate to view the link. It's says Thai will fly to Madrid, Manchester and Hamburg using the A350. https://www.prachachat.net/tourism/news-140735
  2. I expect the prices to be a bit higher in peak periods (mostly the only time I can fly) but off peak times I guess looking at LHR prices around £550. which is a good price.
  3. If this is true, its the best news I have had all year. As good as those middle eastern airlines are, the 16 hours going and 17 and half hours coming back are killer (especially the return flight).
  4. Australian airline Qantas (QF/QFA) have announced the introduction of a non-stop service from London Heathrow (LHR/EGLL) to Perth (PER/YPPH) in Western Australia. The flight has been made possible by the class leading performance of Boeing’s 787-9 Dreamliner which will operate the flight. Carrying over 260 passengers, the flight will take just under 17hrs and will become the longest every commercial flight.
  5. I don't usually visit the beaches in and around Pattaya, but the Aisa beach does look nice compared to the other beaches.
  6. Yes you are correct, I checked into April Suites about 18 months ago and they told me there was no room available there and I would have to move to March Hotel. I told them no, I have booked this hotel. And out of nowhere they had a room for me. I have since stayed at March hotel and prefer that one to April.
  7. Yep I noticed it on KAT but it didn't have English subs. Hopefully it as a release in Thailand soon as I will be able to watch it their when I visit in a few weeks.
  8. I have stayed at August Suite several times and there other properties April Suites and March Hotel, all good but I would edge August as the best due to its location. I always request a room on the pool side of the property due to noise from the 2 or 3 bars down the little soi on the other side of the building.
  9. Looks like a good film, I will be going to Pattaya in july so hope it will be playing in central or another cinema.
  10. I read an article a few months back (sorry haven't got the link) that stated the average starting salary for a university graduate was 15000 baht a month. I dread to think what an uneducated person earns (excluding sex workers).
  11. Looks like a nice pleasant day out, and free to enter, which you hardly see in the Pattaya metro area.
  12. What is the average cost of using a visa company? Also on your re-entry into holiday how many days visa do they give you?
  13. I stayed at April Suites on my last trip in December overall I would give it a 7/10. The room was nice, the pool area nice, good staff. The only downfall to this hotel is that the walls are wafer thin, You can hear doors open and shut all night and hear the tv and guests in the next room. I was a bit lucky that my room was a corner room so I only had to deal with one room next to me. Its a shame really cos I did enjoy everything else the hotel offered.
  14. Nice pics, Hua hin is a great place to visit.
  15. From what I have read in the past developers "say" there is a 25% knock down on the price, but that seems to be for developments that have not started. Looking into todays market, I would wait in buying a condo and especially from a development that is almost complete. There is a oversupply of units available, weakening baht (against $,£,€) plus also the Russian rouble is getting weaker, which might make buying a condo in Thailand less appealing to Russians. And another thing to remember when buying a condo before it is built the Russian market tend to buy it through the developers payment plan. I can see a lot of resale coming up in the future which might mean cheaper prices. hence what you are seeing now with the cheaper price a few months off completion. they normal sell there discounted units before the development is built.
  16. I few years ago, Etihad cancelled my flight, I only found out when I contacted there customer service a few hours before the flight. They give me the number for MAN office. When I called them they confirmed the flight was cancelled and I was booked onto the flight the following evening. I asked them when was you's gona tell me about the flight being cancelled, when I got the airport. The lady didn't give a reply. I said I can not fly out tomorrow I need to fly out today, she said nothing we can do, I said there is I know you's can book me onto another airlines flight. She gave a snotty reply and I asked to talk to her boss. her boss called me back 15 minutes later and said if I can get the airport within 1 hour they will book me onto a lufthansa flight. i got their within the hour and booked onto Lufthansa. So it woked out will in the end, as i had flown out at an earlier time and the flight was 2 hours shorter. I did make a compliant to Etihad guest services cos i was not happy about the fact that they would not of told me about the flight being cancelled until i had arrived at the airport. They did give me 20000 miles, mainly cos i didn't get any miles for flying with Lufthansa. I used to use Etihad all the time and was a gold card member. but i have not used them for the past 2 and half years, mainly cos of the poor in flight service from the air attendants and the IFE never worked on about 75% of my flights, i just had enough of flying with them.
  17. I booked my hotel for xmas the other week, there was still a lot of hotels offering rooms. The only problem is and is the same every year, the prices are sky high.
  18. On my last trip last xmas, I booked into china garden for a few nights, the place was over running with cockroaches. I asked them to spray the room, they did, but they were still running around the room and we coming out of the Jacuzzi. I checked out, and was given a full refund. There were posters on the wall saying that they had an issue with cockroaches, but it was resolved. Am not sure on the current state of China Garden, I would like to know if anyone else experienced the same issue their.
  19. There is a great kebab house near tops on the corner near 2nd road and klang
  20. seems a high price for a 7 year old car
  21. I visited Hua Hin in early augest, and the tailor sells not really bother you. and then one that did was pleasant and said if i have any time now or on another day would i like to go into his shop. If i had spent longer in Hua Hin i would of bought a suit their, but i got in pattaya. From a shop a friend recommend to me. They done a good job.
  22. Cheers guys, al be sure to check out the places you's have recommended.
  23. I tired to do a search on this forum for a good tailor shop, but nothing came up. I know there are plenty of tailor shops in Pattaya as you can not walk 5 seconds down beach road before they try and get you into there shop. Can anyone recommend a good tailor shop as i want to get a suit made on my next trip.
  24. most thais either support Liverpool or Man Utd, and this saturday there playing each other, should be a good game. I have watched this game a few times in patts and all you see is the BG's glued to the TV screen, its funny watching them watch the game and they really get in to it. Im going for a LFC win 2-0.
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