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  1. I was meant to check in for two weeks in May so they’ve well passed. Booking.com have promised to pursue them for the money but they’ve been less than useless so far. I booked on a credit card and they’ve agreed to open a dispute once I’ve done my best to settle amicably. My flights I can rebook with Emirates as soon as the dates are up for next year. I’ll push my credit card company for the hotel refund. As strange as it sounds though I feel bad, I’d much rather rebook with them so they don’t lose out on custom. I want to believe they’re still closed down and not intentionally ignor
  2. I’m still holding out for the 247 to rebook rather than do a charge back on my card to get a refund. But they’re still not answering my emails so a refund is looking like the best option sadly.
  3. I looked at this place as a choice a couple of years ago, might look at it again. Thank you.
  4. It was the hotel I started out staying at when I first visited Patts. Yeah it’s a bit expensive now but I’m considering going back, either there or the The Renaissance, though I’ve heard it’s called something different now? For my next trip I’d booked the 247 Boutique, but since COVID they’ve offered a refund but not give it me, and now they’re not answering my emails at all. So LK Met is looking good again.
  5. Hi all, I’ve heard the LK Metropole has been refurbed recently, has anyone stayed and can comment? Also, does it still have a gym on the ground floor? I stayed there for a few years running but had a break from it, for next year I’m thinking of going back.
  6. I’m hoping that now the UK has gone into full lockdown it will mean me getting a refund for both hotels and flights? Though as someone said I wouldn’t even be looking at going back until at least November, due to reduced numbers there.
  7. Thank you, I’ll speak to the guy I’m travelling with before I make any decisions, only fair really. I can get back the money for the hotels, they’re offering a date change or refund. Emirates though aren’t offering anything at the moment.
  8. Booked to arrive 7th May, should I postpone until later in the year? Booking.com are giving me the chance to change dates at the hotel, but as yet Emirates have said nothing aside from they’re still flying from the UK to BK.
  9. <makes mental note to leave silky clingy shorts at home ?>
  10. Can anyone recommend a decent gym with free weights close to LK Metro? Need to get my fix before my mate gets up about 2pm and forces me to start drinking alcohol again ? I used to stay in the LK Metropole and use theirs but this year we're in the 247 Boutique and they only seem to have cardio machines ?‍♂️
  11. Just had a quick look and they're about £200 more than what we normally pay. It actually wouldn't bother me that much to get comfort, but the guy I travel with is a tight ass, lol. Thank you anyway, I'd never heard of Eva Air
  12. Fingers crossed we don't leave then. I've tried to validate again via the email that was sent, but it's telling me my account doesn't require validation.
  13. Hoping that the will we won’t we with Brexit is over by next May when I go back. The first time I went it was 75 to the pound ?
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